Who tidied my leaves?

My pet dog Jezzell thinking about Evolution
By John Bedson

Who helped me to tidy my backyard by collecting these dead leaves and putting them in the corner? Was it me? - No. Was it God? - There is no evidence of that. Was it blind chance? - No.

Was it the wind? - That answer is only partially correct. It was the wind acting together with all of the other forces of nature such as gravity, the Higgs Boson Field, Quantum Mechanics, the nature of the fabric of the Universe and a multitude of other forces and effects of nature acting together and in harmony, but without conscious thought, to produce something that has symmetry, function and the appearance of design.

But there was no designer.

How long did it take? It took approximately thirty minutes of strong wind to produce this result.

Christadelphians who reject Evolution often quote the simile of a wind blowing though a junk yard not being able to produce a jet airliner no matter how many millions of years it might take. But a few minutes of wind through my garden gave me that result. Many millions of years of Evolution produced Jezzell, one of my Cocker Spaniels who can be seen in the upper right of the picture.

There is no difference between the results or the method by which the two results were obtained. It was NOT blind chance. It was the forces of nature doing their thing capriciously, without premeditated thought or even a knowledge of what had been achieved. It was an indifferent universe doing its thing. 


  1. It's the same indifferent universe that drowns 3 Christadelpian brothers at a time, kills Christadelphian motorcyclists on the roads just after they move ecclesias, gives sisters dementia in their 60's and chokes the life out life long brethren with cancer.
    Meanwhile, the angels celebrate baptisms and God looks on and laughs.

  2. People simply don't understand that blind forces can produce order. It's not intuitive.

    We always hear creationists arguing that if it was all up to chance there should be chaos, and yet that's demonstrably false. Take one law of nature - gravity. Does it produce chaos? No. It produces order. Things always fall down. Now throw in a bunch of other laws that are likewise consistent, and we have repeatable, predictable behaviour.

    Sure, the interactions of those laws may produce extremely complex behaviour, but it's a long way from random chaos of the kind that creationists seem to imagine. Chemical reactions always work the same way. The laws of physics always work the same way. If they never worked the same way, then I guess there would be chaos, but we wouldn't be here to talk about it.

    1. The results of Evolution are not chaos, but they are an increase in entropy, which means that they are a sort of diluted chaos. The evolution of species and of stars and planets are all manifestations of heat being dissipated.

      The "order" that Evolution appears to create is really an illusion. That order comes from the breakdown of the pre-existing order that was at a higher level than the order that exists after Evolution has operated.

      What we think of as order in the Natural World is really an increased state of disorder. An increase in entropy. An increase in disorganization.

      Evolution does not create order, it takes order and spreads it more thinly than before, which means that there is less concentrated order and therefore an increase in entropy.

      Heat can never be lost. It is an eternal perpetual motion machine. It is the jiggling of atoms, their vibrations. It can be transferred to other atoms but it is never lost. Our cup of coffee may cool, but the heat that is lost warms something else. It makes other atoms jiggle more strongly.

      So the Christadelphians are in a sense correct. Blind chance does create chaos. That chaos (increase in entropy) is manifest in the wonders of the Natural World. What they see as being the creation of hand of God is something more chaotic than what existed before. Complex life dissipates heat better than simple life. It causes entropy to increase.

      The wonders of nature, including humanity, are merely a stage in the overall breakdown of our Universe. It is not "creation" - it is the opposite. It is a sign that our universe is aging.

    2. I don't think any increase in order (decrease in entropy) on Earth needs to be rationalised as an "illusion".

      The second law of thermodynamics (that entropy always increases) applies only to a closed system. The earth is not a closed system - it receives a huge amount of energy from the sun.

      We derive almost all of our energy indirectly from the sun, and we use that externally-derived energy to increase order in our local environment. That order is only temporary and relatively short lived though.

      On a universal scale, any tiny decrease in entropy that we cause is undetectable against the greater net increase, so the second law of thermodynamics has not been violated.

      And then there's the question of whether the universe is even a closed system, but let's not get into that :P

      In general though, the universe and everything in it appears to be heading towards thermal equilibrium (i.e. maximum entropy).

  3. Heres another sign, Jesus (Gematria of 888) - NT Jesus appears 888 times. Or maybe Abraham (248) OT & NT Abram/Abraham appears 248 times. List could go on, Nature in the physical sense is perfect for creation - both physically and mathematically. Have you ever heard of the Golden Number in creation? Its in everything. Thats not random mutation folks. Horizontal evolution I can agree with but not vertical - I do not see the human race turning into a galapygus duck in the next 200 million years. Just like creation, you will find that behind the Ink of scripture you will see the undenying hand of God perfect in every sense of the term that it is actually a very beautiful thing.


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