The "King of the South" to become "The King of the North"

By John Bedson

The Christadelphian prophets have once again been wrong footed as modern day events turn out to be completely different to their predictions based on false Bible prophecy.

Following Friday's American cruise missile strike against Shayrat Air Base in Syria, teams of US Army engineers have been working round the clock to complete five new air bases INSIDE Syria. One will replace the giant Incirlik US base in Turkey. Incirlik is being quit by the Americans with everything moved to the new base in Syria. When this work is complete the American air force inside Syria will be twice the size of the Russian force.

Christadelphians have been telling us for almost two hundred years that now is the time of the end in which Gog, the 'King of the North' (Russia) will invade the Middle East, attack Israel and be opposed by The 'King of the South', Merchants of Tarshish (US and Britain). At Ex-Christadelphians we believe that this is nonsense and modern events have consistently proved us to be correct.

Russia does not have the money, the capability or resources to invade the Middle East. Israel alone, without outside help could destroy the Russian forces before they got within five hundred miles of their Northern border. Putin himself has admitted that he would be overwhelmed within days if he took on NATO, not counting the Israeli and Arab forces that would also oppose him in the Middle East. The Russian defence budget is only 10% of the US, 25% of China and 66% of Saudi Arabia. Putin cannot threaten the West or Israel.

With five new US air bases located in Syria, a Gogian invasion of Israel would be laughable.

The Christadelphians have claimed for years that the "spoil" of Ezekiel 38 that lures Gog into the Middle East will be oil. But with the advent of Tesla Motors and electric cars the price of oil has crashed and may never recover. Soon the World will not need Middle East oil and the Arabs will be bankrupt, swimming in a sea of oil that no one wants to purchase. Nuclear Fusion is being developed as an endless source of clean energy to replace fossil fuels like oil and gas. 

Bible prophecy was written by false prophets, which is why none of it has ever come true and none of it will ever come true. The return of the Jews to Israel is radically different to the Bible prophecies, which prove that it is a 'false positive' and NOT a fulfillment of prophecy.

Bible prophecy proves the Bible to be false.


  1. It is easy make the same mistake as some Christadelphians insofar as you are picking events day by day to prove or disprove bible prophecy.
    A few weeks ago you were saying bible prophecy was wrong because Putin and Trump were on track to become best buddies. What a difference a few days can make. Bible prophecy certainly talks about the last days being troubled times, humanity descending in to godlessness, knowledge being increased and people running to and fro in the earth, strong delusions and a world full of problems with no apparent way out. Best to look at the broad sweep of history rather than get lost in day to day details.
    Bible prophecy may or may not be true - arguing about its merits or lack of will change nothing. Time will be the final arbiter. The world situation can change very fast and in unexpected ways.
    Love god, love your neighbor and love yourself and you will not go far wrong.
    Christianity is beautifully simple, and the basic principles if followed can bring, purpose, peace and prosperity to the believer and be an inspiration and a positive help to all those around. Although simple it takes more than a lifetime to master.
    John B. makes several predictions above. It will be interesting to see if they materialize. If they don't he always has the option of editing the post or removed it from the site!
    Sad to see that most here are still busy telling others how wrong they are - it's so Christadelphian!
    Hoping everyone has a good am meaningful life....and as one Watchtower devotee was convinced he was one of god's chosen once said to me "you see who's right at Armageddon."

    God Bless You all.

    1. The problem with you Christadelphians is that you never allow yourselves a reality check. You have been predicting a Russian invasion of the Middle East for almost two hundred years and it has not happened. In five hundred or a thousand or two thousand years you will still be predicting this nonsense. You have already waited two thousand years for Christ to return without realising that he is already dead. You can wait until the heat death of the Universe in several trillion years time and your predictions will never come true, except as a false positive, like the return of the Jews to Israel. Sometime in the next ten million years Russia might invade the Middle East, but that would be time and chance with nothing to do with Bible prophecy.

    2. "The problem with you christadelphians": Example of one of a big assumption.

      I am not a Christadelphian nor ever have been. Maybe a reality check for you is that there are people who visit this site who are neither Christadelphians or Ex-Christadelphians. Example of a big assumption - Trying to make a complex world to fit a simplistic model. My point was your posts on this site are as bigoted and dogmatic as many Fundamentalist Christians.
      religion and ethics cannot be reduced to a binary Right or Wrong model.
      There is a whole world out there beyond ex-christadelphianism or christadelphianism, with real issues and problems which which need solving and attention.

      Maybe it would be more profitable to do some real good in the world rather than focusing your attention on a small sub-set of fundamentalist Christianity. The mentality of proving you are right and others are 100% wrong is so Fundamentalist and so much like the worst attitudes of some parts of Christianity.

