New human-like species discovered in S Africa

Scientists have discovered a new human-like species in a burial chamber deep in a cave system in South Africa. The discovery of 15 partial skeletons is the largest single discovery of its type in Africa. The studies also indicate that these individuals were capable of ritual behaviour.


  1. The evidence keeps piling up in support of the Ex-Christadelphian position. Adam and Eve, the talking serpent, the fall of man - it is all pagan inspired mythical nonsense. We evolved from a common ancestor with the Chimp approximately six million years ago. There was no divine creation and there is no creator other than Evolution by natural selection.

    No salvation, no resurrection. Nothing but eternal death awaits every one of us. We are not going to go around a second time. Waste this life as a Christadelphian and you are wasting the only life that you are ever going to get.

  2. This discovery looks amazing so far. Looking forward to hearing more about it as the scientists study the fossils closer.

  3. The mountain of evidence for evolution by natural selection keeps on growing. But CDs will continue to stick their heads in the ground in wanton ignorance and waffle about the "wisdom of men". Well, the " wisdom of men" is proving far more interesting and accurate than the superstitious nonsense in the bible.


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