Hate Preacher Jonathan Bowen Shocks Swanwick Family Bible School!

Jonathan Bowen
By Joseph Strong

During a presentation at the Christadelphian 2016 Swanwick Family Bible School, Hate Preacher Jonathan Bowen launched a vitriolic attack against Central Fellowship brethren and sisters who believe in Theistic Evolution (Evolutionary Creationism) accusing them of "destroying some of our Ecclesias and young people, bringing people off to their deaths." He threatened retribution against these brethren by resurrected Christadelphians. He threatened widespread genocide against non-believers committed by immortalised Christadelphians and a "bloodbath" at the start of the Kingdom Age. Click below to read transcripted highlights and to hear his talk.

"Come over to Psalm 149, this is the language, the beautiful, poetic language of the Bible, talking about the inheritance of the saints. Here we have it in Psalm 149, this is, we have that passage in the new testament, in what we call sometimes “the sermon on the mount”, the meek shall inherit the earth, right?, well here we have it in Psalm 149 verse 4.

“For Yahweh taketh pleasure in his people: he will beautify the meek with salvation. (the meek shall inherit the earth) Let the saints be joyful in glory: let them sing aloud upon their beds.” Well that's the same thing, that's their couches or their recliners, so to speak, not beds as in going to sleep beds, but beds like kings would recline upon.
“let them sing aloud upon their beds. Let the high praises of God be in their mouth, and a two-edged sword in their hand;

To execute vengeance upon the nations (heathen), and punishments upon the people;
To bind their kings with chains, and their nobles with fetters of iron;
To execute upon them the judgement written: this honour have all his saints. Praise ye  Yahweh.


Brethren and Sisters, this is the destiny that we are called to, and you and I may not think of ourselves in this way, but, think of it in the way of all the terrible things that have happened in your life, think of all the people in the world around us that affect our children, and our community, and the terrible things that they have done,  over the ages, to brothers and sisters, you can think of brother Albert Merz, in Germany, who was put to death by the firing squad, you can think of others brethren and sisters, go back to the time of the protesters.

When those brethren and sisters are raised to life, and they're gonna (sic) set the record straight, but in our day, we can think of evolutionists, theistic evolutionists, who are destroying some of our Ecclesias and young people, bringing people off to their deaths. This is gonna (sic) put an end to it, it's no longer going to be, and that is what our God is going to do.

Could you kill for Christ as proposed
by Jonathan Bowen and the
extreme Christadelphians?
He is going to send out his saints, to go and to take over the world, whether the world likes it or not........Brethren and Sisters, this is our destiny, to rule the World. - Not as a bloodbath ......... errrrr ..... well there will be that too, but in righteousness."

Several hundred UK Christadelphians paid US $500 each to spend a week listening to this, and similar material recently, whilst preparing for their destiny. With 25% of their members over 75, and membership falling at the rate of 33% per decade through death, senility and people walking away from them, does this speaker represents the very best that they have to offer?

Do YOU agree with this murderous Christadelphian teaching? If not, stand up for your religion now and voice your objection to the Swanwick Bible School Committee.

Do you agree that brethren and sisters who believe the same as John Thomas, Robert Roberts, CC Walker and John Carter should be disfellowshipped for their beliefs by Christadelphians who believe the more recent ideas of Young Earth Creationism and Flood Geology? If not, stand up for your religion and for your beloved brethren and sisters. Voice your objection to the Swanwick Bible School Committee now.

You can listen to the full talk here.


  1. I think the truth of science might hurt Mr Bowens feelings.. usually people dont want to hear or get all pissed of when you tell them the truth .. what a idiot talk.. we still in the slave age with crap like that being spoken.

  2. you talk about a bloodbath.. what about the amount of human suffering that goes on.. all jokes aside its horrific... its high high time if there is really something up there that something was done about it... not like that idiot talk about killing people that except theistic evolution.. im afraid the older i get the more i think its up to us as humans with a brain to try and make it better ourseleves.. i also wonder if anything from above will really ever happen as i get older.. not quite as far as you john.. but i do get you ...

