New Ex-Christadelphians booklet for Africans

Free your ecclesia from white CBM control.
Order copies of our new booklet written by
a black African in your own local language.
By Francis Mbalanga
Zambia Africa

I am publishing a new African Ex-Christadelphians booklet with Lambert Academic publishing in Germany. The booklet will be about Africans freeing themselves from the CBM and Christadelphians. Topics will be African CBM and Christadelphians freedom to deconvert to Ex- Christadelphians from the CBM mentality of forcing people to what they don't want to do and believe in doctrines and segregation.

I as an Ex-Christadelphian need to be free in everything and be independent in everything as African culture Ex-Christadelphians. The new booklet will be available in African local languages and dialects.

Our main focus should be to help our fellow African Christadelphians and CBM to open their eyes and minds to seek development in Africa. We would need to have schools to start teaching children, teach them modern science and other things which can benefit them in the African continent; not the Young Earth Creationism and Evolution Denialism of the CBM.  

My family Ex-Christadelphians worldwide. The fruits drops from the trees when it is mature. But when the Earthquake moves, the fruits drops from the trees no matter if it's mature or not. The earthquake is the Ex-Christadelphians. Since this movement has come to Africa, CBM, Berean fellowship, Dawn fellowship etc. - all Christadelphians' work in Africa is being brought down and finished by the Ex-Christadelphians earthquake.

Editor's Note:

Francis's new booklet will respect both Theist and Atheist thinking. Ex-Christadelphianism is about resigning from the CBM and having independence of belief and thinking. You can become an Ex-Christadelphian and still keep your Theist beliefs if that is what you want to do. Many Ex-Christadelphians retain their belief in God and the Bible. 

If you are a CBM Christadelphian living in Africa and your ecclesia would like to order free copies of this new Ex-Christadelphians booklet in your own language when it is published, please contact us by email: Ex-Christadelphians@Hotmail.Com or contact Francis Mbalanga in Zambia direct: email:

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