'Reflections on a Young Earth Creationist’ Approach to Scientific Apologetics'

Professor Joel Duff
By John Bedson

My thanks to Christadelphian Ken Gilmore for highlighting (on his Facebook page) the excellent article critiquing Young Earth Creationism by professor and theist Joel Duff 'Reflections on a Young Earth Creationist’ Approach to Scientific Apologetics'

As Ken rightly points out:

"How do YECs conduct scientific apologetics? According to biology professor and Christian Joel Duff, it is less about the science, and more about creating doubt and a faulting use of the data. In short:

1. Casting Doubt is the First Line of Defence
2. Presuppositional Apologetics Drive Creationism
3. Circular Use of Evidence to Support an Evidentialist Approach of Doing Apologetics
If the YEC case was strong, then the Earth would positively shout its youth. But it does not. Well before Darwin, the great age of the Earth was uncontroversial among Christians, so any YEC claim that 'millions of years' represent a compromise to atheism is nonsense. Duff nails it perfectly."
Professor Duff's article can be read by clicking here. Every Christadelphian YEC should be encouraged to read it carefully, because they are making the same mistakes that professor Duff is criticising.

See also another two recent great articles by Ken Gilmore:

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