Some questions from an African Christadelphian Recording Brother

By Balenga Ebengo
CBM Baraka-Centre ecclesia

DR Congo

Dear brothers,

My name is Balenga Ebengo, from the DR Congo. I am Christadelphian (CBM), chairman of one ecclesia here in Baraka, East of the DR Congo.

I am so surprised at your organisation. When you call yourselves Ex-Christadelphians, I do not see any importance for this change. In what do you believe? When I tried to visit your website, there are comments say you accept White, Black, Gay, Divorced, ... I think your faith becomes more and more dangerous because it is against the Bible basics. The Bible says, "you must reject men who have sex with men". I can call you to come once more in CBM.


  1. I suppose it makes a change from hating Catholics....

    1. Many Cd`s hate, or border on hate, any group who are not in THE (their)TRUTH.
      Why not DISAPPROVE OF, feel sorry for (however misguided the bubble-encased thought process), rather than hate?

  2. Dear brothers,

    I am Balenga Ebengo, Christadelphian (CBM) from DR Congo.
    I am an ecclesia chairman as I have already said in my former letter. I may like to know: what do the Ex-Christadelphians believe? And didn't you adopt another other than Christadelphian?

    Your brother,
    Balenga Ebengo.

  3. Dear Balenga,

    We are EX-Christadelphians - a loose community of people who share just one thing in common; that we were once Christadelphians but are no longer.

    You ask what we believe.

    I suppose the one thing we share in common is the belief that the Christadelphian faith is misguided.

    We have moved on.

    Some to atheism, some to agnosticism, and some to a different Christianity of one of the other 30,000 different varieties that are to be found in this world. I dare say that some may have become pagan, or perhaps even Hindu, Islamic or any one of the many other non-Christian superstitions that humans hold.

    I think it might be fair to say that most of us have seen the light of reason and have abandoned belief in ancient myths in favour of a rational approach to living. You might call us humanists.

    But we are all Ex-Christadelphians, and that is the only thing that we share - and hence why we cannot adopt any other name!

  4. Dear brother Bedson,

    I accept my email to be sent to your members because I need the proof of leaving the CBM.

    Balenga Ebengo,
    From the DR Congo.

    1. Do you mean that you are leaving the CBM Christadelphians?

      You might want to discuss with another African Ex-Christadelphian Mbalanga Francis.

      Mbalanga Francis
      Purity Care Investments
      P.O.BOX 11392
      2845 SNDP,Maiteneke

      His email:

    2. Balenga Ebengo should be addressed as "Ebengo", NOT "Balenga". Africans put their given name second, not first. His family name is "Balenga".

    3. Ebengo: Please do not call me "brother" Bedson. I am not a Christadelphian, I resigned, so I am not your brother. And we Ex-Christadelphians are not your brethren either. We are no longer Christadelphians. We think that the religion is rubbish and we do not believe any of it.

      Please tell us what you do not like about the CBM. Why do you want to leave the CBM?

  5. By now someone at the CBM (Cheque Book Missionaries) will have told this guy that if he does not fall into line immediately, he and his family will lose their welfare. I don't expect that we will hear from him again.

    In my opinion the whole African CBM operation is totally corrupt. But I see that as a good thing. If the African Christadelphians can continue to bleed the religion dry of money, it can only promote the continued disintegration and eventual collapse of the religion in the Developed World.

    1. Realistically I think the Christadelphian religion won't last more than a few more generations regardless of any influence any of us have. Each new generation is less religious than the previous one, and less hardcore. New generations care more about humanitarian causes, helping the needy, and social change. That's a step in the right direction in my book, and it all adds up to a weakening of the fundamentalist factions within the religion.

      Personally I'm not that interested in trying to destroy the religion as a goal in itself. People are allowed to believe what they like. I'm far more interested in encouraging people to think more critically about what they've been taught, ask questions, accept doubt and uncertainty, and live a more authentic life free from dogma, coercion and fear.

