The Ex-Christadelphians Fellowship

By John Bedson (Australia), Reuben Kibet (Kenya) and Francis Mbalanga (Zambia)

The first part is by John Bedson.
Scroll down for Reuben and Francis's contribution.  

An increasing number of African Christadelphian individuals and ecclesias are applying to join the "Ex-Christadlphians Fellowship" and to help us "spread the Gospel." - Clearly it is time to correct some misunderstandings!

There is no such thing as a formal "Ex-Christadelphians fellowship" outside of Africa, although in sub-Saharan Africa a formal "Ex-Christadelphians Fellowship" appears to be evolving. However the African "Ex-Christadelphians Fellowship" has a considerable number of similarities with the informal Ex-Christadelphians international network of friends that exists in the developed World and in many ways is part of that same network.

Let me explain:

The concept of "Ex-Christadelphians" as a neologism (new word or term) to describe the coming together of former Christadelphians who have either left the Christadelphian community, or who had been expelled by the Christadelphians and CBM, was invented in 2008 by the original creator of this Ex-Christadelphians website, the late Almon McCann (Corky.) He asked me to take over as editor in 2012 when he was terminally ill with cancer.

The original name of this website was "The Ex-Christadelphian" because Corky was the first and at the time only member of the group. Corky pioneered the concept that we former Christadelphians come together and stop suffering the slander and abuse that the Chrstadelphians were and are still throwing at us. As the movement grew I changed the name of this website to "Ex-Christadelphians" because by then there were several hundred of us worldwide.

At the time (2008) there existed a "Former Christadelphians Discussion Group" on Facebook, but this forum had become infested with real Christadelphians intent on reconverting former Christadelphians back to the religion.

Corky not only started this website, as an outreach mission to deconvert Christadelphians from their religion, but also a new Facebook "Ex-Christadelphians Discussion Group" which banned Christadelphians as members (to prevent their surreptitious proselyting) and allowed members of the fake "Former Christadelphians Discussion Group" to migrate to a genuine "Ex-Christadelphians Discussion Group" free from Christadelphian interference and coercion.

This move was successful and the Facebook "Ex-Christadelphians Discussion Group" now has membership in the hundreds.

The "Ex-Christadelphians" website (the one that you are now reading) is largely an Atheist website; we mostly do not believe that God exists or that the Bible is true.

Nevertheless, despite our Atheist leanings on this website, contributions, comments and even articles from Theist Ex-Christadelphians and Christadelphians are welcome. 

In other words, I consider Ex-Christadelphianism to incorporate both Theism and Atheism.


This is where African Christadelphians come into the picture.

Thanks to the outreach work of this website and our program of providing free laptops to black African Christadelphians, there is an increasing awareness amongst black sub-Saharan Christadelphians that a large cohort of white Christadelphians are racially prejudiced against black people. The Christadelphian religion was started by a white slave owner in Richmond Virginia USA who opposed the freeing of black slaves in America before the Civil War. The extremist Christadelphians today, (of which there are large numbers), believe that black people are the backward descendants of Ham and are cursed by God to be lesser mortals. See for example this video outtake:  

Christadelphian Jim Cowie speaking at
Rugby Christadelphian ecclesia in the United Kingdom

The white moderate Christadelphians, (who are fast becoming a minority), have done nothing to oppose these white Christadelphian extremist bigots and the original video from which the above video is an outtake even contained an advertisement for the moderate Christadelphian magazine 'Glad Tidings'! 

White moderate Christadelphians remain in fellowship with white extremists who despise black people with the same distain verging on hatred as the founder of their religion Dr. John Thomas. In 1865 Thomas wrote a letter to his partner in founding the Christadelphian religion, Robert Roberts, mocking those who were attempting to free the black American slaves and calling them "the everlasting niggers."

