Plagiarism and the Christadelphian founder

By S Young

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  1. To be boring and on-topic. Ex-Christadelphians are well aware of John Thomas' Plagiarism. Not so many Christadelphian are, because very few actually read the works of the pioneers any more, although important speaking Brethren reverentially quote them frequently.
    It is worth remembering that Thomas took no personal financial risk at all when penning this nonsense. These were books paid for in advance of being written by gullible followers, by means of subscription. Perhaps Thomas' objective was more to tell the subscribers what they wanted to hear rather than worry too much about the source material.
    To a discerning reader, simply looking at the timeline at the end of the book reveals all. Writing in 1854 he makes predictions that effectively run out in 1911. They are as ludicrous as those made in "Elpis Israel", visible to unbelievers and Christians alike as the thinking of a crank.


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