  3. Let's not forget that this is a family bible school. Impressionable children are in the audience being indoctrinated with this ridiculous nonsense, while their parents nod in agreement.
    It grieves me that most members of my family are wasting their lives away on this puerile nonsense. Thankfully I resisted the brow beating many years ago and escaped to reality as soon as I was able.

  4. "In my opinion"

    Here is an update on the current state of play in South Australia:

    * Graeham Mansfield was disgraced more than 10 years ago when it emerged that he was a serial sexual harasser. he lost all his influence, and his magazine (logos) is almost universally regarded as an irrelevant rag.

    * John Knowles was disgraced about 10 years ago when it emerged that he was a serial child molester. he lost all his influence, and is now permanently on the sex offenders' register.

    * John's son, Andrew Knowles, was disgraced two months ago when it emerged that he was a serial child molester. he lost all his influence, and is now permanently on the sex offenders' register.

    * Andrew Johns is dying of leukaemia.

    * Jim Luke died a month or two ago.

    * Brian Luke is showing signs of senility, and his political influence is now greatly restricted.

    * John Martin is physically and mentally depleted; i suspect his remaining time is short. his political influence is largely nominal these days.

    * in the last two years, two brethren have been disfellowshipped for their views on evolution. they are now both back in full fellowship even though neither of them has changed his views on evolution.

    We are going to win this battle against the extreme Christadelphian hate preachers who are persecuting and expelling innocent brethren and sisters who believe virtually the same thing as Christadlphians did one hundred years ago before all this Young Earth Creationism and Flood Geology nonsense infected our community in the mid Nineteen Sixties.

  5. Firstly, thanks to John for putting this piece into context. I only published after listening to all of Br Bowen's talks four times. That is about 28hrs of listening. I would urge all readers here, Christadelphian or not, to do likewise, so that the context is clear, and Br Bowen's other points are duly taken note of. A number of his points edge towards the limit of what would be deemed acceptable under UK law with regard to incitement religious hatred, however this is a matter for the Bible School Committee, not us.
    The title of the piece was originally "No Comment". This was a personal indulgence. I have been a viewer of the European news channel "Euronews" since its inception in 1993. One of it's features is called "No Comment":
    "At euronews we believe in the intelligence of our viewers and we think that the mission of a news channel is to deliver facts without any opinion or bias, so that the viewers can form their own opinion on world events."
    My apologies if a beer fueled indulgence left my purpose unclear!

  6. String of PearlsJuly 14, 2016 at 7:11 AM

    Hi Joseph

    I have no intention of wasting more hours of my life listening to the talks you highlighted, and agree that they sound appalling. It may interest you and other UK readers to know that the Swanwick Bible school mentioned is the one run by the traditionalist extreme of the denomination rather than the arguably more mainstream gathering which happens at a different time of year. It is a gathering which explicitly excludes anyone who has been divorced for example, which would rule out a great many CDns of my acquaintance.
    That doesn't justify the appalling sentiments but shows that they don't necessarily reflect the average man-in-the-pew.

    At the same time as this event (which probably numbers under 100 attendees?? ) a much larger gathering took place near Leicester, the annual Whit Camp from the "liberal" side of the community, where many theistic evolutionists, non-hatwearing sisters and other heretics feel generally accepted in a much more lively, less dogmatic community, generally numbering 400+. Actually I suspect the entire UK denomination is fracturing into these two (literal and metaphorical) camps, with people peeling off in both directions to extreme isolationist fundamentalism (not even the CDns are pure enough) or to mainstream churches. This website is not the only place where critics of the denomination end up

    Anyway, just a bit of background. Obviously many of those on the liberal fringes feel as embarassed by the CDn label as many of us in the UK who voted Remain (yes, "voted", shock horror) feel by 17m of our fellow Brits who voted Brxit, but that's another can of worms

    Cheers all

    String of Pearls (still dropping in from time to time )

    1. Stringy,
      You do right not to waste your time. I just use "waste" time whilst commuting to listen to this tripe. At least it gives me some idea what my empty headed former family will be feeding to my kids as "truth".
      Back in the day, I drifted between the evangelical and Anglo-Catholic wings of Anglicanism. Nobody bothered that much, guitars on Sunday, bells and smells on Tuesday. But it's not the same as a Christadelphian, When someone has made their mind up, that's it. Agree, leave or get chucked out, and you wonder why your numbers are falling?
      I genuinely wish you well as liberals. You will all find the sort of peace that your extremist brethren never will.The sooner you cut yourselves off from them, the better it will be for you. The "Brexit" business just seems to have wound them up to greater madness (just listening to Matt Davies talking shite about Tarshish yet again, published by Rugby- I think this poor chap is mentally ill BTW).
      Keep dropping by.

