"I tried very hard to become a Christadelphian"

By Simon Tankeris
(Name changed by Editor)
I am the son of Christadelphians; I am not, however a Christadelphian.  From as early as I can remember I was taken to morning and evening meetings, Sunday School, fraternals up and down the country, outings and visits to many brethren and sisters homes. My father, who was a decent bloke, would spend many evenings writing sheets of notes to be the basis of an exhortation or lecture. Every Wednesday he would go to the Bible Class. Every other Tuesday it was the Mutual Improvement Class.
While all this was happening, I went to Sunday School and the Youth Circle. Our lives revolved round the Christadelphians. On the occasions we would visit our none Christadelphian relatives, the atmosphere and attitudes were so different. it was great to hear my relations talking about everyday normal life. They were so cheerful and warm with a natural pleasantness.
As I entered my teens I started to get doubts about what I had been brought up to believe.
I pushed these thoughts away from me but they kept coming back to me stronger every time.
Please believe me that I tried very hard to become Christadelphian  in my outlook and attitude but I found it impossible.  At the age of twenty two I walked away from it all.  Soon afterwards I met my wife and we have been married for forty two lovely years. Incidentally she is a Catholic and it matters not a jot.

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  1. I didn't try to be a CD to be honest. I had to suffer the usual round of wasted Sundays plus youth days and endless boring irrelevant talks at fraternals, but from a young age I could see the whole religion for the nonsense that it was.
    Many of my peers succumbed to the indoctrination and blatant guilt tripping, but it just seemed to bounce off me until I was old enough to say "No more!"
    I now live a productive and satisfying life without the constraints and silliness that go with belief in an omnipresent man in the sky.


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