Large numbers of Ugandan Christadelphians become Ex-Christadelphians

By Peter Makalai
Uganda Africa

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ our saviour. I was happy to come across you, hoping that we shall work together. I am Peter Makalai in Uganda in Africa.  Baptised with the Christadelphians for about 12 years, but at the moment I am out of fellowship. If I can join you and work together to spread the gospel I will be happy.
I know my decision is final because no one made me to join CBM.

Many have left the faith in Uganda. Others have gone back to their former church! In Uganda the majority of Christadelphians have left CBM. Only a few attend the Sunday meetings. The so called general fund was scrapped and most of ecclesias are needy. Most brothers and sisters are so poor that they cannot support the running of ecclesias.

I need to work with you if I am not to remain isolated. Looking forward to hear from you once again. My request to be in touch with you. Thanks.

Editor's note:

This article is a composite of three emails sent to us by Peter.

I have passed Peter's contact details to our African Ex-Christadelphians representative, Francis Mbalanga in Zambia, who will contact him for support. Francis's email is:

Ugandan Christadelphians can also contact leading Ex-Christadelphian Emmanuel Gubika in Uganda to discuss Ex-Christadelphian activity and possible employment opportunities with other Ex-Christadelphians in that country. His email is:

Please note you can NEVER be disfellowshipped from the Ex-Christadelphians because we are not a church or organisation.

I recommend that African Ex-Christadelphians join the Ex-Christadelphians Facebook discussion group:


  1. Francis MbalangaMay 14, 2017 at 9:04 AM

    Thank you for your decision making,i think you and welcome you as Ex- Christadelphians in Uganda,Africa.
    All in all we need to work together for development of African and freedom from CBM teams UK. We want to be right and the voice together as Ex-Christadelphians
    Africa. Because we all belong to one Africa. Best Regards, Mbalanga Francis in Copperbelt,Zambia,Africa.

  2. Peter: What do you mean: "The so called general fund was scrapped" ??? Was that money paid to Ugandan Christadelphians by the CBM or what? Who scrapped it and why?

  3. Peter: Try to start an Ex-Christadelphians ecclesia with other Ex-Christadelphians in Uganda who have lost faith in the CBM. That way you will be back in fellowship.

    You Africans should not allow the CBM to push you around.

  4. Hi Peter, I'm a Christadelphian from Australia. What do you mean by your not in fellowship? Is it only because your meeting closed and nowhere close was available due to available funds? Or is it something about the faith? My heart truly breaks for you, the world we live in is a harsh place. Money isn't easy to come by, even for people here. If your desire is to restart an ecclesia, please email me on I'd love to chat to you, to see how I can get into contact with people who can help. I can't bare to stand idly by while people are crying out for help.

    1. Michelle: That was very nice of you to write that. I'll also send your comment to Peter by email to ensure that he reads it.

  5. Thank you John, I'm only trying to do what I feel Christ and God would want us to do this. If that makes sense 😊


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