    2. Hi Joseph
      Never fear, the extremists largely cut themselves off from us heretics already: they know which meetings are suspect, and fortunately at the moment they don't seem to be agitating to throw us out en masse (people can be picked off one-by-one, but many find their way to the refuges... ).

      We don't have a secret heretical handshake but we can usually be identified by our hat-free non-silent women in trousers, our modern bible versions and music, our dislike of the term "the Truth" and our woolly liberalism on many hot topics. There is of course a concomitant danger of liberal smugness (along the lines of "I thank thee that I am not like those extremists") but a dose of reality in the form of the suffering and poverty around us which we feel inadequate to cope with (unlike some truly impressive people from other churches or from no faith at all) soon dispels that. I hope your children will grow up able to think critically about what they are taught and to sort the wheat from the chaff.

      Best wishes



  8. Anon,
    Thank you for your comment. In future, please make up a name for yourself. I doubt that the Christadelphians were ever as warm and friendly as you suggest. What Bowen preached here is only a repetition of what is to be found in the early literature of the religion. What is true is that they can appear warm and friendly, just so long as you don't dare disagree with them on even a minor point-do so, and you are likely to get the full nine yards as Bowen amply demonstrates. Both Dr Thomas and Robert Roberts went about stirring up trouble, and inciting hatred against other denominations. To a greater or lesser degree, this is all that Bowen and other modern day Christadelphians do, some are just more discrete than others. There is no "in-fighting" as such. Forgive me for being blunt, but ALL Christadelphians believe themselves to be right, and all others wrong. The "in-fighting" is a comedy show. They behave towards each other in the way that they usually behave to everybody on "the outside". Sooner or later a dominant faction emerges and the other faction "falls away". I read last year in "The Christadelphian" that one UK ecclesia had the same recording brother for 70 years, periods of 20-30 years are common. One a dominant brother/brethren gets into position in an ecclesia of the average size of 33, family politics come to dominate.
    I do feel slightly for "string of pearls" and his ilk. When the "Nasty" majority is the noisiest, it make the efforts of the moderates go unnoticed.

  9. The only dodgy CD I know of is Mick Ashton. Re the Aussies, I know our finest magistrates chose most of them

  10. What would you say about Christendom Astray, Lecture 15, by Robert Roberts? (In the context of what is discussed in this thread.)

    1. Anon,
      I wonder if you have listened to all of Bowen's talks from this year?
      A large number of the ideas he presents are lifted directly from chapter 15, and some are direct copies of it, pretty much down to the wording. What he says about the Christadelphians mysteriously being "disappeared"is lifted directly from page 348, but is embellished by noting how people will notice the abandoned houses and cars of the Christadelphians.
      Bowen, and all of the Christadelphians attending the Bible School are banned by the terms and conditions from openly disagreeing any of the founders beliefs, so it is hardly surprising that he would quote from such works.
      You would be hard pressed to find Christadelphians today who accept phrenology as a valid procedure, such as Roberts and Thomas did, and likewise the implied properties of the (medical?) equipment that Bowen sells would raise many an eyebrow.
      You will be aware that the final paragraphs of chapter 15 chronologically list the events leading up to the acts of God and the Christadelphians, discussed earlier in the chapter. You may not be aware that UK ecclesias, following the EU referendum, have commenced a leafleting campaign designed to prey on the legitimate concerns that the population has as we adjust to our changed role withing Europe, one of our agents sent me one just this week, and Christadelphian websites, my former ecclesias included, are imploring visitors to take note of the teachings of Bowen, Matt Davies, and the other extremists. As the weather cools, and the holiday season comes to an end, we will look into these in detail,as time permits.
      UK Christadelphia manages to convert about 2 interested visitors a month, but loses 14 to old age. We will be monitoring closely if this changes as a result.
      To conclude: Christendom Astray, and in particular chapter 15 remain highly relevant to today's Christadelphians, and it's teachings feature in current recruitment efforts. My personal thought is that it is the writings of an unqualified and deranged individual, and in a post-victorian, post-empire age, it's use as a preaching tool is likely to hasten the demise of the religion rather than the opposite.

