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By Joseph Strong
The way things are going for the Christadelphians

I really hope that you exceed the efforts of the Christadelphians and take the time to reply to this.


Christadelphians don’t make an awful lot of outreach effort, and never have, letters published in their flagship magazine suggests that their policy of separateness is ongoing, and encourage a belief that people should be able to determine from their lifestyle that they the holders of something very special. Numerically, this is leading to a decline, but to a spiritual strengthening as it is seen as a falling away as we enter the last days. Unfortunately, this policy and conclusion does not make a lot of sense to those outside of the community and is thus somewhat self fulfilling.

 I have been a fan and regular at your website for nearly a year, and has been my go-to for questions that I have had. I am very proud that you saw through the lies of the cult, and began to think for yourselves. Nothing that the Christadelphians teach, and the way that they behave is correct. It is very encouraging that you do this work.


Thank you for this. We do not have all of the answers, but like science,ex-christadelphianism is a work in progress. As fresh evidence arises, we open doors to it, rather than slamming them shut. If you check on one of the many “how to spot a cult” sites, you will see that although some of us consider them a cult, others do not. We are fine with that. My considered opinion, based on my time inside, what I have read of others experience, and my observations of behaviours since leaving is that they are best described as a high control group with localised cult behaviour. It doesn't really matter what you call it if you feel that you are trapped and/or being controlled, you simply need to get out.

I have heard your website mentioned in their exhortations a few times (something I would be proud of in your situation), simply to loosely attempt to dispute your arguments. 


This is concerning to us. It means that you have gone through the interested visitor stage and are now being allowed into the private “members only” section. I guess you still need to stay seated for prayers and no partaking of the elements. Compare this with your own Church and see if the approach differs…..either way, your time of freedom is running out friend, be careful.
We have a rather rude saying amongst the management at work.. “When your name appears on the toilets walls, you know you have got through to them”, although it is used in slightly more vulgar form. They do not need to use exhortations to dispute our arguments, we are open 24/7/365 and have staff on all continents if they wish to publicly debate us.

As for my position, I am divided. Can the Bible be this infallible if these [contradictions] are so regular? Or is it just the Christadelphians wresting the scriptures? 


The approach Christadelphians have to the Bible may be very different from that which your Church teaches. Put in extremely simplistic terms it is this: Look at what the founders of the movement said. Study the Bible to confirm this. If the Bible does not confirm this for you, then study it more and more until it does. What happens is that the initial confirmation is then reconfirmed by further reconfirmation and the agreement of others. If this pattern is established in childhood, it is very difficult to think outside of it, and has Mancott has pointed out, it results in the believer living in a reflective bubble or a self created false reality. Many people do enjoy being in this state and fail entirely to see why others do not.
 For my part, my lifelong Christian faith survived my time with the Christadelphians, but a profound event in my life caused it to crumble. Neither were pleasant events. If Jesus does come knocking at my door again, I will let him in for a chat and a beer, but if he wants me back in his fold, he will need to come out with much better evidence than he did last time. Please watch the video at the end of this article.

First and foremost, I am NOT a Christadelphian, however I am in a relationship with one who has not yet been baptised into the faith but is in a family of very devout Christadelphians. 


You are not a Christadelphian, but you attend exhortations (memorial meetings) with someone who has been brought up to think in the way I outline above.  In order to continue your relationship either you will need to begin to think like that, or she will need to shake off that upbringing. One of you needs to give up such a large element of who you are, that you will be barely recognisable to each other.
 What do you mean by devout? They attend every meeting and do the daily readings? They wear their Sunday best clothing? They may well be doing all of those things and behind your back doing plenty of unsavoury things too, as you have stated they have been "screwed over" by their own Brethren in Christ, Saints who will take over the world at the second coming. That does not seem a good basis for fellowship does it?.
 It is very easy to be a "devout" Christadelphian. All you need to do is to turn up for every meeting, wear the right clothes and let everybody know how you love Bible study. Toss in a few "specials" and do a Bible class or two now and again and you are free to engage in whatever filth you like the rest of the time, safe in the image you have created. Being a devout member of the human race requires considerably more effort.
Christadelphianism is very much a religion of appearances rather than genuine wholesomeness. I know. To my cost.
 What would your relationship be with these people if you were not interested at all in their religion but simply want to make a life and family with their daughter? Would anything change do you think? How would you be accepted then?

