New book by David Burke: 'Servants of the Lord: A Bible study handbook'

By John Bedson

'Servants of the Lord' is a fresh look at Bible study for everyone. In this new book you’ll find a brief history of the Bible and its translation, with an overview of the best study tools and methods, and a helpful guide to formal writing and public speaking. There’s also an invaluable introduction to logic, reason, and critical thinking. Interpreting Scripture is not easy, but this book will help equip you for the task.

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Editor's Note: I only received my copy of this book today so it will take me a while to read it and write a review. The book is suitable for both Ex-Christadelphian theists and Christadelphian moderates and liberals.

It is not written for Christadelphian extremists who read magazines published from Australia and to whom the concepts of logic, reason and critical thinking are anathema.

This book is also not written for Ex-Christadelphian atheists like myself. Nevertheless David Burke and his brother Jonathan are attempting to promote an updated and reformed vision of Christadelphianism that is relevant to the Twenty First Century and that effort is to be welcomed.


  1. Well, Burke's book is on my holiday reading list, and it needs to be an improvement on the introduction audio file, (which I've listened to twice)for me to take a lot of notice. It took him just 25 mins to dismiss the Catholic faith (one of my best mates is a devout Catholic, and I saw plenty of faithful people in Lourdes and Limoges just a few weeks ago, and generally do when I'm in France or Spain), 48 mins, all Evangelicals were "Biblically illiterate",funny how the (Yes, Terry, I was with you) evangelicals I once knew ran homes for the homeless and and took care of society's most lost, true "Jesus" style, like a Christadelphian would ever lift his arse off his meeting room chair for such people. However, despite John's support of the Burke brothers ( I do understand why), at 59 minutes, he loses all credibility for me, by very clearly, in full Christadelphian parrot fashion making a brainless attack on a community that he has never been a part of, and has no in depth knowledge of. My former recording brother exhibited a similar retarded mentality and used almost exactly the same words (so similar in fact as to rule out coincidence) in describing the "typical" Anglican "Christmas and Easter" that he had never in fact experienced. Burke's supposed questioning of Anglicans has a made up, fake sound to it, like the empty criticism of a faithful community that he never had anything at all to do with,but just cut and pasted from his admitted lifelong Christadelphian upbringing, concocted and included here, to lend credibility to his pseudo academic Bible crap that the simple working class people that Jesus recruited as his disciples would not have understood. So read with caution.

    1. My view has always been that if people don't have the good sense to resign from that awful religion, then at least try to reform it. Ken, Dave and Jonathan have made efforts at reform and I admire them for that.

      That's also my thinking on Africa. The CDs there are not sufficiently developed to understand Atheism. But they do get that the religion taught to them by the CBM is in need of reform. It is our responsibility to encourage that reformation.


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