An email message from Tim Harrington and the Australian Boronia Christadelphians received today

A Christadelphian voices his opinion
of Ex-Christadelphians
"You Neanderthal degenerate mutant turds never give up do you. You are the dogs that retufn (sic) to your isn (sic) vomit. You are the pigs that love wallowing in your own excretement. (sic) You are all a waste of mental space. The FOOL has said in his heart there is no God. Your god is your belly. - Bye bye morons"

Editor's note: Thanks for your message Tim and thanks to all of the delightful brethren and sisters at the Boronia Christadelphian ecclesia whom you represent at: It's good to see that the spirit of intelligent, robust Christadelphian debate is alive and well at your ecclesia. As you have shown a interest in the thinking of Ex-Christadelphians, a group of us will favour you with a visit to one of your Wednesday evening "Seminars and Workshops"  ( ) and explain to you why we prefer to "return to our own vomit" and "wallow in our own excrement" rather than share the fellowship of Christadelphians.


  1. Poor Tim. His brain seems to be in need of help, if he`s real. Is it worth responding?

    1. Mancott,
      Real or otherwise, this person needs help, the really bad thing is that it seems he could be real. First off, he needs to find the auto-correct, or at the very least understand the meaning of a red line under a bad spelling.
      Secondly, he needs help to know to turn off his Ipad or PC when he has had too much homebrew.
      Thirdly, and I speak as a person who carries out the civil engineering works related to the humane killing of 4000 pigs a day, and have listened to the death squeals of tens of thousands of pigs, he needs to learn that pigs do not "wallow" in their own excrement, they wallow in mud to stay cool, as they cannot sweat. If they do roll in their own excrement, then it is because they have been confined, imprisoned if you like, and rendered unable to behave naturally.
      This is why I think he is real. Christadelphians wallow in their own verbal excrement, confined by "The Meeting", into sick, unnatural behaviour, that after years, appears normal to them.
      He babbles abuse, masked as scripture in a fashion brings cheer to his inculcated mind, unaware that his "speakers" endlessly regurgitate the same old nonsense, and publish it afresh,in much the same way that his dog might return to it's own vomit, exemplified by this weeks "bible in the news" article.
      Perhaps he sees us as the "idiots" that Roberts condemns?

  2. god is a principle, Jesus is a principle

    1. Principles are not tangible and do not exist in reality. Would you like to revise your answer?

    2. I think that's what "Biblical" is trying to say: "God" and "Jesus" are forms of moral, cultural principles; they are icons or avatars; but they have no more basis in reality than the principles of "The Devil" or "The Grim Reaper."

    3. That's right John God is not a Being, God is a Principle

    4. So we are all agreed: "God" is a "Principle" and not a "Principal" :)

  3. John, I know Tim Harrington, and this does not sound like him. And it is even less likely that the Boronia ecclesia would approve it being sent on their behalf.

    1. His email carried the name "Tim Harrington" as the registered sender and it came from " " That means that someone has written "Tim Harrington" into the senders email software as the sender. It was not signed as "Tim Harrington" my Thunderbird software picked up the name as the registered owner of the email account and displayed it to me.

      Tim Harrington at: has the email: " " so it looks to me like it is the same guy.

      If someone has impersonated him and Tim can prove that " " is not his email address I will delete the message. But as this is the sort of garbage that I typically receive from Christadelphians I am not of the view that it is a set-up.

      Since I started writing on this blog I have received two different death threats from Christadelphians and one threat to "hunt me down." They are not nice people. They publish online Robert Roberts' threats in Christendom Astray to kill tens of millions of unbelievers at the return of Christ and given the chance they would.

      Make no mistake about it, many Christadelphians are devils in sheeps' clothing.

      Look what they did to Jonathan Burke and his family because he accepted the reality of Evolution. The Berea-Portals are all in shock. Ken Gilmore has not written anything on his Evolution blog since they disfellowshipped Jonathan. He dare not!