      The biggest problem within Christadelphia in my opinion is the indoctrination of children such that they become afraid to question, afraid to think for themselves, and afraid to trust their own thoughts and feelings. They are taught to distrust everything about themselves, and lean wholly on external resources (that are cherry-picked for them) in order to get through life. That's "learned helplessness" in a nutshell.

      I don't know how much impact we can have overall, but for every individual that leaves one of our blogs with a new question, or slightly more doxastic openness, that's a win for that individual.

      If enough of those who leave also start writing about their experience (and trust me that's a great way to process it all), the number of ex-Christadelphian voices could increase exponentially. Still, that's not my goal. I just feel like I've woken up from a coma after realising I had been wrong for my entire life, and I want to share what I've learned in order to help others to make more informed choices about their lives too.

  6. Mbalanga Francis
    I am surprise about the Christadelphians CBM in Africa,Since ever CBM came to Africa do they have African committee for Africans which look for African affairs?Mean developments,problems,and affairs of African?Mr Balenga Ebenga in DR.Congo is he comfortable with the suffering of African CBM in Africa?I am asking Balenga Ebenga in Baraka Eccesia in DR.Congp that since CBM came to Africa is thare any CBM members from Africa who as been invited to western CBM to attend in conference or any activity?Let the CBM Chairman in Baraka ecclesia in DR.Congo to show what CBM has done for people in DR.Congo or Africa?In gliding him self the Balenga E.of CBM in DR.Congo?We have seen how people are suffering in DR.Congo,Have has chairman of CBM in Baraka has done for members?It sims like Balenga E.of Baraka Ecclesia are the people who are contributes to the suffering of DR.Congolise people.Because he can not see what is going in CBM in Africa.His condition is well taken care of,they pay him good sum of money to be the chairman to be chairman of Baraka and his children take to high school in DR.Congo that is why he is blind of what is going on in CBM Africa.I am Mbalanga Francis i was working under Matero Ecclesia Lusaka,Zambia in the committee what ever were happening there i know.I would like to give an example of the work of CBM in Zambia,Africa.The funeral fund,The law of CBM UK in Zambia is that when you have funeral at CBM member thay must give funeral fund K50 only which is $5 only just image is this fair the chairman of CBM DR.Congo?CBM western and UK do you use $5 for funeral fund? can western CBM and UK CBM use $5 for transport of funeral to the grave?Let be fair enough an some issues.I think the Balenga E of Baraka Ecclesia in DR.Congo is good on his saying,there is love between white CBM and African members?Belanga Baraka Ecclesia have you expertise funeral at your place,family,home or neighbors?Than how much money is needed to spend?In Africa the way we handle funeral here There are some things evolved.transportation of funeral to the grave,people who attend the funeral must be feed,we spent3 to 4days still mooning,coffin is needed and other cloths.Can $5 scanter all this expediences i think this is not fair at all but is good the Balenga E.chairman of Baraka ecclesia in DR.Congo.We want is African freedom in CBM. is is

  7. John makes all this stuff up. This website is sooo boring that he has to fabricate all this nonsense. He makes up these people to generate conversation because he's such a lonely, bitter, old, cry baby.

    1. You are welcome to contact these African Christadelphians and Ex-Christadelphians directly yourself if you need verification. Please send me an email 'Ex-Christadelphians@Hotmail.Com' and I will send you their email addresses and even phone numbers so that you can discuss with them.

      There is little contact between these African Christadelphians and the rest of the CD World because everything is so heavily censured by the CBM. It is only when you start discussing with them directly that you begin to realise the scale of the corruption and how misleading is the information coming out of the CBM.

  8. (Sent by email)

    Dear bro Bedson,

    I am very serious in research of knowing exactly what motivated you to leave the CBM. I am Christadelphian and like this faith much.
    But I was surprised to hear that some members left the CBM.

    Tell me what is the fundamental problem of leaving? And how can you convince me?
    You sent my email to your different members, but no body wrote to me.

    Balenga Ebengo,
    From the DR Congo.