      My experience is that christadelphians like most organisations contain a broad spectrum of views.

      Picking Isolated facts or examples to try and make a point is not a rational methodology for research or investigation and often gives bad results.

    3. This specialised website is intended as an outreach project attempting tp free Christadelphians from their religion. If you are not a Christadelphian, with respect, it is not intended for your interest or readership.

    4. I agree with Just4Today John. He makes some really good points, "Maybe it would be more profitable to do some real good in the world...." With respect, your behavior and attitude shows typical traits of a narcissistic personality.

    5. Part of the search for truth and the communication of evidence for things that are likely to be true is to expose erroneous beliefs and weak evidence.

      For example to prove that the Earth travels around the Sun you first have to demonstrate that the Sun does not revolve around the Earth. Galileo was not being narcissistic when he explained his discovery and Isaac Newton was not as you say "trying to make a complex world to fit a simplistic model" and being "bigoted and dogmatic" when he explained the nature of light and existence of gravity.

      You say that

      "Religion and ethics cannot be reduced to a binary Right or Wrong model."

      - Nonsense! Religion is either correct or superstition just like the Flat Earth belief was
      either right or wrong and eventually it was proved to be wrong.

      Not everything is right or wrong, but to declare that nothing is right or wrong is to encourage the World to descend into ignorance and chaos.

      I think that belief in a personal god is superstition and you don't. OK, so either agree to disagree with me or discuss with me the rights and wrongs of the theory. But there can't be no god and a real god both at the same time. One of us must be mistaken.

      I do a great deal of work promoting science and opposing religion outside this website. I feel an obligation to make a bit of an effort rescuing Christadelphians from their religion because it was my family religion and I feel guilty that I worked so hard to promote the religion for twenty years before I resigned.

      Editing this website for its dead owner for a few years is my penance, my community service punishment for being so stupid as to believe Christadelphian baloney.

  2. Just4today and "anon",
    I haven't commented on this post as I have better things to do, however, I will do so whilst I have breakfast.

    "It's easy to make the same mistake as SOME Christadelphians..."

    ...Actually it is quite difficult to do so, you have to not only ignore all the evidence around you to the contrary, and then take on a very specific set of prophetic interpretations that are in many cases unique to Christadelphians. John has done none of those things here, and does not make "predictions" in the way you imply. He makes predictions as all of us do to make investment decisions, and other life choice decisions. He (and the rest of the editors) have stated many times that we do not accept the relevance of any Bible prophecy on any matter whatsoever.
    You speak of the "signs", increase of knowledge, travel, descent in godlessness,a world full of problems with no answers.
    Do Christadelphians (and others)use or ignore this knowledge? Well, if they are sick they sure do! Do they "run to and fro"?,indeed they do, fast cars, holiday cruises, traveling half way round the world to and from Bible schools. No way out of world problems? Only if you want to see it that way.
    "Love God, love yourself, love your neighbor". The trouble for both you and the Christadelphians is that if you cross out "God" everything works out much the same. Given the exclusive nature of Christadelphianism, contact with what we might call neighbors is going to be rather small. Perhaps you could supply us with a list of Christadelphian outreach projects that don't require the recipients to engage in any (supervised) Bible study?
    Christianity is beautifully simple is it? I suppose it can be if you want to make it that way. Christadelphians tend to make it the very opposite, and scoff at those who don't see it that (your) way. Your paragraph of benefits to be had is total bollocks. None of that lot depends on Jesus at all, just an attitude of mind. You are talking utter crap.
    With regard to editing, we rarely do, and when we do, it is not to change "predictions". Sadly, it was the Christadelphians who had to edit "Elpis Israel" due to failed predictions. Our local Christadelphians got all excited about the "blood moons" business not long ago, even "The Christadelphian" magazine got sucked in. Still waiting for the results....Last year Christadelphians (I suppose "some" Christadelphians might suit you better as it always works as a good excuse) reported that the UK EU referendum result was adjusted by God/Angels messing with the weather. The thing is, that if I suggested that the motoring deaths of 3 Christadelphians last year was caused by Angels shoving the steering wheel/handlebars then I would look like a nutter. But if you start down a path of Angelic intervention, than just about anything is possible. Even if we did do as you say and do some "real good" we could always be stopped in our tracks by these Angels could we not? Or is that not how it works? Please explain.

    John is thankfully still doing his penance. Mine is over. The only reason I came back here was when I realised last year that my kid's Sunday school teachers and family had paid to ship in and listen to Jonathan Bowen's hate talks, and the slurping lisping life limiting twaddle that Stephen Palmer spouts. Palmer was reduced to tears at the supposedly "hard work" of prayer. As an aside, Palmer worked as a surgeon in the NHS (using "knowledge") and Bowen sells an uncertified electric shock machine....


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