Video: "I believe in God" Christadelphian talk

Another opportunity for Ex-Christadelphians to answer and rebut Christadelphian argument for the existence of God. Listen to the talk and then use the comments section below to tell Mark where he has gone wrong. Other Christadelphians will watch his video, read our comments and hopefully begin to realise the weakness and error of their beliefs.


  1. I doubt it - the speaker must be about 25 years too youthful!

  2. Dear Mark, Using deductive reasoning for the following:

    1. The Bible is the Holy and true word of God
    2. The Bible says Earth is flat, has Edges, has Four Corners, has Pillars, and has Foundations.

    Therefore God says the earth is flat, has edges, four corners, pillars and foundations.

    1. Mark has quoted respectable scientists who opinions are valid
    2. Two of these scientists quoted said before the Big Bang was Nothing.

    Therefore Mark should consider that Nothing was before the Big Bang, not turtles or god.

    1. Time is a function of space. Therefore before the universe (space) existed there was no time. Therefore to speak of what was "before" the Universe has no meaning. Everything, including time, began at the Big Bang. We don't have to answer the question "What was before the Big Bang" or "Who caused the Big Bang" because there was no "before" the Big Bang.

      Quantum Field Theory does not work that way. At the quantum level, time as we know it does not seem to exist. In fact at the quantum level nothing as we know it exists.

      The Big Bang appears to be a phenomena that initially took place at the quantum level and therefore we can ignore the concept of time and indeed all of classical physics.

      The universe as we observe it appears to be a minor quantum fluctuation expanded in size beyond all imagination and then more or less frozen by the cooling of the Universe.

      The idea of God "creating" the Universe is a primitive human invention to explain in simple terms something of which the Biblical writers were profoundly ignorant.

      People currently living in uncontracted stone age tribes in the Amazon forest have religious beliefs. Those beliefs will be about as informed and intelligent as the Christadelphian religion is today. Both are merely human invented superstition.


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