      Jonathan and his wife and kids are now stuck in Taiwan out of fellowship when it was they who went there in the first place on Mission work to promote the religion in Taiwan!

      They are a nasty bunch of people JJ and quite frankly you are mistaken to keep in fellowship with them. You are not helping the cause of advancing human understanding and enlightened morality by mixing and fellowshipping with the sort of people who sent that email to me.

    2. As for Boronia ecclesia, if Harrington was the sender, they own him, so they must deal with him to wipe their hands clean. When ecclesias preach the xenophobic, judgemental, intolerant, paranoid sort of garbage that Christadelphians believe, they must be answerable for the embarrassing filth that their members might come out with in public.

    3. John: Contact him and ask him if he stands by his comments now that he has sobered up. If he is the real Tim, his Ecclesia will simply cover up for him, and stand by his vile behaviour. That is what Ecclesias do the world over, in fact it is the true meaning of Ecclesial autonomy: Keep a local cover on the local shit to keep the shitty smell under control, but let the shitters keep on shitting.

    4. With regards to Gilmore, Evolutionary Creationism is now dead. Ken has been gagged by his own wonderful "community".

    5. It seems to me that Evolutionary Creationism is alive and well at Boronia Ecclesia. Tim writes of his belief in Neanderthal Man (who existed 50,000 years before God is supposed to have created the Earth). Therefore Tim must reject the idea of a literal Adam, the literal interpretation of Genesis and the Biblical explanation of how sin and death entered the World. How he can explain the atonement when he thinks that everyone, including Christ, came from monkeys is anyone's guess.

      I can only conclude that Evolution must be accepted by the Boronia Christadelphians, or why would they accept into fellowship an evolutionist like Tim Harrington who won't accept the Foundation Clause and clause five of the BASF ?

      Tim Harrington is practically an Ex-Christadelphian himself. His head is full of the thinking of man, which is how we see the World.

      If the Logos brethren from Adelaide don't visit Boronia ecclesia soon, Tim's loss of faith may result in him claiming that "there is no God" and he will be writing for us and returning to his own vomit, like we do after an evening spent at Joseph Strong's house drinking his home made beer.

    6. Ken may not be writing on his blog any more, but I looked at his Facebook page and that is full of posts.

      That's good from our point of view. I know of no faster way to deconvert Christadelphians than to get them to agree with Evolutionary Creationism. After that it is just a small hop, skip and a jump to abandoning their faith and becoming Atheists.

  4. Sounds real to me - the rollaway rise is his house address I think

  5. Joseoh Strong is correct in one point!! "Contact him" But you dont! You still cant help yourselves!! You get an email from an individual and you are so corrupted, vile and dishonest that you try and tie it to an Ecclesia. There's a mindless bent at work! Sad to hear you have had death threats but that is your wish is it not - death to a faithful world-wide Ecclesia trying to endure in a perverse and foolish world. You took your bat and ball and went home sulking years ago and can't move on!

    You do not argue against scripture do you that "the fool has said in his heart there is no God". But you place your own thinking above that of God.

    As the Apostle Paul said " 1 Corinthians 4:13 Being defamed, we intreat: we are made as the filth of the world, and are the offscouring of all things unto this day". Yes you deride and mock! Have no concept at all of forgiveness and mercy - only wanton destruction. You say evil of things you know not. But you cannot accept that your own degraded thinking is as described previously!

    If you were honest you would have repented long ago but what you preach is greed. You think that gain is Godliness - but what you practice is GODLESSNESS.

    No doubt you think that the Bible account of Noah's ark is a myth - but one day Judgment will begin at the household of God and whether you like it or not WE MUST ALL APPEAR BEFORE THE JUDGMENT SEAT OF CHRIST AND YOU and your sceptics in your Pride are all RESPONSIBLE!! Yes SMELL check sometimes works. The stench of your roting corpses and lies can be smelt around the globe! Keep on banging on like you do because in death there will be no remembereance of you - and even John Bedsin has a limited lifespan!

