Are you kidding me? NOBODY knows
how Evolutionary Creationism works!
If YOU know the answer, please tell us in the comments below


  1. Yes,
    Very pertinent, John. If one reads he last few posts from he "High Priest" of EC, our beloved Dr Gilmore, one realises that, post breakdown, the picture does not achieve greater focus, but becomes more confused by the minute.What the hell shit got prescribed to you ken? Take it from me, 5 years hard labour and some dose reduction and you really can rejoin the land of the living...

    1. That was the explanation given on FaceBook for his long absence earlier in the year. I don't use facebook at all, and never have, but happened to see a page to that effect.

    2. I learned today that it is a false rumour spread by his enemies. Ken HAS NOT been ill.

  2. My best guess at how EC works is that God created the world in such a precise way so as to look exactly as if he hadn't.

    Their view of the inspiration of the Bible appears to follow in much the same vein.

    The crucial part is making absolutely sure that your beliefs are not testable or falsifiable in any way.


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