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By Reuben Kibet

We happy to welcome to small ecclesia in Gospel Good News. We waiting you, not Emmanuel of Uganda. So please come and give us the truth of believing in God. Read Exodus 20: 3-4, 34: 29 and 1John 4:1 - 4. I now like more about you because of what Emma said. If you do not believe in God, what do you believe? Do you believe the Bible?

Please give me the truth to me in Kenya. There is a plot in my family from the CBM. But now we are looking for reform from Ex-Christadelphians.

In Africa we are not developed, so we like to read the Bible.

Reuben Kibet

Answered by John Bedson

Reuben: What do you mean when you write "There is a plot in my family from the CBM"? What is this plot?

Although I am an Atheist who does not believe in God or the Bible, I hold the view that Christadelphians in sub-Saharan Africa should keep their Theistic beliefs because, (and here I agree with you), Africa is not yet sufficiently developed to understand the complex scientific and philosophical reasons why Atheism is a more rational epistemology than Theism. Moreover, religion gives a social structure and support network to Africans and can help to alleviate the poverty and insecurity in your land.

Perhaps one day, when Africa is more fully developed and better equipped to consider the issues involved, Africans might want to think about the reasons why Atheism might be a better way to think about life. But that could be fifty or a hundred years into the future. Now is not a good time to be upsetting African Theistic beliefs and that is not my agenda.

Therefore I am happy for you and your ecclesia to remain Theists and I will support your efforts at reformation.

What matters to me, more than Theism or Atheism, is the way that people think and behave, not what faith they hold. I want people to think rationally, logically, sceptically, without preconceived ideas and prejudice. I want people to behave morally uprightly, showing forgiveness, tolerance and respect for others. This is not the policy of the CBM who in my opinion are cruel, intolerant and corrupt. This is why I am advocating Christadelphian reform in Africa and a rejection of the CBM.

Reuben: I want you and your ecclesia to ignore the Atheist propaganda on this website.

I recommend that instead, you ask for my advice on how to operate a successful and reformed Christadelphian religion in your area. I am well qualified to help you. I was a Christadelphian for twenty five years and I gave approximately two and a half thousand Bible talks in many different countries of the world including in the mission fields. I made a Christadelphian movie that was shown many thousands of times in Europe, America, Canada, Africa, Australia and New Zealand. I wrote and published tens of thousands of Christadelphian booklets and millions of full colour preaching leaflets and posters.
A Christadelphian
Theist booklet
written by
John Bedson

Some of my Theist material is still available online from Detroit Christadelphian Book Supply in America and you could purchase it and use it in your preaching work in Africa. It is better than the material produced by the CBM, ALS, CMPA and other Christadelphian institutions. It is Christadelphian religion material, not Atheist or a different religion. You will agree with all of the beliefs taught in those booklets. That is the religion that you were baptised into.

I know that you have some wealthy Christadelphians in Kenya. Ask them to give money to have my booklets translated into your local languages and printed in Kenya.

If you can't afford to buy these books, or their Kindle equivalents, I'll ask David and Jonathan if they can send you some free copies, or allow me to send you free copies of my own Kindle versions of these books.

These books are different to the books on offer from the CBM, CMPA, ALS and other Christadelphian institutions. They are relevant to the Twentieth Century and offer a better way to practice the religion than is taught by the CBM. They are not racist like the Christadelphian material.

I agree with Emmanuel Gubika that "Ex-Christadelphians" is not an appropriate name for African ecclesias. His suggestion of "Reformed Christadelphians" is far better. But I think that you would be wise to remain in the Central fellowship when you resign from the CBM.

The CBM will almost certainly try to disfellowship African ecclesias who resign from the CBM. But as the CBM are not an ecclesia they have no right to disfellowship anyone, nor do they have the right to dictate to African ecclesias who they must disfellowship. Although they do it all the time.

Emmanuel Gubika and Francis Mbalanga will make excellent leaders of the new reformed Christadelphians in Africa and I hope that you will also be a leader. Stanley Banda in Zambia and other talented brethren in Africa can also become leaders of this movement. I know that Dr. Francis is writing a book for this movement that will be printed in Germany and translated into local African languages. I have already seen the cover and it is good. He writes of the CBM "Enough is enough" and I agree with him.

I don't want to be a leader in what you are trying to accomplish, but nevertheless, the leaders of Reformed Christadelphians can count on my full support.

If you want I will create a new "Reformed Christadelphians" website for Africa that will be Theist and NOT Atheist. On that website your leading brethren could write articles and discuss African Christadelphian issues.


