How to Un-Convert Christadelphians

The Problem

It’s not easy. You would think that reasoning with them and showing the false nature of their “evidence” for the truth of the Bible and the existence of God would be sufficient. But that does not work, because they did not get to where they are as the result of a process of logical reasoning. Like all religious people they arrived at their faith as the result of a series of emotional “short cuts” to reasoning that fast tracked them to faith without the necessary intervening steps of logic and careful analysis of the data and evidence.

Faith is Fear

Religion is the systematic marketing of fear.

Blessed are the poor (donate heavily). Blessed are the meek (obey). Blessed are the humble (don’t question authority). Blessed are the hungry (make us rich while you starve). Blessed are the merciful (if you catch us doing something wrong, let it go). Blessed are the pure of heart (switch off your brain). Blessed are the timid, the cowardly, the fearful.

Inherited Falsehood

Please tell me you aren’t still practicing the religion you happened to be born into? Surely you’ve outgrown your baby clothes by now. Isn’t it time you also outgrew your baby religion?

What if you were born into a different culture? Would you have been conscious enough to find your way back to your current belief system? Or are your current beliefs merely a product of your environment and not the result of conscious choice?

Funding Evil

In addition to being a serious waste of time, religious practice can also be a huge waste of money.
For starters when you donate to a major religion, you support its expansion, which means you’re facilitating the enslavement of your fellow humans. That isn’t very nice, now is it?