Dozens drowned in Africa as CBM "Day of Prayer for Rain in Malawi" is a success!

By John Bedson

Be careful what you pray for
The British Christadelphian Bible Mission (CBM) website contains an article about the drought in Malawi, part of which reads as follows:

"CBM Council have designated Sunday 6 November 2016 as a Day of Prayer, asking, at the start of the growing season that the Lord God will send sufficient rain to provide the right growing conditions to give a really good harvest."
God's response to the Christadelphians' request was delayed for approximately three months while he arranged for a team of meteorologist angels to fly from Heaven to Africa, but the full force of the Christadelphian intercession can now be witnessed in a trail of death and destruction across Central and Southern Africa.

Mounting death toll from Christadelphian rain in Malawi
Africans are signalling that they
want the Christadelphians
to stop praying for rain

At least ten people are feared dead and hundreds of families displaced in Malawi. A number of buildings and homes were also reported to have collapsed due to the floods. Many road networks were flooded and rendered impassable. Thousands have been forced to evacuate their homes and flee to higher ground.

Child and a baby crushed to death by CBM storm 

According to Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC), two people suffered serious injuries when a wall of their house collapsed after heavy rain. Both victims were taken to Mzuzu Central Hospital but both later died. Hospital administrator confirmed the deaths of a ten year old and an eleven month old baby.

Malawi Department of Climate Change and Meteorological Services warns of more heavy rains and floods

According to a statement released on Sunday and signed by Director of Climate Change and Meteorological Services Jolamu Nkhokwe,
"More rains are expected as the soil is already very wet, the persistence of locally heavy downpours during this period is expected to trigger floods in low lying areas of flood prone districts in the country which will be aggravated by environmental degradation and poor drainage system and heavy downpours." 
The ecclesial hall at Okawarra
is underwater
Meanwhile, the department of climate change has advised the general public to take caution when crossing swelling rivers, pay attention to daily weather updates on local media and take precautionary measures such as being indoors whenever thunderstorms occur in the vicinity.

Christadelphian rain kills Africans in Zambia and Zimbabwe 

Our Ex-Christadelphians representative in Zambia, Mbalanga Francis has reported that homes in his town are being crushed by the Christadelphian rain and people killed by falling concrete blocks. Over thirty people have been killed by the floods in Zimbabwe with thousands made homeless. Crops have been ruined and often washed away. 

A baptism in Malawi

Ex-Christadelphians wrong again

At Ex-Christadelphians we apologise for making fun of the CBM proposal to pray for rain and we now accept that Christadelphians can control the weather.

We ask that they please stop drowning Africans and making their homes fall down on their heads because we get what they are saying and we are sorry that we doubted the supernatural powers of the members of the CBM Council.   :)


  1. It makes me laugh that christadelphians feel they have to keep praying to God and telling him what to do. Are they saying that his plan is wrong and that he should change it?

    1. Christadelphians don't know who they are messing with. Yahweh is Donald Trump on steroids. If the CBM don't like God killing their people with drought he is happy to kill them with floods instead.

      It's a win/win situation for God. Either way humans suffer and die and his ego is boosted for a few more minutes. :)

  2. Mbalanga Francis.
    What as happened now in Zambia about the rain from Lusaka about 135Km to Kabwe District it rained heavely distroying more houses again from Lusaka about 280km to Choma District more houses have been distroyed in there two districts the rains have left 500 houses colapsed and howndres left home less and people are in big problems.February and March it will rain heavely and we do not know what will happen to theend of this rain season.We have another problem is there is army worm which have evaded crops for the fist time in our life time in Zambia.Has distroyed crops around Zambia this army worms are just distroying maize which is stable food for the people of Zambia.It sims like there will be big problems for the food in this country.The rain has distroyed alot of things in Africa country,Zimbabwe,Zambia,Malawi,Mozambique,DR Congo,South Africa etc.The all saround countries as been distroyed.More problems to come in rain.

  3. Mbalanga,
    We hope that your situation improves, and that the aid agencies are able to help the people in your country. I do not believe that prayers of the CBM,or other Christadelphians, or Angels, or indeed God himself affect the weather in Zambia or indeed affected the result of the "Brexit" referendum in the UK. In fact, I believe that the so called "God" of the Christadelphians is about as real as the "Tockoloshe" that a member of the Pinetown South Africans described to me years ago. The Tockoloshe was was used to scare children, whilst the Christadelphians try to scare grown-up people with their nonsense. Most of the UK Christadelphians are so old, that had they lived in Africa, they would already be dead, many years ago. They are kept alive by medicine that they say is "the work of men", and flick their hands to dismiss it, until of course THEY need it! You stand at the cusp of either following a few white men's superstitions, or educating yourselves into the modern age.


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