Visits to the Ex-Christadelphians in Kenya

By John Bedson

Ex-Christadelphians Dr. Francis Mbalanga (Zambia) and Emmanuel Gubika (Uganda) are planning separate visits to the Ex-Christadelphians ecclesia in Kericho Jemeflowers, Kenya, which is currently in isolation. They will offer support and discuss how we can flip more CBM Christadelphians in Kenya.

Dr. Francis Mbalanga
Zambia Africa
Both Francis and Emmanuel are highly experienced and knowledgeable Ex-Christadelphian brethren. CBM Christadelphians in Kenya who have not yet resigned from the CBM might want to invite these brethren to address their ecclesias to explain the mission of the Ex-Christadelphians in Africa.

We offer to African Christadelphians the opportunity of independence from the CBM. This is your chance to shape your own destiny and the future of your ecclesia free of British CBM control and interference.

We can offer a better religion than the harsh, unforgiving, white, colonial rule of the CBM. African Ex-Christadelphianism is black African led and organised. It respects the culture and customs of Africa and rejoices in the warm, friendly, tolerant attitude of Africans.

Ex-Christadelphians respect science and education. We want Africa to prosper and be empowered to take its rightful place in the World and not be held back by white religions that have no respect for African ways of thinking and behaving.

Ex-Christadelphians do not demand that Africans endure years of postal correspondence study before baptism - that is the CBM method. Africans can join our religion quickly and learn about it later. Ours is not the cold, complicated, academic CBM religion. We offer a religion that can be easily understood by black Africans.

The CBM can be unforgiving in their excommunication of black Africans for trivial reasons and they demand that brethren remain out of fellowship even when local ecclesias want them back. We never excommunicate anyone for whatever reason.

Emmanuel Gubika
Uganda Africa

Ex-Christadelphians is a genuine coalition of Theists and Atheists. We work together to support each other even as we hold differing views on the existence of God. You can be an Atheist and still join one of our Ex-Christadelphians ecclesias, subject to their agreement.

African Ex-Christadelphian ecclesias are proudly independent. They are not controlled from abroad like CBM ecclesias.

If you are a CBM Christadelphian living in Kenya and you would like to learn more about our reformed version of Christadelphianism that we call 'Ex-Christadelphians', please contact bro. Francis Mbalanga in Zambia or bro. Emmanuel Gubika in Uganda and ask them to visit your ecclesia to explain their new ideas. 


  1. Dear John:

    Thank you for giving me details on your website of Reforms of Freedom for African Christadelphians.

    I delayed to reply the message because i am far from the Intenet, but i tried to reach in time. i am still reading about the reforms.

    Thank you again because you were arranging for the friendship meeting to be on September. But there are some questions i was asked by Emmanuel from Uganda which i am suppose to answer so that he can also answer me. I am preparing to answer him accordingly per question.

    We are ready to welcome them the day they will visit us as they come to uphold God's power among the fellowers. Also teach they will teach us about Freedom and African Development. When Jesus teach the Disciples about volunteering, He told Peter "follow me, for you will reform people." Us as brothers and sisters, we are suppose to reform to the character of a disciple. Jesus told the disciples that he will come back when that was done. (John 14:1-9).

    Thank you.
    Faithful Kibet

  2. Thank you so much for the information you are give us it really give us hope. I agree with you Africa should be free indeed. I hope one day we will be together shearing ideas. Africa is rich in all aspect but these whites who where colonists are the ones responsible for all the problames Africa is facing. But one day Africa will be free and independent.

    Thank you for the encouraged messages continue supporting Africa to be free from bondage Africans now are open up there Minds.

    Yours sincerely

    Stanley Banda
    +260 973 566 021


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