Problems for sub-Saharan African Christadelphians

If black sub-Saharan Christadelphians choose to remain in the CBM they are forced to be in Christian fellowship with a religion founded by a man who owned slaves, opposed their emancipation, called them "everlasting niggers" and who mocked those who worked to free the black slaves in America.

If black sub-Saharan Christadelphians choose to remain in the CBM they are forced to be in fellowship with current day (the extremists) Christadelphians many of whom think that they are a cursed race of people who should be slaves to the whites.

If black sub-Saharan Christadelphians choose to remain in the CBM they are forced to be in fellowship with white CBM workers who they can see with their own eyes treat them with a condescending, superior attitude, call them "babes" on the CBM website, don't trust them to run their own religion or ecclesias, dictate everything to the blacks including what they can and cannot believe, who they must disfellowship and who can and cannot be re-admitted back into fellowship.

White CBM workers, link brethren and the CBM committee impose on the black Africans harsh and repressive rules and regulations about permitted behaviour and belief, paying no regard to African culture and custom, without telling them that in white liberal ecclesias in the rest of the world many of those rules do not apply and that many white Christadelphians are allowed to believe things and behave in ways that are forbidden to black Africans.

Black African Christadelphians complain to me that they are not encouraged by the CBM to engage with CBM Christadelphians in other African countries or with Christadelphians in the Developed World. I don't know if that is true or not, but my black African Christadelphian readers will know what is happening.

Black African Christadelphians complain to me that they are forced to beg for money and welfare from white CBM workers who dole it out at their own discretion, not treating them as equals or as true brethren in Christ.

Black African Christadelphians complain to me that they are forced by the CBM to disfellowship and to refuse to re-admit back into fellowship brethren and sisters who they want to readmit to fellowship. 

The CBM appears to be going broke
handing large amounts of welfare
cash to African Christadelphians
Black African Christadelphians complain to me that there is considerable corruption in the handling of CBM welfare with some brethren receiving substantial amounts of money and others getting nothing.

One black African Christadelphian who was living a life of luxury at the expense of the CBM and gullible white Christadelphians in the UK, contacted me to offer to turn over approximately eighty ecclesias to the Ex-Christadelphians if I would pay him and his ecclesias more than the CBM. Needless to say I said no. That same Christadelphian is praised on the CBM website for his leadership in Africa. Obviously the CBM committee don't realise that he is a crook. 

Individual secretaries of CBM ecclesias in Africa have also contacted me to offer to hand over their ecclesias to the Ex-Christadelphians in return for cash.

Black African Christadelphians complain to me that CBM claims of huge numbers of converts are wildly exaggerated and that many Christadelphian halls are standing empty in the bush because everyone has gone back to their old religion. They are either lonely, or in isolation, because there are so few Christadelphians in areas where the CBM claim large numbers of fantasy Christadelphians.

Black African Christadelphians complain that many are so poor that they can't afford to be Christadelphians and pay the expense of halls etc. I am told that CBM funds have been cut back as the CBM gradually runs out of money due to the high death rate of white Christadelphians in the UK curtailing CBM income. I don't know if they are telling me the truth or not, but that came from a well educated black African Christadelphian with a wide knowledge of what is happening in sub-Saharan Africa.

Black African Christadelphians have told me that there are some wealthy black Christadelphians in Central Africa who could be willing to finance an Ex-Christadelphians Theist religion independent of the CBM. I urge them to put their money to good use freeing their brethren and sisters from CBM control.

My own thinking

Although I am an Atheist, I inherited the editorship of this Ex-Christadelphians website from an outstanding and far-sighted Atheist Ex-Christadelphian, (Almon McCann), who recognised the need for both Atheist and Theist Ex-Christadelphians to unite and work together. I think that Atheism is not in the best interests of black African Christadelphians and that they should keep their Theistic beliefs, at least for now.

In my opinion I think that the way that the CBM committee and workers operate in Africa is disgraceful and an insult to the dignity of black Africans. They are denied the principle of ecclesial independence and autonomy enjoyed by ecclesias in the rest of the world. This principle has not even been explained to the Africans, who are treated like second class Christadelphians unfit to govern their own affairs.

