How Quantum Physics demonstrates that God committed the first sin

Adam and Eve emerging
from quantum fields
By John Bedson

Genesis Chapter Two claims that God formed man from the "dust" of the ground. I don't believe that to be true, but for the sake of my discourse, let us assume that it is true and that the Genesis narrative about Adam and Eve and the first sin is true.

We know that humans are not made of clay, so if the story is true we must assume that God changed the clay into the various atoms, molecules and proteins, cells, genes and chromosomes etc. that would constitute Adam as a living human like ourselves.

But unfortunately for Christadelphians that is not a complete description of what must have happened.

Atoms are not the smallest indivisible parts that make humans and everything in our universe. Atoms are made of nucleons around which electrons orbit, or more correctly dance, following quantum mechanical rules. Nucleons are made of protons and neutrons and they can be broken down further into different kinds of quarks held together by forces.

Electrons and quarks cannot be broken down any further into indivisible parts. They are subatomic particles that are one dimensional points that are not solid objects. There are approximately eighty such different particles and those different particles are the building blocks of everything that is in our universe.

Quantum Field Theory (QFT) has been described as the most precisely tested theory known to science. According to QFT those tiny particles are disturbances in invisible quantum fields that pervade every part of our universe. Each different particle has its own field and the different fields overlay each other and sometimes interact with each other.

Those particles are both particles and also waves in the quantum fields. They can behave as both. When being observed or measured the wave form collapses and they act as individual particles.

Therefore those particles are not "real" in the sense of solid things. They are a sort of holographic projection of quantum activity in their underlying fields.

It's rather like this article appears to your eyes to be a collection of printed words on a white sheet of paper. But that is an illusion. In reality these words and their background are pixels of different coloured lights projected to your eyes by a complex algorithmic computer code that is running in your electronic reading device - a computer, iPad or whatever.

By analogy, everything that we experience in our universe is also an extremely complex illusion. The underlying reality of you, me and everything, (including Adam and Eve), are quantum fluctuations in the different quantum fields of our universe projecting the appearance of tiny particles that make up the atoms from which everything is constructed - including Adam and Eve.

If the Genesis story is true, God must have altered the subatomic particles and the associated quantum field functions that made the clay figure of Adam, (and the rib from which he made Eve), into different types of particles and changed their quantum field functions so that Adam and Eve could emerge as living human beings.

So far, so good.

But now watch this very short (46 seconds) video outtake of Professor Lawrence Krauss describing the nature of quantum wave functions:

If the wave functions that God generated to make the subatomic particles from which he created Adam and Eve can be calculated by a second order differential equation, then given the initial conditions (God manipulated the wave functions to form the particles that created Adam and Eve), the behaviour of those wave functions for the entire future must have been completely determined by what God did when he created Adam and Eve.

In other words, not only did God know that Adam and Eve would commit the first sin, but he acted in such a way that he deliberately caused Adam and Eve to commit that sin. He set up the relevant wave functions to force them to sin - and then blamed them for his own action!

Adam and Eve had no choice but to eat the forbidden fruit. It was impossible for them to act otherwise because quantum mechanics is intrinsically deterministic.

The measurement of quantum activity appears to be random and therefore not deterministic. But that is only because the results of the measurements are probabilistic. But those probabilities are predetermined by the wave function activity which is deterministic.

Adam and Eve cannot be held morally responsible for sinful activity committed by God.

Therefore the apostle Paul was wrong when he wrote:

"Therefore, just as through one man sin entered into the world, and death through sin, and so death spread to all men, because all sinned." - Romans 5:12 (NAS)

We have learned that in reality, sin entered the world though God, not man. It is God that is in need of atonement, not mankind.

Considered in the light of modern scientific discovery, the Genesis story about the origin of sin falls apart because it no longer makes any sense. It melts into the myths of an ancient pagan world that did not even know that the Earth orbits the Sun.

Science has shown that the God in the Genesis myth is sinful and naked and he should be expelled from the Eden of our thinking.

Learn more about Quantum Field Theory from the two following video talks
The first: Professor David Tong

Now a video talk by Professor Sean Carol
Start at 2:20

1 comment:

  1. If the underlying quantum micro-universe is deterministic, as Lawrence indicates, the overlying macro-universe that we inhabit must also be deterministic because it is founded on the quantum universe.

    This abolishes freewill and makes time like a roll of film that were are watching at a certain point in the film, but cannot change the outcome of the movie.

    I think that is correct. I think that time is like a solid object that we move through. There can be no God because no one is responsible for their actions because it was all determined from the origin of time and we only have the illusion that we make choices. Therefore God cannot judge us, he can't alter time, he can't do any of the things that the Bible writers imagined that he could.

    We are locked into this life and universe like rats in a trap. But it's a real fun trap to be in.


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