A foretaste of Christadelphian fundamentalism in 1948

Ken Gilmore
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Editor's Note by John Bedson: The writer of this article is NOT an Ex-Christadelphian, he is a Christadelphian medical doctor in Australia. He does NOT agree with the Atheist position of this website. Nevertheless his progressive thinking regarding his faith and the failings of the Christadelphian religion in general make a valuable contribution to the debate about where the Christadelphian religion is heading and how it may be reformed. I am pleased to be able to recommend his work to my readers. Not counting our Ex-Christadelphian authors I consider Ken Gilmore to be the finest Christadelphian writer alive or dead. I consider the recently disfellowshipped Jonathan Burke to run a close second for this accolade.

By Ken Gilmore

Today, I ran across a 1948 article in The Christadelphian lamenting "the influence of weekday school instruction upon children’s attitude to the Bible", which specifically named higher criticism and evolution as "the two most potent influences in undermining faith of today." The anonymous author's assertion that "both are being discarded increasingly by thinkers today" struck me as being more a case of wishful thinking than an accurate summary of the state of scholarly play at the time.

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  1. John,
    I have two cats. Jasmine was brought in as head of vermin control after Nelson "fell asleep". Winston moved in of his own accord, presumably because of the good food and warmth. I think he may be a Christadelphian. He is about 16, and has feline senile dememtia. He walks round in circles, howls, and can't remember when he has been fed, and has to be kept to a strict timetable. All he really wants is to be stroked and made a fuss off (just like christadelphians do). Jasmine just looks on in despair and goes about her business-just like we do.


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