  9. (Sent by email)

    Dear John Bedson,

    I have seen now the results of what you told me of sending my email. I have read many comments.
    But, are you dealing as a church or simply humanists?
    And if humanists, so it is not important to attack only one church. Why can't you attack the Jehovah's witnesses?

    Balenga Ebengo,
    From the DR Congo.

  10. Ebengo: Please allow me to ask you some questions. And Francis, or Emmanuel, if you read this, please answer these questions to us as well:

    Do you receive welfare from the CBM? Do they pay your school fees, house, food, computer and Internet access etc. like they do in other parts of Africa? Do other people in your ecclesia receive CBM welfare? How much?

    Are you aware that Christadelphians out of fellowship in other parts of Africa continue to receive welfare and even have their school fees paid by the CBM or by wealthy Christadelphians in the UK?

    In the DRC do you have ecclesias that have no members and no hall or anything at all, but are still reported by the CBM as being healthy ecclesias, like they do in other parts of CBM Africa?

    Do you have ecclesias that exaggerate the reports of membership when in truth they have only a very small number of members like they do in other parts of CBM Africa?

    Is your ecclesia controlled by the CBM as to who they can fellowship or disfellowship? Do you have to ask the CBM for permission to allow someone back into fellowship?

    Are you suspicious that the CBM are not telling you the truth about what's going on?

    Will you please give us examples of corruption in the Christadelphian ecclesias in DRC? Do you know of any examples of CBM corruption that should be reported?

    Are you afraid of the CBM and/or upset at the way they treat you and ecclesias in your area?

    Are you aware that many of the Christadelphians in the Developed World are racist and think that black people are descended from Ham?

    Are you aware that the founder of the Christadelphian religion owned black slaves in Virginia USA and opposed their freedom and mocked those who wanted to free the black slaves in the USA?

    Do you understand that the CBM does not operate in the in the United Kingdom, US, Canada, Australia and many other white countries?

    Are you aware that black African Christadelphians are subject to the CBM and therefore operate under very different rules from much of the rest of the World?

    Do you understand that this arrangement is not much different from apartheid? One rule for the whites and a different set of rules for the blacks?

    Are you aware that Christadelphians in the Developed World can marry out of the faith, be Gay, be divorced and remarried, believe in Evolution, not believe in Noah's global flood, hold very different beliefs about the atonement and other matters and not always be disfellowshipped like you are in Africa by the CBM?

    Are you aware that the Christadelphian religion in the Developed World is collapsing and is mostly composed of very elderly people, that their young people are either leaving or have left.

    Do you realise that ecclesias in the Developed World frequently close through lack of members.

    Do you realise that the numbers of Christadelphians in the Developed World is rapidly shrinking?

    Were you told by the CBM that the previous editor of the Christadelphian magazine was dismissed over allegations of fraud and theft?

    Have the CBM told you that there is a civil war raging within the Christadelphian religion in the Developed Word over Evolution and that almost all of the well-educated young Christadlphians no longer believe in the account of Creation recorded in Genesis chapters 1-3?

  11. Ebengo:

    To answer your email questions to me:

    Of course we are not a church. We are Atheists. Ex-Christadelphians is just a large group of friends who have left the Christadelphians.

    We do witness against other religions, but not on this website.

    I would not call us "Humanists." But we are "Humans"! - What's the difference?

    We "believe" all sorts of different things. It does not matter. But we DO NOT believe what the Christadelphians teach. We think that it is entirely mistaken.

    Like you I don't like the idea of people being Gay. But I understand that genetically they are made that way and that around 10% of animals in the Natural World are gay. Therefore I accept Gay people. But having said that, I would not want a Gay person to visit my home or to mix with my family. I have known many Gay people and in my opinion there is much else that is wrong with them beyond their sexual habits.

    1. Well for what it's worth I don't think there is anything wrong with people who are gay. It's not a malfunction, and it's not a disease. They're just a tiny bit different (and only in one thing), and anyway we're all a bit different from each other.

