I hate John Bedson

Emma Gubika
By Emmanuel Gubika

Dear Reuben, I am really concerned about what your future spiritual life is coming to. John and Mbalanga do not believe in God and Jesus. I believe in God. So I consider John and Mbalanga Fools whom I can't work with to spread stupidity of "there is no God." I know that you may be desperate for working with the whites but know for sure you crushed your faith in a fatal manner.
John is not kind to anyone. He is impudent and abusive to everyone. I hate him and his rubbish of Atheism. Nobody from Uganda is willing to abuse God and Jesus, just because we want to follow John.

Yes, he is rich, but a fool with no respect for God, Jesus and man!

If you want fellowship outside CBM, I will help. If you want to follow John with his nonsense of abusing God, I pity you! I am a Christadelphian out of CBM and not an Ex-Christadelphian as John makes you feel. I want you to write to me on what you want your faith to be. Let other people write to me on my Facebook Page.

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Editor's Note by John Bedson:

I agree with Emma. I am a poor choice to lead this new African reform movement. In fact I am about the worst person in the World to lead it. I want it to be black African led, and not led by white trash like me.

I will do it if no one else will, but if Emma, Francis, Reuben and other Africans will lead it, I would much prefer that to happen.

I am content that I lit the flame, and now I want it to burn like a bushfire to obliterate the CBM in Africa. That can only happen if it is black African led


  1. John,

    This website is just utterly ridiculous! You remind me of the Jerry Springer show. You are on a mad rampage to make the Christadelphians look as bad as possible no matter how inaccurate or unfear you have to be. News Flash!! Most people can see through your narcissism with the exception of those who are weak, unstable and vulnerable. Shame on you John for taking advantage of these people to satisfy your own huge ego and agenda. You are an evil man!

    1. If I understand you correctly you are saying that sub-Saharan African Christadelphians are "weak, unstable and vulnerable" and that I am "taking advantage of these people".

      - Is that a correct understanding of your comment? If I am wrong, please explain what you mean.

      If I am correct, you are judging your brethren and sisters in African to be a bunch of stupid morons which is the same racist attitude as the CBM who call them
      "babes .... with little experience to draw on when trying to solve their problems" on their website.

      I am working to free these people from their white racist religious overlords who teach them in African CBM correspondence courses that they are the decedents of Ham and Canaan who were cursed by God to be slaves to the white descendants of Japheth. (Genesis 9:25)

      This website holds a mirror in front of the Christadelphian religion in the Developed World. If Christadelphians don't like the look of the disgusting face that mirror shows to them, then they would be wise to listen to my council on how their religion should be reformed to present an attractive face to the World and to stop being irrelevant to modern society.

      I am NOT preaching Atheism to African Christadelphians. I'm not even advocating that they resign from the Central Fellowship. I am suggesting that they establish their own reformed version of Christadelphianism within the Central Fellowship, that rejects the humiliation and degradation heaped on them by the British CBM.

      The new leaders of this movement, Francis Mbalanga in Zambia and Emmanuel Gubika in Uganda recommend resigning from the CBM and the Central Fellowship. I say don't do that. Instead, ignore the CBM and let them stand on their own feet with dignity and demand the respect that they deserve from the CD community in the rest of the World.

      Your comment "Shame on you for taking advantage of these people" is exactly the same argument used against the emancipationists in America prior to the Civil War.

      CBM work in Africa is a white vanity project. It is condescending and patronising. It is conducted with the same Nineteenth Century British superior attitude that characterised the Christadelphian religion at the time of Dr John Thomas who called them "the everlasting niggers."

      I am taking a stand for the dignity of these wonderful black brethren and sisters against their disrespectful treatment by the white Christadelphians. You treat them like the Mormons treat coloured people. It has to stop!

  2. Caren Chepkemoi (Kenya)August 4, 2017 at 8:35 AM

    Hi John. We are hearing information from Reuben all the information you have been communicating. we have decided to work together even though we do not have enough resources or food here at Kenya. We are happy when we hear that you are aiding in the development in Africa. And we also heard that you like Bible study. Do you have any representative in Kenya who can say on your behalf? So John help us so that in future we shall be better. Thank you.

