NASA Confirms Signs of Water Flowing on Mars Create Possible Niches for Life

Dark narrow streaks, up to a few hundred yards long, are seen along many slopes on Mars including Garni Crater. The identification of waterlogged salts in these streaks fits with the idea that they are formed by the underground flow of briny water that wets the surface. Credit Jet Propulsion Laboratory/University of Arizona/NASA        
Scientists have for the first time confirmed liquid water flowing on the surface of present-day Mars, a finding that will add to speculation that life, if it ever arose there, could persist now.
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  1. Yes, running water has been found on the surface of Mars, dramatically heightening the likelihood of life existing on the red planet. Fascinating stuff, and another nail in the coffin of ridiculous bronze age superstitions. Of course, the hardcore CDs will look the other way and waffle about the "wisdom of men" whilst pointing at the recent lunar eclipses as a sign of things to come. If they weren't force feeding this nonsense to their poor kids as fact, it would be laughable.


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