      Unless you're trying to date them (or they're trying to date you), I don't see how someone's sexual preference makes any difference to who they are as a person and how you interact with them.

    2. If, according to God and the Bible, being Gay is evil, why did he make hundreds of millions of animals of all different species Gay? For example 11% of all domestic male sheep are Gay and only attempt to mate with each other. They refuse to mate with ewes. 11% of the rams sacrificed to God in the OT must have been Gay. No wonder he was always in a bad mood! :)

    3. Steve
      (Gays) " they`re just a tiny bit different".
      It seems to be more than that. It seems to be something innate, something they (the "genuine ones" i.e., not those who choose/decide to be Gay) are born with. Something not understood by the (human) writers of scripture, possibly frightened by, and therefore spoken against. What do I know? Not a lot.

    4. Could you be more specific? To my knowledge it hasn't yet been confirmed that homosexuality is necessarily genetic (although there may be a genetic component/influence). The evidence/papers I have seen are still inconclusive. There seems to be some debate over whether it's genetic (nature), cultural (nurture), or a combination of both. The last of those may well be the case, but it's too early to say. That said, I think the evidence is overwhelming that the vast majority of people who identify as gay are not lying and do genuinely prefer to form intimate relationships with people of the same sex. This goes beyond their sexual preferences, because there is more to a person than their sexual preference and much more to relationships than sex. To attempt to argue that there is some other "way things are supposed to be" and that these people are intentionally violating that, is to blatantly ignore all of the data right in front of us that says otherwise. They are not some "perversion of some natural order" - they are just as natural as we are.

      Your distinction between "genuine ones" vs "those who choose/decide to be Gay" is unwarranted in my view. I've seen no evidence that suggests anyone can "choose to be gay" (I certainly never chose to be straight). I guess someone might "pretend" but it's not clear why anyone would want to, if they weren't in fact homosexual, or bisexual. It's more likely that someone who is in fact homosexual would pretend not to be, due to the stigma attached to it.

      You could argue that a person might force themselves to perform certain acts that they initially dislike in the hopes they would eventually develop a preference for it, but I've never heard of anyone doing this except perhaps for the opposite case of gay people attempting to live as if they were straight (whether they knew they were gay or not).

      I likewise am no expert, and the above is purely just from reading scientific papers and personal experience from gay people I know and have known. My understanding is that there is not just straight vs gay, but rather a spectrum, perhaps clumped around various traits (similar to how male and female traits follow overlapping normal distribution curves). Or perhaps homosexuality is related to gender dysphoria or similar phenomena. I don't know. But it's not at all clear to me that any of these conditions is in any way "abnormal", unless by "abnormal" we just mean "atypical" or "uncommon". The problem arises when people insist that there's some "proper/ideal human" that everyone needs to be measured against. As far as I understand reality, evolution has no goals or purpose, and we are all effectively intermediates, with none of us being any more "correct" or "pure" than any other. The fact is that, whatever differences might exist between us all, we are all still human (genetically and otherwise), LGBTIQ included, and we need to try to get along. And creating artificial boundaries between who is "normal" and who is "different" seems to run counter to that. Sure, there are differences between gay people and straight people, but who of us gets to claim they are the "standard" against which the other should be measured? And why are those differences any more important than the millions of other differences between each of us? Why should sexual preference define a person any more than one's preference for flavours of ice cream?

      I think the situation is best explained by the fact that we still fear the unknown, and we magnify any perceived differences in other people to justify our irrational fear of them. This fear is intensified by religious beliefs, especially beliefs in a set order of things like gods and special creation, such that anything outside those beliefs is perceived as scary. And that includes contrary beliefs, not just people we don't understand.

