Evolutionary Creationism and the Christadelphians

"It's a minority sect within a minority sect"

By Steve Pryde

Christadelphian Evolutionary Creationists ignore the fact that
the Bible teaches Special Creation of living species and that the
writers of the Bible were ignorant of the true origins of the
Universe, matter, energy, galaxies, stars, planets and life.
Evolutionary Creationism (also known as Theistic Evolution) is the idea that the Bible and science need not be in conflict with regard to our origins. It attempts to reconcile the vast and compelling evidence for evolution with views about God and creation, and often those found in the Bible specifically.

I came to understand Theistic Evolution around the same time that I was grappling with various other questions about the Bible, from both a scientific and textual perspective. Understanding how to reconcile Genesis with science allowed me to review the scientific evidence anew without the fear that it would destroy my faith. For a while I accepted it, and it all made sense. Well, almost all of it. But I was sure that any remaining issues with the theory could be resolved in due course.

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  1. A great article Steve. Thanks.

    Evolutionary Creationists remind me of a used car salesman who concocts a feeble excuse when you notice that the vehicle that he is offering for sale has a serious defect. They say the first thing that comes into their heads and hope that you fall for it.


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