Try to reform the Christadelphians - or leave?

Should I stay
or should I leave?
By Ed Hoskins

Dear Ex-Christadelphians

I have long had Christadelphian friends, held them in high regard, and still do, as you do, it seems. I felt that being a CD was about the very best one could do to be an authentic and faithful Christian, and still do think this in general.

Video: The Confession

Editor's Note by John Bedson:
This video is a trailer for a two hour movie due for release in June 2015. The film was written and directed by Christadelphian Glenn Munro and jointly financed by The Christadelphian Office, The Testimony Magazine Committee and The Logos Magazine.

Archaeologists dig holes in the Bible

Archaeologists are discovering that
much of what's in the Bible is not true
By Steve Pryde

During my time as a Christadelphian, Archaeology was often portrayed as one of the pillars of evidence supporting the reliability of the Bible. It was (and still is) taken for granted by many Christadelphians that the Old Testament in particular was on solid grounds as a historically accurate text, backed by a wealth of evidence from Archaeology. But what does Archaeology actually tell us about the Bible today?

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Good news for the Ex-Christadelphian who we were helping

Good news for an Ex-CD
The terminally ill Ex-Christadelphian for whom we made a financial appeal has reported that as a result of treatment his cancer has shrunk by approximately 33% and there are other encouraging signs in his illness and prognosis. Thanks to those who offered help, especially to the Ex-Christadelphian who sent $5,000.00. His money was put to good use. No more funds are required right now and we do have some cash in reserve if needed. We might have to make a further appeal late 2015 or early in 2016. Scott Turner and John Bedson are in the process of creating a care fund for Ex-Christadelphians. If you are in urgent need, please let us know.