    5. Hi Steve,
      As I wrote, "What do I know? Not a lot".
      I think there was a poll in the US and 40% said they thought it (being Gay) was nature, and 40% thought nurture, though from what, if any, basis of knowledge, it is unclear.
      Long ago (in my late teens) my specific experience was from working in the same company with a young man who was Gay, though the word wasn`t in use in those days. He clearly hadn`t chosen to be Gay, he just was, to his very core. And from conversations with him it was clear that he had been so since he could think for and about himself. His feelings for his boyfriend were deep, fixed, not a choice and irreversible. When his father understood how he was, the father disowned the son.
      He came with me one-time to the Birmingham Central ecclesia`s evening meeting. He told me that he recognised several young men there whom he knew to be as he was, which surprised me, though all I thought at the time was that these individuals were clearly effeminate.
      This might well account for several failed disastrous marriages in which these young men had been pressured to undertake as Christadelphians expected to take a bride from the available pool of young sisters.
      I think if pressed, I would belong to the 40% who think that being Gay is nature, not nurture.
      Perhaps science will produce the answer some day.

  12. (By email)

    Dear John Bedson,

    You tried to ask me many questions about the Welfare from CBM. But I think there cannot be any difference between Black and White Christadelphians.
    Why? First, we christadelphians do not deal with money, but the bible studies. When you asked whether the CBM pays me school fees, ... This is out of my faith. I need God's word, not money.
    Do you think CBM can be able to support every poor member? It is impossible.

    Balenga Ebengo,
    From the DR CONGO.

    1. Dear Ebengo:

      Thank you for your reply and I admire your attitude.

      But you have not answered all of my questions. We are working through your list of questions and giving answers when we get the time. Please be so kind as to answer some more of our questions when you have the time.

      Do you have Internet access and a computer at home or do you have to walk to an Internet café?

      How much would a used but reliable laptop cost in DRC?

      Did the CBM buy you a laptop?

      Francis: Did that laptop ever arrive that I sent to you? I think that it has been stolen in Zambia.

  13. (By email)

    Dear John Bedson,

    I do not have any laptop. But for the Internet access, sometimes I use a telephone.

    I thought when you call yourselves Ex-Christadrlelphians, you mean you become another spiritual group serving God's word to go everywhere in the world with a slight change of faith. But when you say you are atheists, you mean you reject God's existence. Mr Bedson, I can advise you to change this group into spiritual, otherwise you will lose the favour of getting God's Kingdom.

    Balenga Ebengo,
    From the DR Congo.

    1. Some Ex-Christadelphians are Theists; they believe in God. But the majority are Atheists.

      We are Atheists because we don't see any credible evidence that God exists, or that the Bible is anything other than the work of humans. We think that the whole God thing is a mere human myth. We think that humans invented the concept of God.

    2. Ebengo:

      You need to study this website and the Ex-Christadelphian websites linked from this website to discover the many reasons why we reject the idea of God. That task could take you many hundreds or even thousands of hours. If all you have is a telephone to study the Internet that task will be virtually impossible for you.

      That's the problem for you African Christadelphians. You are so poor that you cannot afford a laptop and fast broadband home Internet access. You are not able to study religion, science or any other subject in depth and therefore you have to adopt simplistic uninformed answers to everything.

      The CBM call you "babies" on their website and I am inclined to agree with them. When I discuss with African Christadelphians I feel that I am discussing with people who have a learning level that is approximately the same as a nine year old child in the Developed World.

      I do not intend to be rude and I am terribly sorry that you have to live in Africa and suffer horribly low levels of education. But the reality is that African Christadelphians don't seem to me to have any idea what is going on in the Christadelphian religion, science, the World or anything else other than the rudiments of their basic local lives.

      If you want to educate yourself in these things, read this website and the other fantastic Ex-Christadelphian websites linked from this one. But without a laptop you are doomed. You just can't do it on a telephone.

  14. Dear Bedson,

    You sometimes say the truth when you touch Africans' life. We think we are poorer than you people from the Developed countries.

    Regarding the faith, do you mean that you contributed the failure of African Christadelphians in faith? You were Christadelphian, and I think you know a secret of CBM. You want to tell me that you blocked the teaching of African Christadelphians during your time in CBM simply because we are black and poor? Do you mean that you accepted the existence of discrimination among brethren and sisters too?