  1. Hi John, i am happy for your blessed teaching. i believe reforms but i have a group which it needs teaching concerning reformation.

    when those people were isolated, i used to aid them spiritually but now you have given us spiritual way to go. in the first CBM missioneries came to James Finlay, people were at high number responding to lessons taught. when their teacher went out, they were then isolated where they then called me to go every sunday to do preaching.

    i and the family we had agreed to gave out a plot to construct Ecclisa but now i can see that you can assist us to construct a hall which can host many people during teaching and also when you come to Kenya is where you will get in touch with brothers and sisters.

    So John, if possible i request you to assist me send Laptop so that i can get access to internate faster when i received any message and also effective communication.

    Now as you agreed to assist brothers and sisters, i would like to know how you are going to assist us. there are three brothers who want to resign CBM and follow you and reforms. what can you say about that step John.

    kenya i a peaceful country where Christions and Muslims are hosting their prayers. We are still lacking behind in terms properties and we are trying our best to get food every day. we are selling tea, beans to get money for basic use. most tea in kenya are exported to Europeans countries. Those tea are for British Colonial. The British had employ workers to plug tea. Keep praying for our country Kenya as it is approaching the general Election on 8th August 2017.
    thank you Kibet

  2. Reuben.

    In reply to your last email to me:
    I don’t see any need for those three brethren to resign from the CBM. There is nothing to resign from. The CBM are not an ecclesia or a fellowship or anything. I recommend that if people don’t like the way that the CBM behave they should just ignore them.

    If you are too poor to feed yourselves it is not sensible to build a hall because you won’t be able to pay to maintain it. Many Christadelphian halls are left empty in the bush, either because the members can’t afford to upkeep them, or because everyone in the ecclesia has left the Christadelphian religion and gone back to their old religion.

    Some ecclesias in the Developed World meet in homes and have no halls. When I was a Christadelphian I held many meeting in my own home with up to forty people attending. It was great fun and a lot more friendly and informal than meeting in a hall.

    Your ecclesia should seriously consider going back to their old religion. The Christadelphian religion is a failing religion both in the West and in Africa. In the UK the numbers are dropping fast and they are mostly elderly retired people with little money. Every year more ecclesias close. That’s why the CBM are short of money and cutting back on spending in Africa.

    All of the different Christian religions serve the same God and Christ and it is not easy to work out which one has all the doctrines correct. If there is a God I don’t expect that he loses sleep over which Christian religion is right or wrong.

    The Christadelphians don’t believe in the Devil, but the Bible has the Devil or Satan on almost every page and in Revelation 20:2 it says “that old serpent, which is the Devil, and Satan” all in the same verse. So if the Bible teaches that the serpent in Eden was the Devil and Satan, how can the Devil be sin in the flesh as the Christadelphians teach?

    Christadelphians don’t believe in the Trinity, but 1 John 5:7 teaches the Trinity: “For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one.” Christadelphians say that this verse was not in the original Bible, but if they are going to claim that, how can we trust anything written in our modern Bibles? If God can’t preserve his Bible accurately without humans writing things in the Bible that he does not agree with, including false doctrines, how do we know what is God’s Bible and what parts are written by false teachers?

    Christadelphians don’t believe that we go to Heaven at death, but Enoch did, and at Christ’s transfiguration the prophets, Moses and Elijah were discussing with Jesus hundreds of years after they died, so where did they come from? Are we to think that God raised them from the dead and then murdered them to await another resurrection? That’s crazy!

    There are strong arguments against everything that the Christadelphians believe and there are good arguments against what the other religions believe. I am an Atheist, but I admit that there are also some good arguments to be made against what I believe. So what is one to do and what to believe?

    You just have to do your best in life and if there is a God, hope that he is loving and understanding of our difficulty in knowing exactly what we are to believe. In many ways the fault is God’s not our own.

    We are more than willing to believe the truth if it is explained clearly to us. But if it’s all a big mystery that everyone disagrees about, the fault lies with God who confused us, not us who are wicked because we can’t understand what he wants us to believe.

    Continued in my next comment .............

    1. (Continued from my last comment)

      If you stay in the Christadelphians you will remain in isolation and when the Christadelphian religion the West dies you will be in serious isolation.

      I’m not a Christian, but if I wanted to be a Christian again I would probably join the Catholics, because their services are warm and friendly, they believe in Evolution and they have a lot of academics in their religion; not empty heads like the Pentecostals. There are about a billion Catholics in the World so you would never be short of friends, but there are only a few thousand Christadelphians, so before long they will all be in isolation like your ecclesia.

      Religion is all about culture, not beliefs. None of us know what the correct thing to believe is, and God does not tell us directly. So it’s best to join a religion that has a culture that makes us happy and meets our personal needs. The Christadelphian culture in the West is vicious and nasty and they spend most of their time looking for people to disfellowship. The CBM do the same thing in Africa, as you will have discovered for yourself.

