Large numbers of Ugandan Christadelphians become Ex-Christadelphians

By Peter Makalai
Uganda Africa

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ our saviour. I was happy to come across you, hoping that we shall work together. I am Peter Makalai in Uganda in Africa.  Baptised with the Christadelphians for about 12 years, but at the moment I am out of fellowship. If I can join you and work together to spread the gospel I will be happy.

Independence and freedom for black African Christadelphians

Francis Mbalanga
By Francis Mbalanga
Zambia Africa

(Editor's note: English is not Francis's first language. I have used minimal editing on his article in order to preserve the authenticity and character of what he has written.)

My Fellow Africa Christadelphians: FREEDOM: what does the word Freedom means? How do we understand the word freedom Fellow Africa Christadelphians? To my understanding of word freedom is to have LIBERTY in every aspect of Life, in all works of life and Living in speech in doing things, without restriction etc.

New Ex-Christadelphians booklet for Africans

Free your ecclesia from white CBM control.
Order copies of our new booklet written by
a black African in your own local language.
By Francis Mbalanga
Zambia Africa

I am publishing a new African Ex-Christadelphians booklet with Lambert Academic publishing in Germany. The booklet will be about Africans freeing themselves from the CBM and Christadelphians. Topics will be African CBM and Christadelphians freedom to deconvert to Ex- Christadelphians from the CBM mentality of forcing people to what they don't want to do and believe in doctrines and segregation.