    However, I would like you to explain me about the word "Ex-Christadelphians". In how many countries are you today? And how do you work to make sure that you are unified? Do you need documents authorised by the government of a given country to attest your existence?

    Balenga Ebengo,
    From the DR Congo.

    1. Ebengo: To answer your latest questions:

      I did not "block the teaching of African Christadelphians during my time in CBM." I was never "in" the CBM. I was not part of it. I was a Christadelphian in the United Kingdom from 1967 to when I resigned in 1985, but the CBM does not operate in the United Kingdom. It does not operate in much of the Developed World. Now I live in Australia, but the CBM has no power here.

      Yes I know lots of dirty little secrets of the CBM, but that is because African Christadelphians have told me about the corruption in African Christadelphianism.

      Yes, I suppose that I did accept the existence of discrimination among the brethren and sisters when I was a Christadelphian. I never really thought about it because that's just the way it was.

      I still discriminate, but I do not discriminate on the colour of people's skin. I discriminate on the level of people's intelligence. If people are not intelligent I keep out of their way. To me, life is too short to mix with stupid people. Perhaps you feel the same way?

      Ex-Christadelphians is not an organisation, or a Church or anything at all. We are only a group of friends who have left the religion for whatever reason.

      There is no need for us to be "unified" as you write. We believe all sorts of different things and some are even Theists. Some believe exactly the same as the Christadlphians but have either been excommunicated by the Christadelphians or have decided to leave for one reason or another.

      If you wanted to leave the CBM and the Christadelphians but continue to believe exactly what you now believe, that would be OK with us so long as you resign from the Christadelphians and from the CBM. You could become an Ex-Christadelphian without changing your faith and no requirement to become an Atheist.

      We are not a Christadelphian fellowship. We are just friends. We exist all over the World and some African Christadelphians are now Ex-Christadelphians because they do not like the way that the CBM behave.

      I think that you want to leave the CBM and Christadelphians for some reason. That's OK with us. Why not get your whole ecclesia to resign from the CBM and you all become Ex-Christadelphians? You could continue to be an ecclesia and believe all of the doctrines and other things that you now believe. But you would have the big advantage that you would get the CBM out of your lives and you will gain your pride and self confidence as an ecclesia. You will gain your independence as an ecclesia just like your country gained independence from those awful Belgian colonialists in 1960.

      This is your chance to get rid of the awful CBM. You will be able to manage your own affairs. The Ex-Christadelphians will support and encourage you and you can write on this website to advertise what is happening at your ecclesia.

      But we will never tell you what you can and cannot do like the CBM control you.

      Why not explain this idea to other ecclesias in your area? Tell them that they should all resign from the CBM and join the Ex-Christadelphians? You can all keep your faith unchanged. But you will be free at last of your British colonial CBM masters.

  15. Ebengo:

    A laptop that I sent to Ex-Christadelphian Mbalanga Francis in Zambia several weeks ago by air mail has finally arrived yesterday by sea mail. He is setting up Internet access at his home to avoid the long walk to an Internet café. I will send you his email address privately so that you can communicate with him. He will be able to assist you with Ex-Christadelphians work in DRC.

    We will support Ex-Christadelphians work in Africa but we will not control you like the CBM. You should be like the Early Christian Church and control your own ecclesias independently of control from the CBM or from anyone else. That's what the Christadelphians do in the Developed World.

    It would be good for all the ecclesias in Africa to make a break with the CBM. The Christadelphian religion in the United Kingdom is fast going out of business and you should be conducting your affairs differently from that losing religion.

    I encourage you all to buy laptops and get Internet access so that you can become more informed about religious things. Join some of the Christadelphian and Ex-Christadelphian online discussion groups and also start your own African Internet discussion groups so that you can discuss these things across the continent of Africa.

    You should also learn about modern scientific discoveries. Ignorance is a curse and you people need to become informed about what is happening in the World.

    African Christadelphians are welcome to use this website to discuss, but we would prefer that you resign from the CBM first. You don't need them and African ecclesias should not be held hostage to welfare from the CBM. Tell them to go to hell if they try to blackmail you by withholding welfare money. You are better to be poor and free instead of being humiliated and treated like children by the CBM.