Her father has (deleted), and being (deleted) for many years is very knowledgeable on how to debate and discuss biblical topics. While I, myself, being only (deleted) years of age do not thoroughly understand the bible, and cannot dispute his (deleted) years of researching this "kingdom", haven't the slightest clue where to start. I would consider myself being quite well researched on biblical matters, as I grew up in a church of Christ.


So, reading between the lines, when you have raised a point, he has shot you down, and made you feel inferior. As for him “researching” the Kingdom, the vast bulk of what Christadelphians “know” about the so-called Kingdom is a simple repetition of what the founders told them about how to interpret a near random selection of Biblical quotes. Your girlfriend’s father will have been exposed early on to Robert’s “Christadelphian Instructor” , and it forms the basis for his belief.  She may well have been too if she is anywhere near to baptism.  All you need to do is read the linked document and you will be as clever (researched) as him. You will note that the reference from Psalm 149 7-9 is the same one used by vile Christadelphian hate preacher Jonathan Bowen at last year’s Swanwick (so called) Bible School. If you read the document then you will know all you need to. Anything else he adds is his own embellishment, and you can ignore that.
 Pick on a few points from it and encourage him to talk about it. Don’t be argumentative but show some signs of descent from his position (perhaps vaguely suggest that his vision is not how you see it, and quote one of the “nice” things that Jesus did). Don’t take any notice of what he says in reply, and don’t look at his face, look at his hands and see if you can pick up on any hand-waving  If you don’t get much of a response, wait a while and try again, but don’t give the game away. Hand-waving is a way of shutting down discussion/opposition and is much beloved of Christadelphians. I picked up on it within months of baptism, and it often comes from the most poorly educated or low intelligence members. Look out for it, and remember that your own biblical beliefs have absolutely equal value with any Christadelphian, since all of what they believe is based on "faith", as is all religion. Constantly remind yourself that none of what they believe has any testable truth to it at all, it is all about what they believe and feel.

Please also discuss with the family the matters raised in the video at the end of this article, and consider their answers very carefully.

Which verses and topics in particular aided you to see through the Christadelphian false teachings? I cannot tackle it from a morality perspective, as my girlfriend's family have been screwed over by the Christadelphians for many years and are aware of how un-godly they can behave. It's just the doctrine that remains that they believe is gospel truth. 


Ezekiel 38. The insistence of a poorly educated young brother 9 years ago that the Russians were headed off to steal Israeli gas in fulfillment of this, and the meek acceptance of this by the Ecclesia, brought me to realisation that having further to do with them was a waste of time. It continues to be the battle cry for radicalised Christadelphians up to this day.

Matthew 11 25-30. Because of the immense fuel that this gives to low intelligence people to claim superiority over those with more sense. This is coupled with the (were it to be true) assertion that in any case there is nothing you can do because Jesus must choose you, not the other way round. Topped off with the ludicrous assertion that if you go along with this twaddle then things will get better. I tried it. They do not.

Luke 12, 22-31. Yes, the birds do not go out to work, and they do find things to eat. But if you don't go to work you won't be able to buy clothes or pay the rent and you will get evicted. Bullshit I am afraid.

John. Yes, the entire gospel. For the reasons given in this video.  Please note that neither myself or this website is endorsing all of the authors beliefs, it just sums up my thoughts concisely on this particular matter alone.

I thank you so much for your time, team, in reading this e-mail. I really do love my girlfriend, and her family are truly incredible people, vastly different from regular Christadelphians.


No need to thank us, it is our job here.

I am sure that you do love your girlfriend. But do you really love her religion and all of the baggage that goes with it? I suspect not.  If you convert and marry this woman, you will place yourself under the dominance of her family and the rest of her religion for life. Your choices for both yourself, and your children will be limited to just one….to be a Christadelphian. There are plenty of young women out there without all this to contend with. Spread your net widely.

Her family are “incredible” are they? Perhaps they are “incredible” in the other meaning of the word meaning “unbelievable”? Or perhaps they are just plain stupid for being done over by the Christadelphians and hanging about for a second serving? Also, how different are they really, and how many of the other type do you know, and how influential are they to the religion as a whole?

How do I know? I was in your shoes once. I joined them. And married one.

Really hoping to hear back from you, as you are a shining light in this dark world.


Well, you heard back from me, and I’m concerned for your wellbeing. I think you have been amongst them too long. You speak of a “Dark World”, and in doing so, you are starting to sound like a Christadelphian. It is not a dark world at all. It is a vibrant, colourful and caring world. Just be careful you don’t accept the dark world you are being offered.

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