I support the creation of an Ex-Christadelphians fellowship in Africa that is independent of the CBM. It should be independent of this website, but nevertheless I think that Ex-Christadelphians worldwide should welcome this proposed fellowship as being part of our broader network of Ex-Christadelphian friends.

Such a fellowship might want to liberalise the harsh CBM imposed regime and instead operate in accordance with more liberal African customs, behaviour and culture. They might even want to modify some of the CBM beliefs to suit African thinking and attitudes.

It is my conviction that the Christadelphian religion from its foundation has been an unholy abomination of intolerance, willful ignorance, incompetence and stupidity. I encourage African Christadelphians to reject their white CBM rulers and instead create their own destiny free from a religion that has disrespected them for so long.

By Reuben Kibet (Kenya)


Please give us details of fellowship in Ex-Christadelphians. What is the difference between Ex-Christadelphians and CBM?

Reply by Ex-Christadelphian Francis Mbalanga (Zambia)

Editor's Note: I have not edited this piece by Francis even though English is not his first language and there are numerous mistakes in grammar and spelling. I want my readers to get the original flavour of what is going on in Africa. This is Ex-Christadelphianism in the raw; at its cutting edge as it seeks to roll back years of CBM abuse in Africa and replace it with a home-grown alternative. If the founder of this website, the late Almon McCann, could read this there would be tears of joy running down his face as he watched these brave brethren working so hard to establish their own African version of Ex-Christadelphianism. I am proud of these guys and I wish them every success.

Dear Reuben Kibet,

Glad indeed to have this juncture of writing to you and groups in Kenya,Hoping you are well .Sorry for not replying in time,because of the book which i am writing.The head of line of the book is FREEDOM and INDEPENDENCE for AFRICANS from CHRISTADELPHIANS CBM,,Enough is Enough!!!Coming to your question which you asked is simple and straight forward .1.all the people who are Ex-Christadelphians are from CBM team UK,,But because of there doings and doctrine which were wrong,it causes people to resign example it s me Mbalanga Francis i have resign in CBM. 2.The CBM team UK the doing regard African people as people as human beings the regard slaves and the do torture us ,mentality and physical,they do consider us babies who can beg from them,and they don't tell the truth,because in their minds the think Africans are asleep.3.I Mbalanga Francis i question you as an African,can you tell me and African people in fifty years 50 as continent of Africa what can you tell me in Africa what things have the CBM team Uk done to you in Kenya?4.In any countries in Africa you can show me or African people what development have they done as continent of Africa or in Kenya as a brothers and sisters.Have the done to our sisters or brothers?5.I can show you one example for the Catholics organisation what works can you compare to CBM team UK in Kenya or all Africa continent?The Catholics Organisation have done many works,they have belt univesity,schools,hospitals,colleges,capetry,mecanig,farms etc in all continent of Africa .And take some Africans have joined them some in UK,USA,France,Germany,Itali,Japan,Canada etc in worldwide. 6.For me on behalf of Ex-Christadelphians team in Africa and world i can assure you an groups in Africa continent the CHANGE of Africa is through in education,developments of science,technology,human undestanding communications,internet,farms for people rejected by CBM team UK, and make schools for kids for science,technology it has open eyes and minds are of the people so same to you can you open your eyes and minds sett please. Please this information you receiving share it with brethren and sisters in Kenya,Malawi,Mozambique,Uganda,Ethiopia,Somalia,South Africa,Tanzania all continent of Africa.TOGETHER we can CHANGE Africa Continent in all development in world. So as i am sharing with you i am promising you to come and see you and groups in Kenya so that we discuss to the fullest and see the way forward in September 2017.For more information please check Sincerely, Mbalanga Francis in Chingola,Copperbelt,Province Zambia,Africa.

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