  11. Thanks for your thoughts and answers. I’m not quite sure but, from what I’ve read, it looks like you tend to narrowly put all the blame on Roberts’ head, whereas he can hardly be viewed as his own source, so to speak, for all the ideas that he puts forth in ch. 15 of his C.A. In other words, he strongly looks to directly borrow them from the Bible and the copious references he provides as he goes bear this out beyond any substantial doubt. The Flood and billions of human beings wiped out by it, the lion’s share of the Revelation, Jesus’ own warnings about the impending judgments (Luk. 19:27, Mar. 9:42, etc.), and so on and so forth – all of it seems to testify of God’s universal approach to such concepts as judgment and retribution, which in turn undermines claims that guys like Roberts (i.e. those that discuss and expand on the concepts) are little more than madmen and schtoonks.

  12. Anonymous, you are correct that the interpretation is based on scripture. But that doesn't quite let RR and others off the hook. There are a vast number of topics and teachings in scripture (some potentially contradictory), and which teachings a brother focuses on and their reaction to those teachings does say a lot about the person. For example, some interpreters may focus on God being "slow to anger" while others focus on "not clearing the guilty". Both are scriptural (in fact, come from the same verse). Which do you prefer?

    Based on the scriptures you have listed (and others) I used to believe there would be a judgement that the saints would be involved in. But I did not really want it to happen and was not looking forward to it. The writings of RR and the sections Joseph quotes here give me the idea of people who are looking forward to it and enjoying thinking about their destiny. To me, that is very disturbing. You can interpret the scriptures that way without looking forward to it (though Psalm 149 is also disturbing for the same reason).

    1. Anon,
      You will notice that i did not make any reference to Robert's writings in the article, and I will not tolerate you hijacking it in the way you are. Choose a name or I will delete your comments.
      As ex-christadelphians, we are not as easily fooled as you may think.
      As Jack has pointed out, it is a matter of focus. Bowen chose to focus on the bad side of human nature. He incites his paying listeners to bear grudges, and to anticipate vengeance. By using the term "those who affect our children" he spreads his hateful net widely.
      Boewn could just have easily quoted Mark 12:31 . But he chose not to.
      Bowen is a hate preacher pure and simple, because it appeals to the type of people who pay his expenses to put on his show.
      Amen to Jack's comments here.
      Please could you answer my question now? Did you listen to all of Bowen's talks? Do you think the dead in christ will come wandering into the meeting one Sunday morning?

  13. Peter: Your comment is duly noted, but will not be published here for obvious reasons. I will contact you directly via other channels

  14. Exodus 15:3

    "The Lord is a man of war: Yahweh is his name."

    Case closed...

    They are worshiping a God/Man of war created to steal land and they are so deluded thay have no idea. Take a look at the world around us. Call it Yahweh/Jehovah doesn't matter, result is the same...madness.

    Mark (sorry for the Annon)

  15. "two hour rant"?

    The audio lasted for 53 minutes.

  16. Jesus was hated. Called a bastard. Called a lair. Spat upon. Stripped naked and placarded upon a cross for all to see and ridicule. And he never sinned. Those of us who have found the Perl of great price and hang on tightly to it, even though we all sin and fall short of the Glory of God look forward to the grace and mercy of our beloved Father.
    I put all my trust in him and believe what he says even if the world mocks me. I am so grateful to have been called to take part in the ages to come. I will not harden my heart or buy into the wisdom of the world.