      Emmanuel Gubika started thirteen ecclesias in East Africa, but the CBM still found a reason to disfellowship him for a silly reason and now the CBM won’t let him back into fellowship. Dr Francis Mbalanga had fourteen children and then his wife died leaving him to look after them on his own. There was no Christadelphian lady to marry, so he married a lady who was not a Christadelphian to care for his children. The CBM disfellowshipped him to punish him for trying to look after his children!

      See what I mean? In my opinion the CBM should be kicked out of Africa.

      So this is my advice to you and your ecclesia. Don’t resign from the CBM unless you are seriously annoyed with them. Forget all about the CBM and go your own way. Don’t build a new hall because there is no need. The Christadelphian religion is almost impossible to understand because it is so complicated and it is not suited to African temperament, culture and customs. That means that you will hardly ever convert anyone and if you do they will soon leave and go back to their old religion.

      Believe what you think is right in your own minds, not what old men in England tell you to believe.

      For the Christadelphians to say that only they know the truth is just arrogance and pride. Most Christadelphians are not smart and many of them are not nice people at all. How come a bunch of freaks like that are the only people to know the truth? That makes no sense at all.

  3. Thank you for your information. I am ongoing processing the questions you asked me and in two days time i will send feedback o reply. Shortly John, i am not so down in terms of provision of basic needs but i am only able to buy food for my children. I also have small farm that i used to plant on maize. I will give you the difference between Devil and Satan. Remember is an Angel coming from heaven but Satan in Heaven had seven tones, and it was the star of the morning. So Satan cannot die but live. Revelation 12:1, Isaiah 12:14. i will tell you more about that. i was in hurry going to mission could tell you more about that.

    1. So you are the recording brother of a CBM established ecclesia and you believe in the existence of a personal Devil? Do all of your ecclesia believe in the Devil? Do other Christadelphians in Kenya believe in the Devil?

      What did the CBM teach you? Did they teach you that the Devil is real?

      Do you believe in the Holy Trinity? Do you believe that we go to heaven at death? Are your beliefs any different to your old religion?

      Did the CBM disfellowship your ecclesia?

    2. Mbalanga i hope you have publish those books you were writing. we are
      waiting here at kenya so that you send to us. and we encourage us to
      be freedom in Africa. i hope very soon we shall meet. How do you
      normally do fellowship, Bible school, and seminars there at Zambia?
      God bless you. I am waiting for respond.
      from Kibet

  4. Francis MbalangaJuly 29, 2017 at 4:43 AM


    Thank you for your message,for the book it is almost done,you will be reminded when it is finished. Regarding the bible schools and seminar as well as fellowship, for me those things were for CBM team UK doctrine.Since i come out of CBM as at now in i am not following them,i am now looking at Freedom and Independence,the development of Africa continent.For those who want to continue reading chapters and verses they can continue to do so.Not tag art is to free all African in teams of having some skills in technical,Science,mechanical,education,agriculture,mining,const-ration,carpentry,vocation schools, etc.

    I want to know from the airport of Nairobi to were you stay want is the distance and how much do you pay?In dollars and they guesthouse,how much do you pay per night ? We want to tell us in advance were will be the meeting to be held and want place or town? And want are they conditions?As well as security?In your thinking capability how many people do you expect to attend the meeting. Please we need people from CBM team UK who are resigning from CBM only. From Zambia will be only two people,And in Uganda ask Emmanuel many people will come so that we know the numbers of people from Uganda who have resigning in Uganda.

  5. Good Sunday,
    We were doing fellowship and people and friends are happy. we are discussing about devil, we will not believe in devil but we belief in God. we shall continue to belief in God.

    Us as Africans, not all are corrupt as the way other people from other contents have believed but some are good and they say the truth. Brothers and sisters we are doing transparency but those one who is not doing same is corrupt. The most of the CBM in Africa trust and belief most in UK but the most of Ex- Christadehians but the most we are suppose to trust each other and tell each other the true because we are believing in each other and we are reforms the doctrines. God bless you and we are praying for the coming general election in Kenya.
    Thank you for your respect to work together.
    Kibet Kenya

  6. John, how i you,
    Thank you for the your teaching that you have teach us the truth through online. Also thank you for your faithful of reforming that ends with reformation of 40 people that they come and leave CBM. That is an evident or show that tells about your strong faith. That stands also is a good motivation and also strengthens our faith also as Africans. I hope that you are the one organizing for the visitors whom they are planning to visit us in Kenya. God bless you and we continue to work together in prayers.
    Kibet Koech

  7. Koech: I am not a person of faith. I don't believe that God or Jesus exist and I don't believe that the Bible is true. But I am willing to advise you on reform in your religion in Africa. I think that religion is good for Africa at this time because it promotes social cohesion and mutual support.

    But in my opinion, in the Developed World, faith based religions should be abandoned because in developed societies they are counterproductive to the advancement of human understanding and enlightened morality.


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