Ex-Christadelphian help needed in Southern California please

Do you live in
Southern California?
Can you help.
We urgently need an Ex-Christadelphian in Southern California to provide support for another Ex-Christadelphian who needs a visit. This person already belongs to our Facebook support group, but something more is required to help him or her get back on their feet again after losing their Christadelphian faith. They need to talk over their problems with a real person in confidence, not on Social Media. Can you help?

Please email us if you would be willing to provide friendship and support to this person. You could first meet up in a public place so there is no danger. We know this person so you can be reassured that it is a genuine plea for help. We can't give any more details for obvious reasons, but if you email us Ex-Christadelphians@Hotmail.Com we will tell you more and give contact details.


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