    1. Thanks for your comment Tim. Contact me and I might be able to meet the cost for you to have a few sessions with a psychiatrist. You probably need schizophrenia medication.

    2. Sorry about the hate message above - most Christadelphians are very caring and gentle - sadly the minority let the Community down

    3. I thought that you were out of fellowship?

    4. Adrian Paul Miles is trying to be re-fellowshipped. He is very two faced I would not trust anything he tells you

    5. Thanks for that. I thought that I smelled something fishy about him. The Christadelphians need to hire a full time psychiatrist because they seem to have an awful lot of mental illness in their religion. Perhaps the Christadelphian Office should bulk-buy Lithium, Valium and Prozac to get a discount for their members?

    6. Tim,
      Keep the posts coming, I find your posts funny. The spelling just adds to the feeling that you have lost the plot. By "vile and dishonest" do you mean like a man who steals from his brethren and sisters and then comes skulking back for another slice?
      "You say evil of things you know not", what a lot of crap Tim, we were all Christadelphians once, how dare you say that!
      FYI I would have no problem were I to appear at the judgment seat this very night. How about you?

    7. Adrian: //most Christadelphians are very caring and gentle//

      Wrong, wrong, wrong. The way that Tim Harrington writes is the way that all Christadelphians THINK, but are smart enough to not post their thinking online.

      No one can fool us. We were once nasty minded, judgmental, paranoid, fantasising Christadelphians. We were once like you, but we rejected Christadelphianism in favour of a more enlightened morality.

  6. John,
    Adrian has found what I have found over my long life, now with more years "out" of the Cd`s than "in", that //most Christadelphians are very caring and gentle//.Certainly the ones with whom I come into contact fall into that category.
    However, there are some that are very disturbed in their minds, incapable of rational thought, and ready to metaphorically slay by their words and actions any who disagree with their take on the interpretation of scripture or way of life.
    The majority seem to plod on in an unthinking and indoctrinated state of mind, being caring and gentle as they meet up with others at the Sunday social.

    1. I don't agree that "most Christadelphians are very caring and gentle." That is not my experience at all. I agree with Joseph that "Christadelphians are idiots" and I don't mean that as a generalisation. I include myself in that condemnation for the twenty years that I was an idiot Christadelphian.

      Apart from all of the other tosh that they teach, they believe in mass genocide at the time of the return of Christ. They publish such outrage online.

      To my mind there are no exceptions and I am increasingly coming to the view that we should not even engage with them in any way whatsoever and that this website should be deleted.

      I see Christadelphians, along with all of the other faith based religions as being a blot on humanity and something that will be extinct within the next one hundred years. It is all ignorant human superstition and fantasy. As Almon McCann was fond of saying "They are just making it all up."

    2. Mancott,
      I suppose that you speak as you find... My observation from an admittedly short life is that the vast bulk of humanity are caring and gentle, and that being a Christdelphian adds nothing to that. Sadly , like John, I've seen none of the gentle kindness, just the naked greed that comes from believing you are superior to others. Here is a quote from a letter in "The Christadelphian" Jan 2016. It is not out of context, but truncated so as not to infringe copyright:
      "The falling away in the last days is no excuse
      for complacency but we are different – we have
      the Truth. Whilst we must have compassion for
      others, there is no greater way of demonstrating
      that than by remaining faithful on our walk
      Zionwards, hoping that one here and one there
      may ask us about our hope and in due course share
      that sweet fellowship that we have with the Father
      and His Son. In doing good to others we must
      never forget that we should do so especially to the
      household of faith.
      Nothing else will lead to salvation but the true
      way. Many brethren and sisters do a huge amount of
      good in secret – they believe that it is wrong to make
      any sort of show as to what they do, hoping and
      believing that their Heavenly Father will reward
      them openly in the kingdom. We are a genuinely
      kindly, caring and generous community who, by
      and large, believe that we should behave modestly
      in all of our ways."
      Please note carefully what it says. Having compassion does not mean doing anything at all to relieve the suffering of your fellow man- to a Christadelphian it means carrying on in the way you think is OK, and that that is enough. This is the type of "compassion" that my family and I received, and the type that Jonathan Burke received. Note that Christadelphians, when doing all that good in secret are doing it in the hope of future reward, not out of actual generosity and selflessness.
      Make no mistake, I stand in line with John in admitting that I was an Idiot to have ever been involved with them for 10 years, however I also confirm that were I to come across a Christadelphian who was on fire, I would not urinate on them,so as to put out the fire, since to do so would, in their belief, to go against God's will. This week brought a fresh challenging thought. My children's maternal (Christadelphian) grandparents announced to them that they would not vote in the referendum as "we leave the big decisions to God". That is the same God that recently sent a young member of their Ecclesia a severely life limiting cancer and another Alzheimer's that put her in a home.
      As Almon said "They are just making it all up". John, Could we have that as our site motto for a bit, instead of "we explain...."?

