Following Jesus: What did Jesus actually do?

Steve Pryde
By Steve Pryde
Recently I came across a comment from a Christadelphian who argued that: "...many of us are just trying to do our best to live in the example Christ set for us to that a bad thing? To love your enemy, to care for your neighbours, the sick, the poor etc?"

That got me thinking a bit. Did Jesus actually set that example? Or is this an assumption made by believers who read the Bible and then fill in the gaps according to what they were taught from when they were young? To find out, I decided to scan through all four gospels and find every actual action that Jesus was said to have performed. That's when things got interesting. Here is what I found...  Click here to read the rest of this article.

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  1. Well it appears that Christadelphians really are the most Christ-like after all, all talk and no action.
    Also Jesus went one step further by actually taking something that was intended for the poor and got himself some sort of kinky foot massage out of the deal.
    Seriously though, I was a Christadelphian for many years and most of my family still are so I know well enough that most of their time is taken up with preaching (usually to the converted) and taking care of their own community. If our priority as Christadelphians had been doing as Jesus said (although obviously not what he actually did) then the word Christadelphian would be a household name like the Samaritans.. We would've been known as people who helped everyone regardless of their faith or lifestyle. And that just isn't the case.


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