Independence and freedom for black African Christadelphians

Francis Mbalanga
By Francis Mbalanga
Zambia Africa

(Editor's note: English is not Francis's first language. I have used minimal editing on his article in order to preserve the authenticity and character of what he has written.)

My Fellow Africa Christadelphians: FREEDOM: what does the word Freedom means? How do we understand the word freedom Fellow Africa Christadelphians? To my understanding of word freedom is to have LIBERTY in every aspect of Life, in all works of life and Living in speech in doing things, without restriction etc.

My Fellow Africa Christadelphians CORRUPTION: what is CORRUPTION my fellow Africa Christadelphians? CORRUPTION is where in any institution, companies, government, or private sector where senior officials who knows the right thing and try to manipulate it in crooked manner.

What is the work of the CBM UK missionaries in Africa? The CBM UK missionaries work in Africa is to do the right work or do wrong? In the World people expects good works not bad work from the missionaries who are coming to Africa but we expect good work, good teaching and the truth in their dealings with African affairs The CBM missionaries team work in Africa is not good.

My Fellow Africa Christadelphians: The CBM missionaries team from UK they are not working according to the way they are suppose to work in all corners of Africa. Their works is full of segregation, lies, selfishness, intimidation, disfellowshipping etc.

The Team CBM UK are hiding the truth from the donors back in the UK, who sent who sent them, telling them that they are people who are perfect, doing correct job in Africa which are assigned to them here in Africa.

They told us and teach us different doctrines and rules which themselves they do not follow in UK. The person who does bad things anywhere in companies or elsewhere or someone putting people in prison without proper reason, would you like him or remove him from his work?

We Ex-Christadelphians our job is to remove those who are in prison to freedom, to move those who have ropes on their necks and those rejected as "babies" (on the CBM website) to make them grow in mind, ideas etc. and understand science and other works, to enlighten them for the development of Africa. To grow in mind and understand what science is. This is by the way of deconverting from CBM UK and Christadelphians into Ex-Christadelphians, for development of the continent of Africa.

Here in Africa we have copper, gold, diamond, cobolt, oil, emerald and other precious stones etc. Someone comes to start mining in these minerals and employee the people without paying them, can you allow them to continue working? We think that it is bad work to use people without their wages. As Ex-Christadelphians those who do bad they should leave the ground for Ex-Christadelphians to work, and take Christadelphians to walk to freedom of their choice and culture for development of Africa.

My Fellow Africa Christadelphians: Why there is ICC? What is the work of ICC? This organization is formed for people who have wronged to other people in worldwide. Those who are intimidating others, doing bad to other people who are cold hating to human people who are merciless to other fellow human being . Criminal, thief, corrupted and tormented people. The people who grabs freedom from other human beings.

My Fellow Africa Christadelphians: PROTEST: do you know why people take to the in street is protest? Do they protest for good things or for bad things? People usually protest when things are bad and if things are OK people do not take to the streets.

We Ex-Christadelphians we are protesting against CBM and Christadelphian ideas, attitude and behaviour and bad works in Africa. Black African Christadelphians should be free to start doing their own work CD Africa, like having our own CD magazine. The donors using their funds direct to African ecclesias. There should be communication to other Ecclesias in the develop world by African Christadelphians.

My fellow Africa Christadelphians. Why are there multicultural in the World? They are busy campaigning for animals in the bush. Many people in the world are not campaigning the human beings in general to live freely in this world.

We Ex-Christadelphians we have stand firm to campaign for our humans in CBM and Christadelphians should be free in African culture. We ask our fellow African CBM and Christadelphians if they have forgotten their papers, payments and check books and other things; they are reminded to come and collect them out of Africa. We don’t want your welfare money; we want independence from the CBM.

We Ex-Christadelphians we came from the Christadelphians. We do not hate the religion but we hate their doings and hypocrisy and full of lies in their doctrine of CBM UK and Christadelphians.

My Fellow Africa Christadelphians: REBELLION: what is the meaning of the word Rebellion? Rebellion is to stand against each other or fight against each other. That is why we find that many things or people forming rebellion against each other. Because things are not going as people expect it to be. Your behaviour can form rebellion in your family, your wife, your children, your brothers, even your friends they can become rebels against you.

The same way we are Ex-Christadelphians and CBM UK and British Christadelphians.

My Fellow Africa Christadelphians: ACTION: what is action? What is action for CBM UK Team in Africa for they stay in Africa for 50 years? The CBM team from UK. The CBM and Christadelphians can you show any point, any things you have done in Africa or development of Africa? And can you clarify on this issue and tell the all world what you have done, and point it so that the all world can hear you?

My Fellow Africa Christadelphians CHANGE: What is change? Change means it might be a school, company, church, hospital, anything in dilapidated state and you renovate it to come or return to a good condition. As CBM Team UK and Christadelphians are evicted from Africa we are going to take over for CHANGE!

I can really assure you my Africa Christadelphians that Ex-Christadelphians is going to bring change to Africa, to open eyes, to know how beautiful it is in our African continent and your eyes will be open up to see the importance of all World like me. And we are going to bring change where the team of CBM UK and Christadelphians failed to do ,to look after neglected people in community and Africa as all for widows, orphans, old aged, girl, boys, hiv/aids, education, poverty, farm, and disabilities etc. If we come together we can develop Africa. We can share ideas and many things together.

We are looking forward to receive our humans and fellow friends who have been rejected by the CBM team from UK and Christadelphians to come and join us. You are most welcome. The doors are open in every possible way.

Resign from CBM attitudes and join EX-Christadelphians in Africa for freedom and independence. If you want to bring about change in your life and living, this is the time for you. Resign from CBM and Christadelphians. Join the African Ex-Christadelphians.

I thank you for understanding. Please think of this information.

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