    3. Yes I do think that all Christadelphians are idiots. But I also think that all Ex-Christadelphians are also idiots, including me. I think that every person on this planet and every human that has ever lived was or is an idiot.

      I agree with the philosophy of H L Mencken that the only smart people are the ones that accept that they are idiots and try to do something about it.

      That does not stop them being idiots. They carry on being idiots. But their humility in accepting that they are fools allows them to avoid some of the mistakes that the other idiots make and therefore to some small extent they rise above the herd.

      That's the sort of idiot that I strive to be. I recognise and accept in all humility the mountain of stupidity in my head and in my past actions and thoughts. I deeply apologise for my billions of mistakes in the past and I do my best to make fewer mistakes in the future.

      You people should all try to emulate my kind of idiocy. Do that and you will be real smart, make a hell of a lot of money and enjoy the sort of amazing success and happiness that characterises my life.

    4. i would say we are all learning fools...

  7. John/Joseph,
    It`s easy to spot the bad apples in the barrel and they are more noticeable and make more of a talking point than all of the good ones.
    I agree with you John, that this website is going nowhere and should be deleted.
    I for one will cease from contributing.

    1. I agree with Mancott. I would like to delete the entire content of this website and create something very different and entirely new in its place. This blog has done some good work in the past, but times have changed and now it is obsolete.

      We've had Brexit and now we need Ex-Chrexit.

  8. C'mon John

    "John BedsonJune 27, 2016 at 6:38 PM
    I agree with Mancott. I would like to delete the entire content of this website and create something very different and entirely new in its place. This blog has done some good work in the past, but times have changed and now it is obsolete."

    1. Thanks for your latest message Tim. Yes I will delete this entire blog. But first I will complete the new, improved version that will replace this one. That way continuity will be ensured. It will switch over to the new version without a break.

  9. Wow, this site certainly gets lots of activity at times.

    I won't repeat any of my previous arguments, but I still think this site has value. Of course, I don't know what the "new, improved" site will look like.

    I can confirm that the email address is Tim's email address. I haven't spoken with him for a while, but I maintain it doesn't sound like the Tim I knew (which doesn't mean it's not him, of course).

    I have to say that the majority of Christadelphians have treated me well. And just to save you the trouble of asking, this is not because I toe the party line. There are significant differences. Perhaps it's much easier to hate the faceless evil luring believers to their doom that is "The Ex-Christadelphians" than it is to hate an individual who you have known for many years.

  10. Fed Up With ReligionOctober 13, 2016 at 12:24 PM

    For the record...If this guys not careful, he’ll get similar treatment from his beloved Yahweh;

    "If ye will not give glory unto my name saith the LORD ... I will spread dung upon your faces."

    – Malachi 2.2,3.

    Puerile behaviour from the follower of a puerile God, at least we know where he gets it from...


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