New Ex-Christadelphians - March 2014

Congratulations to the following Christadelphians who recently deconverted:

Sis. Jo Launchbury - Cardiff Museum Place, UK ecclesia. - Withdrawn from for Non-Attendance.
Bro. Michael Clarke - Daventry, UK ecclesia - Withdrawn from for "Following a course not in accordance with the principles of the Truth."
Sis. Miriam Lowe - Lye, UK ecclesia - Withdrawn from for Non-Attendance & "Conduct unbecoming a sister in Christ."

Its time for you to say "Goodbyeee" to the Christadelphians!

A big WELCOME to the Ex-Christadelphian community. You have made the right decision and we salute your courage to make a stand for the truth. We are here to help if you need us. We recommend the Ex-Christadelphians Facebook discussion forum with 155 members: Click here.

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