Gog and The Merchants of Tarshish fight side by side in the Middle East!

By John Bedson

Russian, British and US forces are allies in Syria 
Christadelphians are confounded by recent developments in the Middle East. Three years ago they were saying that Damascus would be destroyed in fulfillment of Bible prophecy. That prediction has since been abandoned, along with thousands of other Christadelphian predictions over the past one hundred and seventy five years.

More recently Christadelphians were excited by the arrival of Russian (Gog to the Christadelphians) forces in Syria and they have been telling us that Russia would soon be invading the Middle East to be confronted by the US and Britain (The Merchants of Tarshish) and that this was a fulfillment of Bible prophecy and a sign that the return of Christ was near.

But the recent decision by US president Donald Trump to send US forces to fight alongside the Russians against ISIS at Raqqa in Syria has again exposed the fraudulent claims of Christadelphians that they understand the Bible.

US forces in Syria leave Christadelphians confounded
- That's NOT where they are supposed to be!
Russia and the US now have troops fighting as allies against ISIS and allied British, US and Russian air forces dominate the skies over Syria and Iraq in well co-ordinated missions with the common goal of defeating Isis. All of this is done in close co-operation with the Israeli air force, while the president of Russia keeps hostile Hezbollah forces away from the Israeli border. The Russians even allow Israel to bomb weapons convoys inside Syria that are heading for Lebanon.

This is all exactly the opposite of what the Christadelphians are preaching.


  1. I'm sure that christadelphians are currently scouring their bibles for another vague passage that could be interpreted to fit. This will then be lauded at meetings as yet another sign that Jesus is nigh, that is until something else unexpected and unpredicted happens. Then the process will begin again, with the previous proclamations swept under the carpet, and the latest prediction held aloft as a sure sign of the second coming.
    This has happened again and again, and will continue to reoccur until the last cd admits defeat.

  2. Christadelphians on this subject are futuristic prophesy nutters. It must be an illness of theirs, futile predictions about what will or might happen in the middle east. How much I would like to say that they are not a cult, they are mind manipulators and do control members with made up stories about middle east and Israel. Each time there is a new spin on events. Sorry bunch of predictors without any concrete result.

  3. Mark/EJK,
    I do not think a lot of them do scour for this kind of stuff. My anecdotal observation is that there is a lot of pressure to make these kind of "links", brought about by the esteem and respect that the speakers are afforded when they do so. I well recall a young fellow (who hadn't made it even to further education but had been brought up in the meeting) making such pronouncements, when I voiced concern, I was shouted down and told I didn't understand as I hadn't done enough Bible study. As a result of that, the penny dropped, 5 months later I was out of the cult for good.
    If something unexpected happens, then they claim to be "not surprised", and do indeed find something vague enough to comfort themselves. The "illness" that EJK describes is brought about by a lack of surety of salvation. As a works based sect, they can never ever be sure that they have done enough be saved, and thus they can never just let go of this endless speculation. The cult aspect of it is that it is lauded, reinforced and taught as fact to impressionable children, who grow up impersonating what they see.
    Mancott has commented many times that the only way out is to be isolated from it for a time, and remove some of the influences such that one can behave and interact normally.
    Thankfully, I baled out 9 years ago, and like John I spend very little of my time worrying about these fools. There are better things to do in life, and better people to spend time with and for. I simply enjoy a chuckle when I hear how fast they are dying, how their God has given them cancer, and listening to the blood curdling revenge the white haired old farts are planning to inflict on us in 10 years time...

    1. I agree with Joseph. Over the years of my running this website I have increasingly come to the conclusion that engaging in debate or discussion with Christadelphians is a wast of our time and effort. They are a mad religious sect that is rapidly disappearing into the mist of history. Their only function so far we Ex-Christadlphians are concerned should be to provide entertainment. That is the one and only thing that they excel at. Let us enjoy the comedy show that put on for us every week and let it brighten our lives with merriment. But for us to attempt to teach them how to think rationally or logically is like trying to reassemble sheets of paper after they have been put through a good quality paper shredder. It can't be done.

      Moreover those who deconvert don't do it because of us. That's what Almon McCann always used to say. They deconvert from inside their own heads. We only slow their deconversion progress by polarising the issues and making them defensive of their nonsensical beliefs. If we would just close this website and say no more, the religion would fall apart even faster.

    2. John,
      I don`t think the website should be closed. For us, it may be a source of amusement, entertainment, and above all giving us a sense of incredulity that these Cd`s cannot see just how thick their bubble of misguided indoctrination really is.
      But also, it may be that one or two curious Cd`s might be in the right frame of mind to read the articles here, and reflect and compare them with what they have got themselves into.
      I still believe, as Joseph has remembered, that, and it is based on my own experience, a period of separation from the constant exposure to the myths and errors of CDism, is the best way to release the mind from its indoctrinated state.


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