Ex-Christadelphian Mbalanga Francis
By Mbalanga Francis

To the African Christadelphians

I am Mbalanga Francis I join Christadelphians (CBM) when I was 30 years old. Now I have resigned from CBM and I join Ex-Christadelphians.


Here in Africa culture if a person have a child who grow up with the parents. He was born from his parents he used to eat food without salt, no sugar or even cooking oil added to it.

This is the food he was given by the parents and he new that this kind of food is how everybody eats. Now this child left his home or village to another home or village. When he went there he found the same food he used to eat from his home without salt, sugar or cooking oil now cooked differently. This other home or village they cook same food with salt, sugar spices etc. This food will taste different from the one he used to eat. It will be delicious nice!

Would this child prefer to go back to the food which was not nicely cooked, or prefer to stay were he gets nice and delicious food? The answer to me Mbalanga is the food in which I used to eat in Christadelphians believes it's the food which was cooked without salt, sugar or cooking oil. It had nothing.

The Ex-Christadelphians

Now when I went to another home or village of EX-Christadelphians by my researching in their website... I found good food cooked properly with spice sugar and salt in it. I am happy for good food I have now.
I have a question for you: Will that child go back to were the food was not cooked nice? Answer is no.

Mbalanga Francis
A child adopted the new parents should take care to monitor his movement his behaving, so that he become well behaved.

The Christadelphians

Indeed we follow some Christadelphians (CBM) but we don't know the truth.

I attach my photo to you.

Mbalanga Francis

P.O.BOX 11392 Chingola, Copperbelt Province, Zambia, Africa.

UK CBM Student number: 5621
Baptised 1998 by UK Christadelphian David Swain

Editor's Note by John Bedson

Our African readers will learn to their horror that the founder of the Christadelphian religion, Dr. John Thomas, is known to have owned four black African slaves when he lived in Richmond, United States of America. In a long, rambling and insane letter sent to Robert Roberts (the second leader of the Christadelphian religion) dated December 11, 1865 he mocked those who were trying to free the American black African slaves (abolition of slavery) who he called "the everlasting niggers."

African Christadelphians should ask themselves if they want to belong to a religion founded by this disgusting person. How could he possibly be the man who "discovered the truth"?

Here is a short extract from the letter, which can be read in full at:


The founder of the Christadelphian
religion supported black African slavery
and mocked abolitionists who
wanted to free the slaves

".................... Mere theorists, who are a sort of amalgam made up of a little Storrism, a little Adventism, a little Campbellism, and a hodge-podge of traditions, of which water, pork, alcohol, tobacco, salt, leaven, raisins, and “the everlasting nigger,” are the prolific “head-centres ......................... Thus, the loudest brawlers for negro freedom have proved themselves the most savage of tyrants; the scribbler most prompt to give the lie to others, when searched out is found to be the least regardful of truth."


  1. John,
    Thank you for copying me in on the emails confirming that Br Mbalanga is or was a genuine Christadelphian, and the somewhat curmudgeonly reply you had from them whilst checking!
    Chingola is described thus on it's wikipedia page: "Chingola is known to be one of the best internet service provided cities in Zambia".
    It is especially pleasing to see that even on the continent billed as the big growth area for Christadelphians, they are being exposed, and those fooled into joining are leaving and letting the world know that they have.

    1. Joe: In his latest email, (of which you have a copy) the white CBM representative for Zambia told me to not send any money to Mbalanga, even though he confirmed Mbalanga's student number with the CBM and he knew which Christadelphian must have baptised him!!!!

      It seems to me that white Christadelphians must consider their black brethren to be second class Christadelphians, not to be trusted with money!

      Does the Christadelphian founder's tradition of supporting black slavery live on in a diluted fashion in the Christadelphian mission fields in Africa?

      Can you imagine a white Christadelphian telling someone to not send any money to help a white Christadelphian in Birmingham or Melbourne because they could not be trusted to spend it honestly?

      In my opinion, black Christadelphians in Africa should stop being fooled and used by white CBM Christadelphians for their own vanity and resign from that religion.

      We Ex-Christadelphians accept everyone on equal terms. Black/White/Gay/Straight/Divorced/Remarried etc. We don't care. All we ask is that you resign from that religion. Then you are one of us and you can join the Ex-Christadelphian community.

    2. I could not fail to be struck by the irony of UK Christadelphians warning us of the possibility of an African brother spending money that we might send him in a way what was not "constructive".
      I seem to remember a white, UK Christadelphian helping himself to about $40,000 a year for a decade from donated funds and them not even wondering whether it was "constructively" spent or not. Average salary in Zambia is about $116. Certainly puts things in perspective.
      Last I heard of said white Christadelphian, he was shoving leaflets through my friends door trying to scare them about brexit and promising "free" Bible studies. Good job my friend was out or he may well have had a baseball bat round the back of his head.....

    3. Yet the Christadelphians still sell books written by that person. They expect Christadelphians to take moral guidance from him!

  2. Latest email from Mbalanga:

    "Thanks you for the information you sent to me and apology accepted.

