A Point of View: Why are opponents of gay marriage so sure they're right?

By Joseph Strong

One of the strangest consequences of the recent Supreme Court decision here in the US - the one that made marriage between people of the same sex legal in all 50 states - is the amazing persecution mania it has engendered among religious people who don't agree with it. They don't just disagree with the decision, as of course they would. They feel threatened by it. They feel that the reality that men in San Francisco are now fighting over who should be first in line to rent formalwear has thrown them, the faithful, back into the catacombs, where they tremble at the tread of the legions and hear the distant roar of lions. They feel victims of a form of secular martyrdom that could easily bleed over into the real thing.

Read the full article here to understand why those of religion, which includes our former Brethren and Sisters, feel so concerned about something that should in fact not concern them at all.

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  1. I have to laugh at the rabid reaction of religious groups to anything like this. They act as though the police are rounding people up and forcing them into a gay marriage at gunpoint.
    Nothing has changed, as far as non-gays go, and the world carries on turning regardless.
    Christadelphians no doubt embrace this new law as another "sign of the times" and welcome it as evidence of their correct interpretation of the bible, whilst ignoring all the many failed prophesies they have made in the past


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