  16. John Bedson how are there with your family and your work,First and foremost i would like thanks you for the laptop which i received yestarday 31.03.2017 time 16hrs.As with me my family is just okey and its only me who has malaria.

    Now that i am now in possession of a computer i now want to open internet at home for all my work.I am asking you with my family ex-Christadelphians not to let us down.You should open up my mind for we want freedom in Africa.

    Here a lot of things are behind now that we need your guidance for our development in everything in evolved here.

    Please John send me your family photos.And your daughter Amanda for Francine! Its by working together that we can have a lot of activities in both areas there and here in Africa.

    Best Regards,
    Mbalanga F.

  17. Mbalanga FrancisApril 4, 2017 at 8:24 AM

    Dear Mr Balanga J.E,

    I have been in the CBM for 24 years,I was a
    committee member in Matero Ecclesia Lusaka, Zambia. As for me when i was with the CBM i new that know the bible very well,But what came to surprise me is that the CBM.UK to Zambia,Africa in 1970,And it is not known by the people in Zambia.I came to sacrifice from my own knowledge and source to make and print calendars for CBM with CBM logo this was 2005 and also printed for 2008,And i also sent advertisements through the radio Echengelo of the Catholics in Copperbelt,Province,Zambia through my own resources from here not from outside or CBM.UK. All this
    work was not accepted or supported by the CBM since i am merely a black African.

    I joined Ex-Christadelphians through my researching and made a decision to write a resignation on my own self. It is not John Bedson from Australia or any one else but my own decision.

    The difference between the two organizations can be seen like CBM being in a Nursery School comparing EX- Christadelphians who are a University. For who ever is there have an open mind over the process of welcoming people. Its by Resigning or moving from the CBM Nursery School to the Higher Level which is the University of Ex-Christadelphians. Open your mind and eyes for freedom from CBM Nursery School please!

    About the of Ex- Christadelphians Headquarters. From my own research, the founder of Ex-Christadelphians was from America and he died and left all the powers to John Bedson who is in Australia.

    In DRC can you be working for a company without vision? It will have no progress.

    My family Ex-Christadelphians are standing for freedom in Africa from CBM in order for them to be independent and utter a voice over their problems and suffering.

    Africa countries got independence; what about the CBM not to let the members to have freedom??

    Also we the people here have to understand one anther we can change or build our Africa together as one.

    I have been in CBM for 24 years and nothing was done for me but i did something for CBM, printing of CBM calendars twice.

    And now i have been adopted by a new good family. Within 24hrs i have received a laptop computer for my work. So now you must open your eyes and see there is a lot of things in my head to talk about Africa. I am need support in any way and ideas from world or voices. Start small and think Big. Take care for Africa Balenga. Mbalanga Francis.

    1. Dear Mr John Bedson,

      I am still having correspondence with Mr Mbalanga Francis from Zambia. I think he has much to do for the guide.

      But, when you criticise CBM, you always base on corruption and a few numbers of Christadelphians in different ecclesias in Africa. It seems that your group struggles for making an end to the existence of CBM. It is confusing. Why only CBM? Mr Mbalanga told me that ex-christadelphians was founded by an American. When he died he left the power to you, John Bedson. I think Americans do not like churches from other parts of the world.
      Can you tell me what is the difference you make? What is your plan for the Africans who are joining the group? Do they benefit good education and science? What else?

      Balenga Ebengo,
      From the DR Congo.

    2. Ebengo:

      My proposals for black African Christadelphian (CD) ecclesias are as follows:

      1. That they become independent, like the CD ecclesias in the Developed World (DW). I suggest that they thank the CBM for their work in the past, but respectfully resign from the CBM and end CBM control in Africa. Each ecclesia should be responsible for its own decision making without outside control.

      2. That the African ecclesias establish channels of communication between each other by the use of laptops connected to the Internet and using English as a common language of communication.

