New Flu Virus Specially Created By God Each Year, Argues Creationist

From The Christian Dolphin

"A Christadelphian creationist, brother Des Hein, has argued that new influenza viruses are actually designed and created by God each year, rather than evolving over time as scientists say. Several lines of evidence have been provided by brother Des in support of his claim."

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Confusion As Organist Plays One Verse Too Many

"Confusion and panic erupted at the mid-week Bible Class as the organist accidentally played one verse too many during the final hymn."

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Jesus' trial and crucifixion

By Jon Morgan

I’ve talked about the resurrection narrative, and I’ve talked about the birth narrative, so now seems a good time to talk about the trial and crucifixion narrative. This is mostly for completeness: unlike the birth and resurrection, the stories contain few supernatural claims, and it doesn’t seem so surprising that someone claiming to be the Messiah and upsetting established authorities might end up being crucified.

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Was Jesus born in Bethlehem?

By Jon Morgan

A few days ago, I discussed a positive case for the resurrection story having grown over time. There is a similar case for Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem being a later addition, though it’s a lot simpler: Only Matthew and Luke make explicit claims about Jesus being born in Bethlehem, they have completely separate stories, and prophecy gives a good reason for them to want to claim a birth in Bethlehem.

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The resurrection: What evidence do we need?

By Jon Morgan

Editor's note: This article was written on April 16, 2017.

Today is Easter Sunday. A time when many Christians around the world celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. For some, it is just a matter of faith: they are completely confident that their Lord was raised, and no evidence is required. For others, this is considered one of the strongest arguments for the truth of Christianity. In fact, some skeptics who have attempted to disprove it came to the conclusion the evidence is too strong, and became outspoken Christian apologists.

A few days ago, I questioned the argument that I considered the weakest: that 500 believers saw the resurrected Christ at one time. It was always my intention to go back and address the entire resurrection claim, and discuss why I don’t consider it compelling.

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The Six Day War: Fifty Years On

By Jon Morgan

Fifty years ago today, on the third day of the Six Day War, Israel captured the Wailing Wall, the Temple Mount, and the Old City of Jerusalem, giving them complete control of Jerusalem (which they retain to this day). At the start of the war, Israel’s existence had been threatened, but they came out of the war with a much firmer control of the entire area.

This may have been the high point of Christadelphian apocalyptic expectation. A mere 19 years before, Israel had returned to their land, and now with Jerusalem captured the time of the Gentiles was fulfilled. Everything was in readiness for Christ’s return, which must surely happen soon. There was a sudden spike in numbers of baptisms as young people rushed to make sure they would not miss out.

However, all these events happened long before I was born, and fifty years on there is still no return.

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Debunking Prophets - Part 1

Why I Believe There Is Probably No God

One of the more common criticisms I've heard directed at atheists is that in order to be an atheist, one must claim to know everything that exists in the universe and beyond. That is, in order to claim that no gods exist, one must possess all knowledge about everything that could possibly exist. Since obviously no human could possibly know everything that exists, it is argued that atheists are simply dishonest and arrogant.

While there may be atheists who make such claims, the vast majority do not. This is actually a misunderstanding of atheism on the part of believers who offer this criticism. The majority of atheists do not in fact assert that no gods exist. Most are actually agnostic, and simply remain unconvinced that any particular god exists.

However, in this article I want to go a bit further and put forward some arguments for why it may well be more rational to believe that no gods exist, at least for all practical purposes.

Is There A God? Why I Believed And How I Came To Doubt

People believe in a god or gods for many different reasons. Most of them believe in the god(s) their parents taught them to believe in. This is as true for Christadelphians as it is for any other religion. However, as they grow older, they learn (and come up with) other ways to defend that belief, and Christadelphians in particular often put a reasonable amount of effort into reinforcing the belief regularly. All of this was true for me, and I genuinely believed in a god right up until my early 30's. The reasons for my belief changed over time, and my concept of who or what God was also changed, but the basic belief was there all along.

This article explores why I believed in God, and how I came to doubt God's existence.

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A (slightly) new direction for the ex-Christadelphians Website - Part 2

In part 1, I discussed my early impressions of this website from when I was a Christadelphian, as well as my own failure to do any better on my own blog. The point of raising the issue of tone is to become aware of it in order to do better. No doubt we will make mistakes in future, but it's good to remind ourselves of why we're here and what we hope to achieve.

So what do I hope to achieve with this website?

A (slightly) new direction for the ex-Christadelphians Website - Part 1

Having recently become the new editor for this website, I want to provide a high-level overview of my goals for the website, and give some background around why I want to keep the website going and what it means to me. I'll also be looking for some feedback from you that I will use to chart the future course of the website, although you can of course offer such feedback at any time.