Israeli co-operation with Egypt and Jordan shows Christadelphian prophecy predictions to be false

An Israeli Heron drone of
the sort recently sold by
Israel to Jordan
By John Bedson

For many decades Christadelphians have maintained that the Arab nations surrounding Israel are sworn to its destruction and that this is a fulfillment of Bible prophecies such as Zachariah 12, Psalm 83 etc. I mistakenly said the same thing thirty years ago when I was a Christadelphian. But now Israel is the main supplier of natural gas to Egypt and recently Jordan purchased twelve advanced attack drones from Israel. A few months ago Israel gave 16 Cobra helicopters free of charge. Israeli tanker aircraft have been seen refueling Jordanian F16 fighter aircraft and they flew with a squadron of Jordanian F16s to the United States. Israeli Air Force F15s have been observed flying in formation with Jordanian F16s. Once again the Christadelphians have been proved wrong. Click here to read the rest of this article.

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