The evidence for Evolution

By Steve Pryde

In this article I want to list some of the reasons why so many people, including the vast majority of scientists, believe in evolution.

Even if you are a creationist, it's important to understand not only
what other people believe, but also why they find it compelling. If you cannot fathom how any sane, rational person could believe in evolution, then maybe what you call 'evolution' is not actually what people believe. Maybe they believe something else, instead.

So let's take a look at some lines of evidence...


  1. Fed Up With ReligionNovember 21, 2016 at 1:56 PM

    Great article Steve, thanks for posting John.

    It’s interesting, I was watching a BBC Documentary, series is called Horizon, S55E16, The Lost tribes of Humanity.

    They now have evidence of Neanderthal DNA mixed with the Human Genome, as well as evidence of DNA from the Denicovans, evidence of DNA going both ways, i.e. interbreeding, as well as trace amounts of DNA in present day individuals in Africa of an as yet unidentified group of an Ancient Human subspecies.

    How are the creationists going to handle that I wonder?

    1. It has been known for a while that we have Neanderthal DNA in our genome. We have the entire Neanderthal genome mapped as well, which is pretty significant I think. Not to mention the fossil evidence for the large number of hominid species.

      How will creationists handle it? Well, given that they deny the significance of us sharing genes with Chimpanzees (and bananas for that matter, along with basically every other living organism), I doubt this will make any difference. God just decided to use the same DNA in different species. No reason. He just did it that way. And that's their answer to everything. No matter how much all the evidence points clearly towards biological evolution, they simply declare that it's all an illusion, and that everything was actually created instead. Because the Bible says so.

      But another amusing fact is that creationists have disagreed over whether various fossils are apes or humans.

      It's only a matter of time before young Christadelphians realise their parents never studied biology and that perhaps they should either study it themselves or accept the overwhelming evidence from those who have studied it. More than 99% of the world's biologists accept evolution, and those who deny it, do so for religious reasons.

    2. Or, my favourite statistic: there are more scientists named Steve who accept evolution than there are scientists in total who deny it.

      Of course, the number of scientists who agree with something is not proof that the thing is true. But when virtually every scientist who has spent their life studying the natural world believes that all the evidence points to evolution, anyone who wants to disagree had better put up some pretty damn good evidence, including explaining why all of the other scientists are mistaken. For a creationist to think they're smarter than all of them simply because they've read a book full of Bronze-age mythology, is just a classic example of the Dunning-Kruger effect.

  2. A great article Steve! Well done and thanks.


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