Setting the next generation up for failure - the Hall Green Young People's Creation Day 2015

By Ken Gilmore
(Editor's Note: Ken is Christadelphian Theist, NOT an Ex-Christadelphian. He does not support or condone the Atheist position of this website and we do not support or condone his Theism. Nevertheless there remains a considerable amount of agreement between us and we consider his work to be of the utmost value) 
In James 3:1, the writer reminded his audience that those who who teach will be judged with greater strictness, something that makes sense when one considers the responsibility that a teacher has to ensure what she or he has to say is accurate. This becomes even more important when one teaches young people, for obvious reasons. It is bad enough seeing fundamentalism and science denialism being served up in The Christadelphian, but when a younger generation is fed science denialism, as was the case when the Hall Green ecclesia in Birmingham presented their Young People's Creation Day recently, it is hard not to get deeply concerned at the potential for harm that exists when pseudoscience is inextricably linked with our faith.
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