Kenyan Christadelphians join Ex-Christadelphians

By Reuben Kibet (Kenya)
and a reply by Francis Mbalanga (Zambia)

"Dear brother Francis: We would like to request to work together in Kenya Africa. We request to join the Ex-Christadelphians. We are many brethren and sisters in Kericho Jemeflowers. Please give us details of fellowship in Ex-Christadelphians. We are looking forward to your reply by our group."

Reply by Francis Mbalanga (Zambia)

Dear Reuben Kibet,

Thanks for your email, I had a wonderful time reading it.

It is important for us to understand what we stand for as we forge ahead in our quest to enlighten many of our brethren and sisters. As for me on behalf of team Ex-Christadelphians in Africa we have happy to received your request and we are glad to have you with us! For you are more than welcome.

But there is need to learn of your choice in joining us through writing. I mean some to prove in writing that you have resigned from the CBM and I would like to know how many you are in Kenya Kericho Jemeflowers and a photo would be highly helpful.

As Ex-Christadelphians we have enough information to help you understand what we stand for and the truth to LIBERATE AFRICANS from many ways. The issue on how you can come together is not much a problem; what you need is first the information. That which I will be sending you time after time that you may also share with our brethren and sisters there.

What we need is to be UNITED for it is time for Africa got out of it's slumber. This will help you get out from the tied up Mentality of the CBM team UK. But be free to explore your mind, together with us as Africans.

You are on the righter track to explore the truth about the developed world and the things in all situation for Africa. Please check for information.

We are looking forward to hearing from you and all members soon, for it is beneficial for us Ex-Christadelphians team.

Regards, Mbalanga Francis in Chingola,Copperbelt,Province Zambia,Africa.

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