Help a Christadelphian

Christadelphians who lose their
faith often suffer confusion and
 substantial emotional pain
By John Bedson

A previous article has highlighted the fact that we need to turn our social media support of Christadelphians and Ex-Christadelphians into something more concrete. Considerable numbers of Christadelphians are re-evaluating, or losing their faith, while others have deconverted or been excommunicated. They need real-time, personal support, not just Internet based encouragement. 

They need to be involved in real groups where they can meet together, have a meal or a coffee and talk out their problems in depth. The groups may be small, but we must have around five thousand Ex-Christadelphians in the World and that means that small groups could be formed in many different countries even if it means people traveling some distance to group meetings.

Bring your Bibles to our
meet-up groups and we will
show you where the
Christadelphians are wrong
Only experienced Ex-Christadelphians really understand wavering Christadelphians and new Ex-Christadelphians. We can make a difference to people struggling with the trauma of trying to restore their minds minds back to reality.

The hard core Christadelphians are so indoctrinated that it is virtually impossible to get through to them. Our work trying to talk sense into them is not really time and cost effective. However there are a few thousand Christadelphians who are on the verge of deconverting but who lack the nerve to resign because they fear the loneliness and the culture shock of deconversion. These are the ones that we should be aiming to assist. But we have learned that social media support is not enough for them They need to meet up with real people, real Ex-Christadelphians, to build their confidence to make the break and resign.

These meetings must be held in strict confidence. Christadelphians are often vicious, vindictive, intolerant  people when it comes to their members either losing or modifying their faith. The recent tragic experience of Jonathan Burke and the soon to be awful experience of the other Evolutionary Creationists is an unfortunate display of the way that Christadelphians treat members who are beginning to comprehend some of the folly of Christadelphian belief.
Joseph Strong in Lincolnshire, UK has already offered to meet up with other Ex-Christadelphians, and Christadelphians who need to discuss their doubts about their faith and I am always available in Melbourne Australia to do likewise in my area. Indeed I have already met with some Ex and current Christadelphians  in Victoria who fall into this category. I know of two different Ex-Christadelphians in Sydney who will help in this regard and I am sure that Steve Pryde in Adelaide will also be keen to meet up with those who need to discuss or who need help and support. But there must be dozens if not hundreds of others around the World who would be willing to help.

I am asking the Ex-Christadelphian community and the Christadelphian community, to contact me Ex-Christadelphians@Hotmail.Com if they are willing to host met-up groups in their area to discuss with people who are struggling with their faith, even if they are only helping one person at the start.

The purpose is NOT to strengthen people's faith. That would be counterproductive and leave them worse off than before. The purpose is to encourage rational and critical thinking which may allow people to make more informed decisions about rejecting their Theistic beliefs. 

I propose to build a data base of Ex-Christadelphians and Christadelphians who are willing to host such events and to publish it on this website. Wavering Christadelphians can then contact their local representative directly and ask for details of what is on offer.

I believe that if we do this World-Wide we might be able to build a momentum by word of mouth that will be much more effective at helping Christadelphians to deconvert than all of the millions of words that we have written in the past on this website and others.

I have a home in Lysterfield, Victoria in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Ex-Christadelphians who need friendship and/or support and Christadelphians who are questioning their faith are more than welcome to come round for a chat, a drink, a bite to eat and if the weather is warm, a swim in our pool. 

If you are Christadelphians you can be assured that this will be in the strictest confidence. I know only to well what Christadelphians are like and what they will do to you if they find out. If you meet up with people elsewhere in the World under this proposed scheme, you can be assured of a similar level of confidentiality. The Christadelphians will be out to get you just like they got Jonathan Burke, Joseph Strong, Steve Pryde, Julia Walman and many others. We won't let that happen to you.


  1. I thought that you had resigned as the editor here?

    1. I have resigned. This meet-up groups is a new and different project that I am advocating. My purpose is to stop writing on this website and move to interacting with Christadelphians and Ex-Christadelphians on a face to face basis.

      I have already written all that I need to on this website. I have shown why Christadelphianism is erroneous and I have no more to offer there. But I can still use this website to advertise other ventures.

    2. Dear John a few years ago I would of been very happy that you have given up. However I think you are making the wrong move I think you should carry on the next thing I believe you should do is making some videos showing how CD's are wrong on prophecy

      thank you

    3. I agree. I will stop writing here and produce videos instead. Good idea.

  2. John,
    You always seem too ready to make changes in direction (to hark back, riding different horses from your stable - remember my old comments?) - but, please, continue writing here, don`t stop, and also, do make some videos. Bon Chance.

    1. My writing here in the future will be very minimal. When another Ex-Christadelphian agrees to take over as blog owner I will give this blog away. I have said all that I need to say here.

      If Christadelphians are that stupid that they disfellowship someone like Jonathan Burke over Evolution they are not worth me switching on my brain to oppose them. They really are away with the fairies. They are living in the past. They are living in a Victorian, pre-Darwin age and they are relishing their deliberate ignorance of science and human learning.

      They are damn stupid.

    2. I'm on strike in support of Jonathan Burke. People like Jonno can destroy Christadelphianism far quicker than I can, so I want him back in the CD fellowship. :)

  3. I'd be willing to help anyone in the Newcastle and Lake Macquarie region, especially those with experience of Logos.

    1. Please send me an email with your name and contact details so that I can add you to our database: Ex-Christadelphians@Hotmail.Com


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