      3. That they establish a council of black African Christadelphians, independent and separate of the CBM, to co-ordinate and establish ecclesial policy and development in Africa. This council should be composed of talented ecclesial representatives. It may have to communicate via the Internet, as travelling long distances to meet could be expensive and not realistic.

      4. That African ecclesias make every effort to purchase at least one laptop and Internet access for each ecclesia and that black African Christadelphians be encouraged to join Christadelphian discussion groups worldwide to allow themselves to integrate with the Christadelphian community in the Developed World on an equal footing.

      5. That African ecclesias develop a version of the CD religion that is better suited to African culture and thinking, independent of the strict, narrow minded, Nineteenth Century white English religion that is typical of the CBM version of the religion. For example plural marriages should be allowed (as they were in the Bible) and love and compassion be extended to brethren and sisters, not the hateful CBM attitude of frequently disfellowshipping African CDs over trivial matters like marrying out of the faith etc.

      6. Welfare should be managed by black African CDs, not by the CBM. To eliminate corruption, welfare accounts should be audited by knowledgeable and trusted African CDs. White CDs can donate funds to such work, but should not be allowed to use welfare as a means of control of their black subjects, which is what is happening now.

      Continued in the next comment.........

    3. The reason why African ecclesias should end CBM control is that generally speaking, white Christadelphians are a racist, discriminatory people who have no respect for black African Christadelphian thinking and culture. They are patronising and condescending to black CDs, not encouraging them to integrate with the religion in the rest of the World and not even encouraging them to communicate with each other on the continent of Africa for fear of losing control. They want to retain a tight control of African Christadelphian behaviour and dictate who you must disfellowship and who you can re-fellowship and when. This is outrageous behaviour by the whites and is insulting to black African Christadelphians. They show you no respect and call you "babies" on the CBM website.

      THE CBM DO NOT TRUST AFRICAN CHRISTADELPHIANS! The CBM think that black Africans are going to spoil their religion by thinking for themselves and not obeying their white rule. In my opinion the time has come for black African ecclesias to mature and manage their own affairs.

      There is no need or requirement for African Christadelphians to become Ex- Christadelphians. They should become Ex-CBM, but they can remain Christadelphians if that is what they want to do. I am proposing that African ecclesias resign from the CBM, but NOT from the Christadelphian Central Fellowship.

      It is possible that the CD Central Fellowship may commence disfellowshipping African ecclesias if they resign from the CBM and start running their own affairs. But if the African ecclesias have their own continental fellowship, punitive action from the whites in the DW will not matter. Many moderate white ecclesias will welcome African ecclesias taking control of their own destiny. However be warned, the extremists CDs, such as the Logos and Lampstand factions are likely to cause you trouble. Racism is strong among these extremist CDs in the DW.

      If black Africans lose faith in their religion they are welcome to become Ex-Christadelphians and resign from the Christadelphian fellowship. If they change their minds again they should be able to rejoin the African Christadelphian fellowship without any problems. If they want to resign from Christadelphian fellowship but retain their faith, they can become Theist Ex-Christadelphians. We have no problem with that. Many Ex-Christadelphians believe in God and the Bible. We should respect each other’s thinking even if we debate the issues of difference between us.

      Ex-Christadelphians fellowship believers and unbelievers alike. Both are part of our community. Both Atheists and Theists are members of the Ex-Christadelphians Facebook discussion group. The majority of Ex-Christadelphians are Atheists, but we are also great friends with Theist Ex-Christadelphians. Many of us are also friends with Christadelphians. Many in my extended family, including one of my sons and his wife are Christadelphians. We do not recognise the artificial fellowship boundaries of the CBM and white Christadelphians in the DW. Their idea of fellowship is nowhere taught in the Bible and has been the source of much trouble, bitterness and unhappiness in the religion.

  18. I thank you for explaining me about ex-christadelphians. I have understood your ideology. I may like to work with a laptop connected on internet one day. I think you will guide me.

    Balenga Ebengo.


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