A warning to Christadelphians - Don't allow yourselves to be scammed by some corrupt African Christadelphians

Beware being scammed by some
African Christadelphians
By John Bedson

There is a scamming operation underway in which considerable sums of money are being fraudulently taken by African Christadelphians, not only from the CBM, but also from individual Christadelphians in the United Kingdom and the Developed World.

Some African Christadelphians are using the Internet to acquire the email addresses of foreign Christadelphians and sending to them fictitious stories about their sick child, or medical bills that they cannot pay, or a Christadelphian relative who will die without treatment, or they are so hungry that they can only feed their children and not themselves, or they are only eating only one meal a day, or they need to pay for repairs to their home after floods, or one of a hundred different stories as to why they need money sent to them. Sometimes the ask for money to help the sick/elderly/orphans etc. and not themselves.


This is not just my own experience. I have discovered some of the email addresses of Christadelphians in the West who are being scammed and after correspondence with them their replies are the same - either they were ripped off, or they figured out that it was fraud before they gave. But I know of others who have been deceived and have lost money not knowing that their money was spent on fine clothes, school fees and other luxury items.

Once you start to give them money they will keep coming back for more and they boast to me about what they are taking from the Christadelphians because they know that I am an Ex-Christadelphian.

The official advice from the CBM is the same advice that I am giving to you now: Keep your money in your bank account and do not be fooled by corrupt African Christadelphians.

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