A Black African Christadelphian resigns saying "Better me die free!"

"Don't be shocked when I tell
you that I was in prison, 
'cause you are still in prison."
- Malcolm X
By Anthony Balyedhusa    
Uganda Africa

Dear Wilbur (An African Berean Christadelphian representative)

We have for long kept your Lumpenary ways and now I have eye openers. As such I am resigning from the Berean slavery and moving on to no need of you. I ask you to resign like me and be free of human rules.

Emma and John I am very poor. But I am tired of being fooled! We are in pockets, bags and files.

Better me die free!

Editor's Note:

Why did Anthony use the word Lumpenary in his resignation letter?

Lumpenproletariat is a term that was originally coined by Karl Marx to describe the layer of the working class. The word is derived from the German word Lumpenproletarier, "Lumpen" literally meaning "miscreant" as well as "rag". It is the class of outcast, degenerated and submerged elements that make up a section of the population which include beggars, prostitutes, gangsters, racketeers, swindlers, petty criminals, tramps, chronic unemployed or unemployables and all sorts of declassed, degraded elements. (Wikipedia.)

When Anthony tells the Berean Christadelphians in his resignation letter: 

"We have for long kept your lumpenary ways."
he is telling them that he thinks that the Christadelphians have treated him and his fellow black African Christadelphians as if they were part of a Christadelphian Lumpenproletariat.

Anthony is saying what the Ex-Christadelphians on this website have also been saying to black African Christadelphians. The white Christadelphians have created a subset of the Christadelphian religion in Africa that is completely different to the white version in the rest of the World. Black African Christadelphians are cut off from each other and isolated from the white religion by the CBM. They are strictly controlled by the CBM to the point that many Africans think that their religion is called "CBM." They are told who they must disfellowship (usually for trivial reasons) and who they can and cannot allow back into fellowship. The white CD principle of 'ecclesial autonomy' has been abused, usurped and denied to black African Christadelphians by the white Christadelphians who call them "babes" on the CBM website.

Black African Christadelphians have a real fear of the CBM. Black CDs are terrified of disobeying their white CBM agents out of fear of loosing welfare that in some cases includes home rental, food, Internet, computers, private school fees and much else. We have emails from African Christadelphians confirming these allegations.

For example one leading African CD wrote to us:

"John, Africans have no say in CBM. They brought nothing and take nothing. The West manages the social, economic affairs and Africa follows or gets lost. May be a reform is possible within a new fellowship?"

Many Christadelphians believe that Blacks are descended from Ham and are an inferior race to the whites. This was taught to me by my Christadelphian father and is confirmed by video outtakes of white Christadelphian talks like the following.

Christadelphian Jim Cowie speaking at
Rugby Christadelphian ecclesia in the United Kingdom

The above video is an outtake of a much longer video posted to YouTube by white Rugby Christadelphians and includes an advertisement for the Christadelphian magazine 'Glad Tidings.' If the white Christadelphians loved and respected their black brethren and sisters in Africa they would not allow such racist filth to be uploaded in their name and they would demand that Rugby Christadelphians delete it from You Tube immediately. Why does 'Glad Tidings' not demand that their advert be withdrawn from this disgusting video?

They do nothing because they agree with their brother Cowie's opinion of black people. That video has been on You Tube for years insulting and disrespecting black African Christadelphians. It should be removed without delay.

Therefore white Christadelphians should not be surprised that black African Christadelphians are now protesting white Christadelphian discrimination and resigning from the CBM, the Christadelphian Central Fellowship and from the Christadelphian Berean Fellowship.

Malcolm X wrote:

"Don't be shocked when I tell you that I was in prison, 'cause you are still in prison."

Anthony Balyedhusa, Mbalanga Francis, Emmanuel Gubika and the other black African Ex-Christadelphians are telling their fellow black African Christadelphians that they are also "still in prison." It is the prison of the Christadelphian 'Lumpenproletariat.'

Anthony bravely wrote in his letter:

"Better me die free."

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