Heritage Colleges - Education or Indoctrination?

By John Bedson

I am becoming increasingly concerned by the attempt to spread Christadelphian Heritage College schools.

Professor Richard Dawkins has said that he considers Faith Schools to be child abuse and at Ex-Christadelphians we agree. Richards video "The Faith School Menace" can be viewed at the bottom of this page.

The argument revolves around whether it is morally defensible to indoctrinate young minds into any religious faith.

There are estimated to be approximately ten thousand different religious faiths in the World, with the Christadelphians being a decidedly minor player. The great majority of Christadelphian converts come from children of Christadelphian families, because the religion is such that very few sensible people outside the faith would ever want to join.

Therefore the indoctrination of young, defenceless minds is of vital importance to Christadelphians to prevent their religion vanishing. Indeed if it were not for such indoctrination the religion would be down to only a handful of elderly people by now.

I speak from personal experience because I come from a strong Christadelphian family and like most Christadelphian children I was brainwashed into the faith from young age. It took me thirty five painful years before I escaped and freed my mind from dysfunctional Christadelphian thinking.

My three youngest children have been brought up in a home free from religious dogma, where they learn about religion, but are free to make up their own minds.

Christadelphians claim that their children are also free to make up their own minds. This is not true because family religions of all types are imprinted on young minds and it is rare for anyone to leave a family faith.

My children are genuinely free. Children with an imprinted faith are not free. They have been cruelly prejudiced in favour of one brand of religion and psychologically they are trapped. This is not healthy for children.

The latest (April 2013) issue of the Christadelphian magazine illustrates the dangerous religious fanaticism of Christadelphians attempting to establish more Heritage Colleges.

"Especially as the school would be open to children from a non-Christadelphian background and would thus be a strong vehicle for preaching the Gospel."

Note the use of the adjective "strong." These religious indoctrinators know the power of what they are doing to the kids in their care. It's not just indoctrination, its "strong" indoctrination. As a Christadelphian child I knew exactly how strong that indoctrination was, as I was conditioned into Christadelphian madness.

Note that "Preaching the Gospel" is their primary motivation, not the education of the children. Education is thrown in as an afterthought:  "...as well as providing an excellent education."

Or look at this from the Adelaide Christadelphian Heritage College:

"....largely free from the humanistic influences of modern education systems."

In society humanism, or to be humanistic, is considered to be an admirable quality; something to be encouraged in students. But by the perverted logic of Christadelphianism, humans are considered to be sinful. So "humanistic" is hurled around as an insult to the rest of us and their children are taught not to be humanists. Instead they are taught to be dysfunctional Christadelphians.

Hundreds of us Ex-Christadelphians still bear the terrible emotional scars of such an upbringing. On our forums and websites you can see grown men and women crying out in mental anguish at what they went through, and the torments they suffered as they struggled to return their minds to normality following their escape from the religion.

Someone needs to start the debate in this religion about the wisdom of these Christadelphian Heritage Colleges. But most Christadelphians are too conditioned themselves to have the objectivity to wisely judge the ethics of what they are doing.

So we Ex-Christadelphians are going to do it for the Christadelphians.  We don't want other children to suffer the dysfunctional upbringing that we endured as young people. We don't want innocent young kids to be educated into the mindset of Christadelphians who consider the human race to be evil, condemned by God because of the sin of a mythical Adam.

We Ex-Christadelphians love humanity. We rejoice in the brilliance of humans, despite their weaknesses and flaws.     

We agree with Professor Dawkins and we oppose the menace of all faith schools. It is our opinion that abuse of innocent, vulnerable children's minds is wrong. We are concerned by faith school managers who use education as a cover to instil their own religious beliefs into precious young minds.
Watch this video "Faith School Menace" with Richard Dawkins