Freedom for Elephants and Black African Christadelphians

By Balenga Ebengo
A Christadelphian in DR Congo
And Mbalanga Francis in Zambia

Dear Mbalanga

I am only very happy to hear from you. I know you are African and would like the African improvement in economy and freedom. I am going well with all my family here in Baraka. May I know about the process of joining the Ex-Christadelphians?

Answered by Ex-Christadelphian Mbalanga Francis in Zambia 
Mbalanga Francis
Zambia Africa

Dear Balenga J.E.

I am happy for your wonderful email which I received. I am sorry for delaying to reply to your email because I went somewhere out of town where there was no internet network for my laptop.

Our objectives as Ex-Christadelphians

First of all we have to be independent in our faith, our beliefs and to change our beliefs from the CBM way of believing and doing things. Change to our way of doing things as Africans.

Nowadays people are campaigning for freedom of animals like elephants etc. What about people like us who are Christadelphians? Can't we gain freedom like the elephants and other animals? Are we not entitled to freedom?

My laptop is for communication and without laptops we can't communicate with African Christadelphians. Ex-Christadelphians provide free laptops for some Africans who resign from the CBM. Through laptops we learn more things which are hidden in Christadelphian and CBM behaviour and we learn about their other activities outside Africa.

Ex-Christadelphians are not there to help us. Instead they want African Christadelphians to form a group in which we can help ourselves; not depending on Ex-Christadelphians or the CBM. If we form a group of intelligent African Christadelphians we can help each other in every way possible without the help of any white Christadelphian coming in between and without CBM control. Now do you imagine such a group?

You are my brother flesh and blood as an African. What I see is not what you see and what you see is not what I see. Where you live you have things which can change people which you don't realise. My opinion is if we come together we can make change in Africa, moving away from the domination of Christadelphians and CBM. We should become independent. What we need is to be independent wether you are Christadelphian or CBM, you believe in God or not, you wether you are Christian or not. What we need is freedom and independence.

In America the president is from republican but they have formed the Cabinet of republican and democrat they are working as one just to work for the country as well as we can work for the benefit of Africa.

Best Regards, Mbalanga Francis Purity Care Investments P.O.BOX 11392 Chingola, Copperbelt Province, Zambia, Africa. Email:

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