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Hi Ex-Christadelphians! 

I'm not sure where to start. Give me a call, I would love to have a chat. I would like to know why you would spend all your talents on a subject that you oppose?

Regards   Andrew Coheagan


  1. I don't spend "all of my talents" on this website. It is a minor, almost insignificant part of my life. I spend "all of my talents" caring for my family, studying the stock market, studying science, looking after my sick dog, renovating my home, maintaining my back yard, cleaning my pool, eating great food, enjoying the company of friends, helping my kids with their homework, shuttling them to and from school and a million other things.

    But if your question is re-worded as "why do you spend a tiny amount of your time on something that you oppose" I would reply:

    1. Christadelphians make me laugh more than anything on TV.
    2. I have a strong interest in science, origins and many other subjects that intersect with Christadelphianism.
    3. I feel a responsibility to undo some of the harm that I did when I was a Christadelphian. By working to show Christadelphians where they are wrong I feel that I am making a positive contribution to society and humanity in general.

  2. I would like to know why you would spend all your talents on a subject that you oppose?

    Firstly, the phrasing of your question is a bit odd. If anything the focus here is on demonstrating the vacuity of Christadelphian beliefs. Why would we be opposed to that?

    Perhaps you meant something else. John has already responded to what I think you probably meant.

    Personally I spend very little time on this sort of thing as well. It's like a fading interest for me. Mostly it has helped me to process things internally (after a life of indoctrination and reinforcement), and that has been beneficial. Otherwise I hope that my efforts might help someone else as well.

    One might well return the question and ask what you're doing here?

    But there's another aspect that bothers me. I can't help but think that when Christadelphians ask questions like this they are really just trying to silence their critics, for fear that people might read our material and not listen to them any more. If someone has been so affected by their life as a Christadelphian that they want to devote some time to reaching out to other Christadelphians who are still in the sect, then why shouldn't they?

    If it bothers you, you are welcome to pray for us to stop...

  3. John what's wrong with your dog.

    Tom, a Christadelphian dog-lover

    1. Tom: My dog is suffering from clinical depression. Two months ago she started reading the Bible and discovered to her horror that in the Bible physical violence toward dogs was considered acceptable (1 Samuel 17:43; Proverbs 26:17). To compare a human to a dog or to call them a dog was to imply that they were of very low status (2 Kings 8:13; Exodus 22:31; Deuteronomy 23:18; 2 Samuel 3:8; Proverbs 26:11; Ecclesiastes 9:4; 2 Samuel 9:8; 1 Samuel 24:14). In the New Testament, calling a human a dog meant that the person was considered evil (Philemon 3:2; Revelation 22:15).

      She was indoctrinated into the Canineadelphian faith by her Mother (who was a bitch) and had been awaiting the return of the great German Shepherd Dog from the sky. But when she realised that the Bible was not all that it was barked up to be, she howled in anguish, lost her faith, wrote a letter of resignation to her arranging dogs and joined the Ex- Canineadelphians. Now she is having a difficult time adjusting to normal dog society.

    2. John, are you sure it is depression? Have you had Dr Gilmore diagNOSE her? My time with the 'delphs just left me BARKING MAD, perhaps she is too?

  4. "why you would spend all your talents on a subject that you oppose?"

    For the exact same reason an oncologist spends so much time opposing cancer.

  5. I oppose the forced indoctrination of children from a young age into a highly controlling cult. They have their heads filled with nonsense and pseudo-science, then are expected to join up and get baptised by their late teens.
    If they are capable of independent thought (which I was) and reject a lifetime of endless wasted sundays, they are then subject to regular guilt tripping and questioning by their family and peers.
    I'm pretty sure the CDs feel they are doing the right thing, but I view the filling of young heads with rubbish as a form of child abuse. And yes, I do know what I'm talking about. Even now in my thirties, I still feel sometimes that I am a bit of a disappointment compared to my siblings who toed the line and got baptised as soon as possible.

    1. As you yourself acknowledge, when people believe they are doing the right thing it is hard to stop it.

      It's really no different from safety around roads: if a parent thinks running out on the road is dangerous, they will try to teach their child not to run out on the road. If they think living a life outside the Christadelphians is dangerous, they will try to teach their child not to live a life outside the Christadelphians.


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