    1. Caren: I do not like Bible study, I do not believe in God and I do not believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God. I am an Atheist.

      Nevertheless, I am working to help African Christadelphians to reform their religion away from white mans' Christadelphianism to something that is better suited to African culture and customs.

      This may be very difficult for you to understand because normally Atheists fight against religion and don't work to help it. But Ex-Christadelphians is a genuine partnership between people who do believe in God and those who do not.

      I am one who does not believe, but I am wiling to work to support those who want to reform their Christadelphian religion into something that makes more sense than the version that the CBM are offering and that restores the dignity and self-respect of African Christadelphians that has been taken away by the CBM.

      This new "Reformed Christadelphians" movement is at a very early stage in its development and very few Africans know about what we are proposing. This is because Internet access is limited in Africa. But wonderful brethren like Doctor Francis Mbalanga (Zambia) and Emamanuel Gubika (Uganda) who are leading the movement are willing to travel and explain to local ecclesias in different countries how Reformed Christadelphianism can work in their areas. As Internet access spreads across Africa, Reformed Christadelphianism will begin to spread like a wildfire in Africa and the CBM will increasingly be thrown out by black brethren and sisters. In its place will be an independent Christadelphian religion that remains in the Central Fellowship with Christadelphians Worldwide, but not under the control of the CBM.

      Over time, more leaders of the movement will emerge and they will help to spread knowledge of Reformed Christadlphianism throughout Africa. But these are still early days in the movement's evolution.

      I am NOT a leader of this movement. I started it, but I want black African brethren and sisters to take over the work from me as fast as possible. I am white and you need black leaders who understand your African customs better than me. I am willing to offer advice if Africans ask me for advice. But because I do not believe in God and the Bible, the sooner that African believers take over the running of this movement the better it will be for everyone in Africa.

      I'm sorry that you are short of food in Kenya. Brother Emmanuel Gubkia is going to visit you and he can teach you new methods of farming that can increase the money that you can receive from selling your crops. Ex-Christadelphians is not a welfare organisation like the CBM.

      If you need welfare payments from the CBM you might want to remain in the CBM and not join Reformed Christadelphians. The CBM seem willing to hand out cash to people who join their religion and if you are starving that might be a way for you to provide for your family. Or you could join the Penticostals who pay more than the CBM. Or better still you could join both the CBM and the Penticostals and make even more money. Many people in Africa join several different religions at the same time and the CBM are too dumb to work out what is happening.

      But if you resign from the CBM your welfare payments will stop immediately. If the CBM get to know that you have joined Reformed Christadelphians they will almost certainly stop paying.

      (Continued in my next comment)

    2. Continued from my last comment)

      Emmanuel Gubika has told me that his children are sitting at home without schooling because the CBM in Uganda stopped paying his school fees when he resigned from the CBM. Emma has told me that he eats only one meal a day and he is constantly hungry because he pays to feed his children instead of himself. He told me that is because the CBM cut off welfare aid to him when he resigned from the CBM.

      In my opinion CBM welfare payments are a corrupt bribe to trap people in their religion who are then unable to leave.

      If you are not receiving welfare from the CBM, then you are missing out on the generosity that African Christadelphians in other countries are receiving from the CBM.

      But beware. The white Christadelphians in Britain are running out of money because their religion is failing fast. I don't know how long they will be able to continue to pay Africans to be Christadelphians.

  3. Jude: I like your characterisation of this website as being "like the Jerry Springer show."

    We have taken one of the most mind-blowingly boring, religions on Earth and stood it on its head. The result is a satirical comedy show that people love to read. Any day now we will pass one million page views since 2008. As of today our total number of page views is 985,959.

    But you are wrong to say that I am narcissistic. If that were true I would not allow your comment to be published and I would not allow Emma's comment that he hates me etc. to appear on this website. I would not be frequently pleading for someone to take over this website from me as editor and owner so that I can concentrate my mind on more interesting things.

    Never forget that I inherited this website in 2012 from an Ex-Christadelphian who was dying of cancer. I am doing him a favour by keeping it going. But just as soon as I can offload it to someone else I will be delighted to be free of this obligation.


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