"Doveryai, no proveryai" - (Trust but verify) - A Russian proverb

Trust but verify
By John Bedson

There is a Russian proverb “Doveryai, no proveryai.” (Trust but also verify). Regan used it to Gorbachev when Gorbachev asked Regan why he did not trust him on disarmament. That's all that we Ex-CDs are asking of the Christadelphians. We observe your faith and we trust you that it has foundation. But we need to verify your religion. We need to see some validation for your beliefs. But all we see is evidence that only has merit with people who have been brought up as children to believe that evidence.

Science and the advancement of human understanding does not and should not work that way. If you can't objectively validate your beliefs and teaching to dispassionate and critically thinking investigators you are left with mere indoctrination, which is akin to superstition.

That's all that we Ex-CDs are asking for, verification and validation of what you are teaching. But we don't see anything convincing.

We are not stupid. Ex-CDs tend to be younger and smarter than most CDs by a very wide margin. We are not indoctrinated from childhood. We were, but not any more. We are not biased. We took the very painful decision to deconvert because we genuinely believed that we had made a mistake under the influence of indoctrination and group delusion.

If you can't reconvert intelligent and open minded Ex-CDs who would love to live for ever, what chance have you of to convert anyone else? If you can't even be bothered to discuss with us lost sheep to allow us to verify what you are teaching, what does Christ think of your effort to follow his example? Would Christ ignore us? Or would he use his intellect to engage us in profitable discussion that might win us back into the flock?

Instead you instinctively allow the cult reflex to take over and ignore your critics. To us it is evidence of your indoctrination and absence of anything of worth to validate what you are saying.

Write an article for us and we would love to put it on our website. Show us what you've got to validate your beliefs. We think that you are bluffing, just like we were bluffing when we were CDs. Are we honest or what? Are you being honest with yourself? 

Be honest: your evidence cupboard is empty. Apart from an innate instinct to defend the tribal religion and a fear of being shown to be mistaken you are empty handed. - Just like us when we were Christadelphians.

Mixing with fellow Christadelphians may make you feel good while you preen your feathers; but to wilfully live in a house of cards does nothing to advance the cause of human understanding and promote enlightened morality.

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