Video: The Confession

Editor's Note by John Bedson:
This video is a trailer for a two hour movie due for release in June 2015. The film was written and directed by Christadelphian Glenn Munro and jointly financed by The Christadelphian Office, The Testimony Magazine Committee and The Logos Magazine.

It portrays the Berea Portal team as an insane, power-crazy group of secret Ex-Christadelphian wanabees who intend to invade the Soviet Central Fellowship in an operation they have named "Barbarossa - Portal." In the ecclesias that they conquer they propose to ban Fundamentalism, Literalism, Young Earth Creationism and Flood Geologyism.

The Birmingham Amended Statement of Faith (BASF) will be renamed the Bereaportadelphian Statement of Faith (BASF).  

Under Berea-Portal rule, 'Mein Origin of Species' will become required reading for all Christadelphians and the Foundation Clause of the BASF will include a reference to the inerrancy of Evolution by Natural Selection and the Great Age of the Earth. 

Belief in the talking snake, Adam being the first man, Cain marrying his sister, Balaam's ass, the Sun standing still for Joshua and Romans chapter 5 will become 'Doctrines to be Rejected.'

A new doctrine called "Eternal Death" in addition to normal death will be added to the BASF and the differences between the two different sorts of death will be explained.
The film gives evidence of a shocking secret alliance between Berea-Portal and Bio-Logos, together with undercover filming of a clandestine meeting between Ken Gilmore and John Walton during which Ken Gilmore agrees to accept a million dollar donation from the John Templeton Foundation in exchange for banning me from commenting on Ken's Blog.
The video trailer featured above shows Ken Gilmore's reaction when he is told that Christadelphian double-agents employed by me have penetrated the hidden pages at Berea-Portal Forum and leaked the information to the 'Christadelphian - In the Beginning' Facebook page.

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