    To my thinking ,I want to resign from Christadelphians and
    become EX-Christadelphians. Reason: I have been to your websites I have seen a lot of things which I did not know; things which have opened my eyes and mind.

    In two days time I will send my resignation letter to my ecclesia or to the CBM in Zambia. I will send you a copy.

    I have been in the Christadelphians for 24years. I made some (Christadelphian) calendars for CBM to publicise CBM in Africa and I sent the same calendars to the UK. From
    my own resources I sent Bro.Marcus Heaster and Duncan Heaster.( o 208 651358.) You can find out from them. This was to show that I wanted willingly to work with CBM. But they would not consider my work. They value their own work.

    As I indicated before, that if you eat bad food from the people you think they know how to cook but do not and you eat food from people who know how to cook you will
    definitely follow those who know how to cook!

    This is why I can't be at rest until I join you in the Ex-Christadelphians.

    Best Regards,

    Mbalanga Francis"

  3. This is very good news I have been working on facebook letting the africans know the truth about this cult I have been sharing this video

    could you post it on your blog

    Thank you The Christadelphian Cult

    1. Thanks for that, but please trim the introductory part (which is taken from one of my videos) off and keep the remainder. It has more force without my video segment at the start.

      Shocking words indeed from a Christadelphian speaker. It is almost certainly unlawful in the UK to speak such things in a public talk. In my opinion he should be prosected for racism. What was the original source on YouTube?

    2. That section sounded odd, including the tieback to Nimrod (what?)

      But I was more interested in the comment about 2060. I didn't know that the date had been locked in. Fortunately it leaves us enough time to get our affairs in order...

    3. The link posted by Peter is a clip from this video:

      It's titled "Bible Prophecy Being Fulfilled by Britain Europe and Papacy Mr Jim Cowie Christadelphians"

      This particular rant starts at 23:00

      It's from 2014, and was published by Stuart Courtonel, with the approval of the brethren and sisters of the Rugby, UK ecclesia.
      The talk is mostly an attack on the Catholic Church, and specifically the Pope.
      Is it racist? Well that's up for debate, although Jim seems to be harking back to a time when such a thing as a black Pope would be unthinkable, as he puts it. He seems to want to lay the "blame" for such a possibility at the doors of humanism, liberty, fraternity and equality, as though these are bad things.
      It is not clear if John Sage (the recording brother of Rugby) or the RB at the time, Don Pearce, would think it acceptable to describe Wilfred Alleyne or Kitson Reid as being "of negroid appearance" or Kitson's kids as being "semi-negroid", however clearly the AB's, and the whole ecclesia have kept the video up, and when the talk was given there were children present. The video ends with adverts for the "glad tidings" magazine-so presumably the then editor Tecwyn Morgan was OK with it too.
      Both Peter and myself have attempted to engage Stuart Courtonel on occasion, to ask if the vile videos he produces are done with ecclesial approval but he resists comment.
      Defining anybody by their racial background/skin colour rather than their personality is as appalling in 2016 as it has ever been, seeing it done with seeming ecclesial approval speaks volumes...
      JJ, Yes, the talk is full of date fixing. Another reason that it should not have been posted in the first place.

    4. Well, Rathmines is in Australia, so it probably didn't include many people from Rugby.
      I only skimmed through the presentation, but I'm curious he felt the need to give a platform to Nigel Farage. Also that the US was demoted from being a young lion to being a French export, and that Britain are going to rise dominant after the imminent collapse of the US.

      Oh, I'm also reminded that Andy Walton predicted a couple of months ago that Damascus would fall at the same time as Aleppo. And I think Israel were to be greatly weakened at that time.

      The Glad Tidings ad looks like it has been added by Stuart Courtonel. I wouldn't want to guarantee that the Glad Tidings editors were even aware of it, let alone that they personally endorsed each video it was attached to.

      Is it just me, or does that video have 20+ minutes of blank content?

    5. JJ,
      Yes, Rathmines is in Australia,but the Brethren are in fellowship with those in Rugby. All fully signed up to the BASF to be sure.
      Yes, there are 20 mins of blank content,it's the best part of the whole show :)
      Stuart has been asked if his productions have ecclesial approval. He declines or deletes and comment/request to that effect.
      according to an insider, Br Courtonel spends his entire life producing this material, so I fancy that his brethren are well aware of the contents. "Tec" Morgan, as he likes to be called, will know that his mag was being promoted. If he didn't like it, he would have asked "Art" to take it down. Fringe Christadelphianism is a close knit world...
      You "skimmed"? listen to the lot, its only an hour, nothing really as eternity is at stake.
      Andy Walton is a UK citizen, as such he has the NHS to help him, although in these days for mental health issues he needs to self refer, if he does so, help is at hand for his very obvious mental health problems. In all honesty, I have used the service and they could help him. Br Andy's Christadelphianism is summed up by the sniggering Chistadelphians he recorded, and Br Courtonel posted on Nov 19th , 2016.

  4. jim Cowie also says the same thing about an Afrian Pope in this video


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