The Bible may be older than previously thought

Inscriptions from Arad
Courtesy of Tel Aviv University
(Michael Kordonsky)
and the Antiquities Authority
Academia has long debated how much of the Tanakh (Torah, Prophets and Writings) was written before the destruction of the First Temple in 586 BCE and the Babylonian exile, with exact dates of the compilation remaining a serious question for academic scholars. However, a new Tel Aviv University (TAU) study published in PNAS suggests that widespread literacy was required for the compilation of the texts, and provides evidence showing that this literacy already existed in the final days of the Kingdom of Judah before the destruction. The researchers claim that this large number of literate Jews set the stage for the compilation of biblical works, such as the books of the Tanakh from Deuteronomy to Second Kings. Click here for the rest of this article.


  1. My view is that much of the Old Testament was composed and/or redacted during the reign of King Josiah of Judah(641–609 BCE), possibly with Jeremiah writing much of it. The remainder was probably written, edited and redacted during the exile in Babylon. This accounts for the internal consistency of the Bible, because most of it was written during a one hundred year period.

    - But you will never convince a fideist Christadelphian of that.

    1. The Arad texts must have been written in Judah either in the time of King Josiah or the time of one of his sons, perhaps even Zedekiah. That is their approximate dating, according to the article. - A fascinating find.

    2. Arad was a desert fort. They must have been preparing to fight the Babylonians. Amazing.

    3. "MY VIEW is that...possibly...probably..." and you then use this to say "This accounts for the internal consistency of the Bible, because most of it was written during a one hundred year period"

      My question being this: isn't everything you've said just GUESSING to definitively disprove the basis of a religion or "cult" or whatever you wish to call it?

    4. Anonymous: We don't have to do anything to disprove faith based religions because they can't offer any sensible evidence to prove their hypothesis in the first place. "What can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence." - Christopher Hitchens.

    5. If a faith based religion could offer credible evidence for its validity it would cease to be a faith based religion and everyone would believe it. But then the just would no longer be saved by faith and the religion would be pointless. It could not achieve salvation for anyone.

      Faith based religions like Christadelphians by definition can't offer any credible evidence to substantiate what they are believing. Therefore the belief has to be based on blind Fideism, fear of judgement, superstition, ignorance, mental illness, cultural and family conformity and/or other Medieval type thinking.

      That's why faith based religions like the Christadelphians need to be brought to an end. They are harmful to enlightened human development and morality.

    6. Fed Up With ReligionSeptember 23, 2016 at 2:30 PM

      Anon: What’s interesting to note is that John has a VIEW and that yours is noticeably absent, apart from the view that John is guessing. One then must assume that yours is a generic position, never questioned or challenged, and that John’s article may have just challenged it...It’s a conversation piece, and very interesting. Possibly, another piece of the puzzle.

      All religion has ever done is GUESSED (and lied) and blatantly made stuff up, and taken that for fact and truth. Or should I say, taken that on faith for truth? And might I suggest, a little nervous as we get closer to blowing the lid on the whole thing.

      Society has placed an enormous riddle in front of all of us, and that is to put the pieces of this scattered mess some call History back together. Removing superstition and correcting false or bias glorified accounts, written by the winners or those in power at the time, and by destroying precious documents that oppose “His-Story”.

      In my view, History is in the process of being re-written, by the many individuals questioning the status quo, with countless hours researching across many different fields, and adjusting as new evidence come to light. A thankless task it seems.

      The official version does not stack up. AT ALL. That is blindly obvious to anyone paying attention. The bible is not history. PROVEN FACT. Face up to it.

      But that still leaves questions...What is it? When was it written? Who wrote it? Etc.

      It’s time we “flipped the script” on the burden of proof to Religion once and for all.

      Then, THE WHOLE THING FALLS DOWN and we can move forward without the spiritual dictatorship called religion.

  2. Anonymous, it's easy to dismiss one claim as speculative. Maybe even ten claims or a hundred claims. But to my mind it becomes progressively harder. How many of these speculations have to fall on the right side to keep your view intact? Even if some of them are highly speculative, others are pretty widely accepted. I know there is a wide range of Biblical interpretations, but even so the claim broadly of an inspired text limits how much you can accept that is opposed to the Biblical reading.

    Some things to think about:
    1. Determining something is false requires a completely different standard of evidence from determining that it is universally true.

    2. Similarly, many claims can be ruled out without knowing enough to put together a 100% water-tight alternative.

    1. It is widely understood that proving that the faith based beliefs of someone who has been indoctrinated from childhood is next to impossible because the victim is heavily under the influence of confirmation bias. They will not even begin to consider your argument and instead they will spend all of their energies trying to think of some excuse to continue to believe their nonsensical beliefs.

      That's the problem that Christadelphians have. They are not able to think objectively and dispassionately about their beliefs and therefore they keep sliding deeper into the pit of irrational thought.


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