Kenyan Christadelphians join Ex-Christadelphians

By Reuben Kibet (Kenya)
and a reply by Francis Mbalanga (Zambia)

"Dear brother Francis: We would like to request to work together in Kenya Africa. We request to join the Ex-Christadelphians. We are many brethren and sisters in Kericho Jemeflowers. Please give us details of fellowship in Ex-Christadelphians. We are looking forward to your reply by our group."

Dear Team......A Reply

One member's reply to the previous post 
By Joseph Strong
The way things are going for the Christadelphians

Dear team at the Ex-Christadelphians ...........

Can you help the young man
who sent us this message?
Editor's Note: At the request of the author, this message has been edited to protect his identity from the Christadelphians.

By David Evans (Not his real name)

I really hope that you exceed the efforts of the Christadelphians and take the time to reply to this.

I have been a fan and regular at your website for nearly a year, and has been my go-to for questions that I have had. I am very proud that you saw through the lies of the cult, and began to think for yourselves. Nothing that the Christadelphians teach, and the way that they behave is correct. It is very encouraging that you do this work.