    1. Paul,

      //Jesus was hated//

      Jesus is portrayed in the gospels as being hated by one particular group and loved by almost everyone else. Apparently large crowds gathered to hear him speak wherever he went. He probably was hated by the ruling class. But I doubt you are hated by the ruling class, or even anyone. Why is the idea of Jesus being hated important? Do you need to feel hated in order for your life to have meaning? Why?

      For what it's worth, Jesus was crucified because the Romans saw him as a troublemaker. He wasn't the only person to be crucified for that reason.

      //And he never sinned.//

      Is threatening people with violence a sin? (John 2:15)

      In any case, all you have are the much-edited words said about Jesus by others, written 30-40 years after he died. You don't have nearly enough detail to conclude that Jesus never sinned. All you could really say is that there is no record of Jesus committing a sin (with the caveats that he threatened people with violence among other things, that some people may consider "sin").

      //Perl of great price//

      As someone who has worked with the Perl programming language extensively, I would jokingly inform you that Perl is open source, and free.

      Jokes aside, you obviously meant "pearl", but it's worth mentioning that no one has ever seen this "pearl". The analogy is where a merchant sold everything he had in order to buy some pearl of great price.

      If "everything he had" was greater in value than the pearl, then he actually made a loss. Even if it was equal in value, it was a poor financial decision since now the merchant has nowhere to live and nothing to eat or wear. One would hope that the pearl increased in value over time, and rather quickly. The only point in buying the pearl at all was to sell it for a profit. Otherwise what's the point? It's just a rock.

      But is this even a valid analogy for your religion? I suggest not. In the parable, the man had access to the pearl prior to selling all his goods. He was able to inspect it, since he already had the ability to determine the price of the pearl. But the "pearl" you're seeking is one that you've never seen, and have no way to know if it even exists. Someone has sold you something that they said you won't get until after you die, and you fell for it. It's not exactly the shrewd business decision that the parable portrays, is it?

      Let's see the "pearl" first. Then we'll discuss how valuable it really is.

    2. (continued)

      //even though we all sin and fall short of the Glory of God look forward to the grace and mercy of our beloved Father.//

      Those who argue that religion 'does no harm' take note of this comment by Paul!

      Stockholm Syndrome.

      Learned helplessness

      Someone has convinced you that you need saving, and that you can have this wonderful gift if only you give up everything of value now. Can you see the potential flaw here?

      If someone told you to gift them everything you had, because they would buy you the winning lottery ticket next week, would you do it? Or would you wait until after the lottery draw?

      But it's worse than that - because there is no evidence that the thing you've been promised even exists. I'm not suggesting that those who sold it to you were necessarily frauds. They are likely just as deceived as you are.

      The fact is, all of the information you've received came from other humans, who were just like you. There is no evidence that any of it came from an external source. You simply take their word for it. But what if they were mistaken? How would you know?

      //I put all my trust in him//

      Actually, you put your trust in what people said about him. No one ever saw him, remember (John 1:18 - except for Moses, but let's pretend the Bible is consistent).

      //and believe what he says//

      Well, first you'd have to determine that he was the one who said it. How did you do that?

      //I am so grateful to have been called to take part in the ages to come.//

      All religious people say that. According to the others though, you're actually going to hell with the rest of us.

      //I will not harden my heart or buy into the wisdom of the world.//

      What other wisdom is there? Everything you ever believed was as a result of your own cognitive faculties and things said by other humans. How did you determine that some of these things were "of the world" and some were not? It's your own brain that decided that for you... I don't see how you escaped human reasoning here.

      Apologies for the long comment. I think there is value in dissecting comments like these because I think there are many people who uncritically accept religious teaching on the same grounds. This is the danger in blindly following self-appointed authority figures, or documents. It prevents you from seeing your own flaws, and from actually learning more about the world.

      Your ability to reason isn't evil. It's all you have in your quest to learn things. It's all anyone ever had. Use it, or otherwise you'll fall prey to predators who want to sell you invisible magic pearls.

    3. Paul,
      Is your favourite music Hocus Pocus by Focus because the drummer looks like your beloved Jesus, or because Jonathan Bowen has been able to interpret the meaning of the lyrics for you?


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