A request for help from a reader

Dear Friends,  I am not a Christadelphian and I am happy to see that you have all left that cult. Whilst I cannot subscribe to your atheism, nevertheless I do need your help. Could you please provide me actual quotes with references from John Thomas himself regarding these 3 topics: 1. The Trinity. 2. The Deity of Christ and Virgin Birth. 3. The Person and Nature of the Holy Ghost? I need this information as soon as possible. PLEASE PROVIDE ACTUAL QUOTES FROM THOMAS AND NOT QUOTES FROM CHRISTADELPHIAN BOOKS. Thank you. Yours Truly,  Brian.


  1. Brian is a Theist and he is neither a Christadelphian nor an Ex-Christadelphian. He appears to be just another Theist arguing with a Theist of a different persuasion, so I can't be bothered to help him. But if anyone has the patience to assist him, go ahead.

    Those Theists all fight like ferrets in a bag. That in and of itself is strong evidence that they are ALL wrong.

  2. All Brian wants to do is puff his chest out and say he is right with his theorys about it all..he has no idea also if he is right... dont waste you time.

  3. Dear Brian, You need to read Phanerosis by John Thomas. There is a .pdf online.

    1. From the Preface to Theophany (by CC Walker): Phanerosis, though in the main very excellent, contained certain mis-statements and errors that had become evident through criticism, friendly and otherwise; and we could not conscientiously go on reproducing these, knowing that Dr Thomas would not wish us so to do, were he in the land of the living. Under these circumstances we had either to drop the book and the subject, publish a corrected edition of Phanerosis, or write independently on the subject. The last alternative has been chosen.

      That said, I had issues with Theophany, but that's a different story.


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